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"...the season. Is in the air.

Spring fair arrives, nature"s carnival.

Eggs of colour, season of new..." Joel Hunt


"Nothing of significance can one tell

judging an egg by the colour of its shell" Elton Camp



The benefit of keeping ducks is that they lay lovely white eggs. The difficulty then comes in that I do not like the taste of eggs.


I think my raincloud is back again. I am restless but I do not want to do anything. I want to go somewhere, but there is nowhere, in particular, I want to go to. I want to talk, but there is nobody I want to talk to. I hate feeling so stuck. Looking at my revision is giving me headaches and looking at my university plans is making me panic. I am so tired and yet I cannot sleep.


The only things that make me relax and feel almost okay at the moment, the things that help me forget about life - if just for an hour - are ballet and photography. I cannot even sit down with a book and read.

ready to make my favourite sandwich, egg & onion!

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2017 :copyright: Photography by aRtphotojart

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The theme of today’s Macro Mondays is Egg. Here’s my egg, straight up.

eggs for pepper and salt

salt and pepper for eggs

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2017 :copyright: Photography by aRtphotojart


I've been working on prepping files for the printer this morning. Getting together some new bookmarks, stickers and cards-eep even printing some holiday cards already and I came across a folder full of photos of eggs. I have SO many egg photos it is ridiculous. Here's another to add...

For Macro Monday challenge EGG. Egan Ronay was an Hungarian born food critic who died in 2010 aged 94

One of our bantam eggs in a cute little nest. Wish that wire wasn't there though!

I'd like to thank Judy for her inspiration, go see her photostream and this wonderful image:


Added to Monthly Scavenger Hunt; June 2009 - Two G's


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Pretty classic B&W- white egg on white ceramic plate.

Happy Smile on Saturday. This lovely egg was a gift from my in-laws when they visited Austria in the 70's. 'The label on the bottom says it's from 'Email Studio Steinbock, Austria.

camera: Linhof Kardan TE

objective: Rodenstock Sironar-N f5,6 150mm MC

light: 1 continuous light lamp with 50x70cm soft box + light reflector

light meter: Gossen Spot-Master

exposure: f45 - 30 second

film: 4x5 Fomapan 200

film developing: Jobo CPE2 - Agfa Final 1+ 0,5 - 24C° - 11 minute

fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixier

scanner: Epson Perfection 4990 Photo

m4h 2/52


Edited with "freedom"

Green eggs from our neighbors up the hill

Bridgewater Country Fair, 2010






展示期間 2011年12月9日(金)~12月21日(水) 木曜定休

展示場所 フォトカノン戸越銀座店

Robin eggs in a nest. These robin eggs were in a nest near my home.


Here are my photos on Getty Images


_DSC7828 ps

And yes they have been sampled and are delicious with chocolate on the inside and a nicely crunchy exterior...mmm!


Flypaper textured.

one more egg themed photo....

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