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America searches vainly for a candidate in an increasingly barren and depressing political wasteland.


[Please be aware that this comment is subject to NSA oversight and may vanish at any time without notice. For those not politically inclined or of a different opinion, please ignore these statements and simply enjoy the photo if you might. Large may look better but does not improve one's choices...]




EXPLORE #496 OF NOV. 5, 2012



Today is election day here in Seoul. Our subway stop has been absolute chaos of late with coordinated singing and dancing to endorse the candidates (only in Korea). To say I'll be relieved when it's over is a vast understatement. Alas here is a shot I took last evening to depict the hectic pace around here.

Y635 + Fuji Fortia SP

Curated by Marcelo Caballero for SPNC - Year 4 - Instruction # 12: "Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary":


I am SO excited about this election!!!


I remember reading about Obama years ago, when people were first talking about him possibly running for president, although the news predicted it would years down the line. I remember thinking here is a person with the charisma, energy, and intelligence to be a great president. I was surprised when he joined the primary - but I thought, wow, he's going for it!


If Barack Obama is elected, he will be the first person of color to serve as a U.S. president. It's about time! There are more people in this country than old, white, conservative men, and we haven't had anyone representing us at the helm. He is a Constitutional scholar, law professor, and community organizer - will we finally have an intelligent person running our country?


Not only that, but I admire Michelle Obama, an accomplished, educated woman. For the first time, a great granddaughter of slaves will be First Lady. That is a groundbreaking, prejudice-shattering moment right there.


I am thrilled to see the electorate energized and excited and hopeful, and to be able to cast my vote.


Whatever your opinion, please go VOTE!!! The more people involved in the democratic process, the better this country will be.


A primer for those who care to be informed

Today (sunday) has been Election day here in Sweden and I have been voting and up following the results which are very even, so it is hard to tell what our government will look like.


Check out this short article and see why:

I'll be in line early to cast my ballot. To all my American Flickr friends, please get out and vote!

Tomorrow will be the Parliement, oh, sorry, Parliament election, in Taiwan.

Honestly I couldn't see any points for it, neither for the country or the people.


For many years, two major parties have been fighting for their political benefits/profits by wasting Taiwan people's lifes and money. It really sucks.


I don't expect those new Parliament members gonna change everything under the table, but from my deepest voices, I want to tell them please, please at least think for those people, like those students gonna graduate from the universities, just do something for their everyday lifes, from painfully earning average wages under USD10,000 annually.


Otherwise, it's gonna be just another dark day for Taiwanese people.


BTW, it's shot @ Muriwai Beach, AKL

I don't vote, on account of my Englishness (not to mention a crippling lack of enthusiasm for politicians), but it's hard not to be vaguely interested about what might happen in America tonight.

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I happened to be staying in our nation's capital on the day of our national election and fog was forecast.... and fog it was.... except in this location. Commonwealth Avenue bridges leading to parliament house and the flag on top. Forgot to bring my filters so the foreground water is sharp but with the fog dissipated the balloon had just taken off which made up for it. Bit of a rush as the balloon was starting to move quickly but I just managed this one before 24mm was not wide enough. Ended up a nice balance I think.

The Highland Park Water Tower, with the moon emerging over the top, in some clouds.

tulad ng inaasahan, sangkatutak na election kalat ang bumati sa akin sa lugar na pagbobotohan ko. sangkatutak na papel, poster at banners ng mga mukha ng kandidato na para bang nagmamalasakit sa akin.



the Election 2010 Series is in chronological order...please view them accordingly if you have the time...thanks)

Happy Election Day!


As they say in Chicago, vote early and often!

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Highly Recommended On Black


Picture taken only 8 hours before general elections in Albania on 28th June 2009. Let's hope Elections will not go this way :P :)


Taken with a manual zoom in difficult light situation (could not see the viewfinder).

I have taken like 30 of these in order to take the lamps! And I got lucky, 3 in the same shoot time :)

15'' Long Exposure by no selftimer


P.S. And I swear! No HDR!!

The little blue androids claim victory over the little red androids and salute the blue leaders; the little red androids deny defeat...

Nobody ever looses in Cyprus!!!




Presidential election

Iran - Tehran

June 18, 2009


Ferdowsi St.

The billboards go up and promptly get ripped down.

Elections to the European Parliament will be held in the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) between 4 and 7 June 2009. 736 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be elected by proportional representation to represent some 500,000,000 Europeans, making these the biggest trans-national elections in history.


It had initially been foreseen that the Treaty of Lisbon would have entered into force by the time of these elections, making them the first to be held under its provisions. However, primarily because of the failure of the referendum in Ireland, the framework established by the Treaty of Nice will be used again. Amongst other differences, the number of MEPs to be returned depends upon which rules are in effect: while 736 MEPs will be elected under the Nice rules, this number would have increased to 751 if the Lisbon Treaty were in force.


Contax T2

More on the secret afterlife of election posters on my Tumblr blog.

روستاي پاريز از توابع سيرجان

a/k/a rockefeller plaza. as the electoral votes come in, blue & red banners will rise up the side of the building for obama and mccain. i wish i could have stayed longer. there was quite a bit of excitement in the air. but my tummy was grumbling and my feet were hurting, so i thought i would come home and watch the results on tv.


not too many results were in yet when i was there, but the first 1% of kentucky and indiana came up on the screen. there was silence when it showed mccain winning that 1% of kentucky and a huge cheer when it showed obama winning that 1% of indiana. go hoosiers!


explore # 73

Old Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2013


Shadows of election poster on the streets of old dhaka.

Another pic I did for work, to illustrate a story about elections.


Strobist: Nikon D50, ISO 200, 1/500th, Sigma 24-70mm zoom at 24mm and f11. ONe SB600 at camera right at about 1/2 power if I remember correctly, snooted onto the piece of paper and top of the box, and one diffused SB24 on about 1/4 power (I think) behind the ballot box fired directly upwards.


Not sure this works entirely. I have a couple of others where you can see more of the top of the box, so it's clearer what it's all about. Hey, I'm a writer, not a snapper!

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