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Jeremy James (Irishman living in France, performed in the Dublin convention and twice at EJC) practicing 7 rings in the main hall.

Joe from Southhampton. Taught me some yo-yo tricks earlier in the week.

Someone rolling a ball on a parasol. And another person photographing it. That means I'm in that other photo. I wonder can I track it down?

Hula-hoop, parasol, and invisible imaginary pygmy elephant named Squirt. I'm not quite sure why I'm getting glared at here.

The view through a contact ball from the door of my tent.

By this point they were trying to throw the diabolos into a bin being held up by some poor unfortunate.

I was in this competition. Went through the endurance, through the ear-to-shoulder, through the foot-above-the-waist, through the eyes-closed, and tired out during the gladiators.

Feck stuff into the air and dive for cover. Still don't know what hit Claire on the head. Maybe I can work it out from this picture?

Is that Stephen McGinley on the left?

Steve and Brian passing balls in the main hall.

A local Cork act. Sorta punky, I think. I don't really remember. They followed the improv comedy group. We didn't stay here long.

Steve continues, front and centre

The main hall, this time taken from the entrance.

Claire took the next few photos, as I was taking part in the competition. I got down to the last 10 or 15 (estimated 12th by Brian). Knocked out at the point of having to stand on one leg, as usual. I can do the harder balances, so I should work on that one.

Luke took the piss out of that German devil stick guy by devilsticking with his clubs at the start of the round. I think Jay v Luke was the final. Who won?

These guys were great. I also made one of them laugh out loud when he asked for suggestions of things you wouldn't find in the fridge. "Anything fresh" I guess you had to be there. These were the same guys that performed at Renegade in Tralee in 2004. That was the first and best Renegade I've seen. They kicked ass at EJC too.

The parade makes its way back in the other direction. This photo was taken by Claire as I sat eating my chips from Mario's.

At least they all dropped eventually...

I really need to get better on my unicycle so I can do stuff like this in parades.

Check out what I won in the ring toss!

...until someone loses an eye. It looks dangerous in there. I think Luke won that point.

First food purchase soon after arrival. This was a detour to Centra while we looked for a pub in which to watch the World Cup final. Turns out everyone was in the on-site bar.

I can't imagine what Bourke was trying to convey with that gesture. Affection?

That's Claire and Brian just right of centre, on their way to a staff workshop.

Oh yes... It's a onesy

Claire tucks into garlic chips, the food of kings... or queens.

This is the view of the main hall from a balcony that we weren't allowed on. I toook this photo during my five minutes of helping move some of the performers' stuff from one forbidden zone to another. The other photos of the main hall were taken from the far corner.

I will not be accused of taking too many pictures of Claire shaking her hips.

Ok, so it's better than my attempts.

With Pola and Luke beside it.

Stephen and Brian and all the gear in the train station, waiting for the 3pm train to Cork, transfer at Mallow for Millstreet.

Pillar-passing guys in close(r) up

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