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Johnsons Versa YJ11 EJE passes Corporation Street whilst carrying an 82 service for Solihull Station


Vehicle Details

Operator: Johnsons Excelbus

Fleet Details:

Registration: YJ11 EJE

Vehicle Type: Optare Versa V1110H Hybrid

Right about 15 years ago, Elgin Joliet & Eastern ex Missabe SD-Ms 818 and 814 work at the west end of Kirk Yard, Gary IN, Nov 12 2004. Interestingly both of these units are still in service not far from here on the Chesapeake & Indiana RR.


319.335 saliendo de Tarancón con el ejes OGI en su camino hacia Cuenca.

Tarancón 24/08/2017

EJ&E SD38 650 and SD38-2 673 lead a freight entering Kirk Yard Gary IN, Feb 14 2004.

EJ&E ex Missabe SDM 818 and a freshly rebuilt SD38-3 (possibly 664) roll light out of Kirk Yard on the old alignment near Gary Airport, Gary IN Aug 2002.

EMD re-engined Baldwin Centercab 916 is at the end of the line on EJ&E's Porter branch at Chesterton IN, June 1971. Original Kodachrome photographer unknown, Art Gross Collection.

Elgin Joliet & Eastern 851 a former Bessemer & Lake Erie SD18 leads eastbound at Griffith IN, Aug 1997.

East Midlands Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team Nissan Navara Team Leader Car.

Foto: Teresa Fernández Naranjo


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En geometría, un eje de rotación es una línea recta con respecto a la cual una figura geométrica puede rotar

Un eje de simetría es una recta respecto a la cual una figura es simétrica. El término también se utiliza para los ejes de una función: el eje X horizontal, el eje Y vertical y el eje Z como posible tercer eje para gráficas en 3 dimensiones.

i didn't want this angle but my camera was sticking because i was using my back up battery, because my other one was spent from this mornings lunar eclipse.


griffith indiana

aug 28 2007

EJ&E 657 and its shoving platform slip between buildings on Rockfords' East Belt industrial track on 12-28-16, heading back toward the main line.

Sin Edición . Ne Ŝanĝita . Not Edited


Ixtaccíhuatl, Cofre de Perote, Popocatepetl, Pico de Orizaba




EJ&E 657 splits the Illinois Central era signals at milepost 85.2 in Rockford on 12-28-16.

A forgotten diamond on Chicago's "East Side". Here, the EJ&E's Lakefront Branch crossed the Chicago Short Line's access into Calumet Harbor. On the other side of the junction, the EJ&E continued across the Calumet River into US Steel's sprawling South Works.

Esta semana se están realizando las primeras pruebas de rodadura de los ejes dotados del nuevo sistema de cambio de ancho OGI, en ancho convencional, entre las estaciones de Aranjuez y Cuenca. En la imagen la 319.335 de Tracción Rail (Azvi) pasa por la zona de Ontígola remolcando los dos vagones de pruebas, una plataforma Sgss y una Laaers ex-LTF.

Últimamente estoy creando una pequeña serie de fotos, de servicios de altas prestaciones en Galicia, o lo que viene siendo lo mismo, trenes clase S-121 circulando por el Eje Atlántico o por la LAV Santiago-Ourense. En este caso vemos un servicio entre A Coruña y Vigo Urzaiz reduciendo velocidad próximo ya a la estación de Pontevedra envuelto en el exuberante verde gallego.

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Últimamente estoy creando una pequeña serie de fotos, de servicios de altas prestaciones en Galicia, o lo que viene siendo lo mismo, trenes clase S-121 circulando por el Eje Atlántico o por la LAV Santiago-Ourense. En este caso vemos un servicio de media distancia entre A Coruña (13:00) y Vigo Urzaiz (14:20), el cual, tras 12 minutos de constante ascenso corona la dura subida a su paso por la estación de Cerceda-Meirama, atravesándola sin parada a 200km/h.

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Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Baldwin DT-6-6-2000m 924, rebuilt with EMD engines and hoods, poses at Waukegan, Illinois on June 29, 1967. It appears that Sheridan Road is being constructed into its expressway configuration in the background.

Coming up outta the hole at Expera Paper, the 703 lugs a couple boxes back up to the main.

The J and GT 38 set pulls into down now in some okay light.

Joliet, Ill.


The pursuit paid off.and here they are.Their runs were limited,but shoot them while I have a chance.

man its been a long time since i seen a westbound stateline train, it could be about 6 years since i took a picture of one.


almost missed it too my asthma was acting up again because it was nearing 90 out which it always does, then i heard a horn my scanner didnt pick it up, so its not a ex conrail it must be a j sure enough it was.


also dont stand within 15 feet of this train like i did the trains shake and the coal will hit your head.


hammond indiana

june 1 2007

The snow is flying as EJ&E's only SW1500 460 and caboose 532 work the Kemira plant off the Whiting branch (old PRR ROW 1) in East Chicago IN. Around this time, yellow safety stripes were showing up on alot of the green switchers, this one seems to have had a particularly enthusiastic application. Taken on Jan 10 2009, with the last day of the J only three weeks away.

EJE 667 idles away as the Flint Yard crew takes lunch.

EJ&E SD38 650, wearing the J ball on its nose is coming round the bend in Griffith, IN as it heads west. It's about to cross the Grand Trunk Western diamonds. Today, both railroads have been assimilated by Canadian National. If you're very lucky, though, you might catch an orange EJ&E SD38-2 or a GTW blue and red Geep here. I see that the line to Porter is still intact, at least this part of it. I'm not sure when the tracks were taken out, or how far they went in 1983.

4 ex ble sd38-2's pull the line train past the old griffth tower. note the old diamonds that were just recently taken out.


griffith indiana

june 6 2007


30s exposure of a slow moving elgin joliet & eastern railroad coal movement sd38-2 at hammond 6-1-2006 the lighting is a little off because of the parking garage behind the unit this may be the only timer picture i take because i dont really like taking these kind of shots it was kind of a spur of the moment ej&e's dont usually run late on this job the stateline coal transfer is about 4 hours behind schedule

EJ&E's newest addition to its roster is this ex Union Pacific (Cotton belt) SW1500. The J bought it from Larry's truck and electric to replace its SW1000 which is the same age as this engine.The J didn't renew its lease on the SW1000 and it was sold.


This engine was purchased in October, and I believe this is its first time running the Peanut. I never saw the SW1000 work this local, and didn't expect this, so this was a change from the usual SW1001.


Hammond, IN

jan 11, 2007

,.. despues de lo aprendido toca practicar,..

paisaje del eje cafetero en lluvia,

La belleza de las máquinas antiguas

Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza)

After doing work in townc the oil local continues on it's way.

Lemont, Ill.


An EJ&E crew with SD38-3s 670 and 669 have left their train on the mainline and are taking a cut of cars to the small UP interchange yard just south of the C&EI/EJ&E crossing in Chicago Heights IL, Sept 4 2004.

My favorite chocolate maker in Stockholm. Everything is home made :-)

Staff is sooo nice!


They are the suppliers to the royal family.


Really good stuff!

Elgin Joliet & Eastern SD38-2 670 is on the Whiting branch eastbound headed back to Kirk Yard approaching Cline Ave in East Chicago IN, July 9 2004.

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