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The butterfly effect proports that if a butterfly flaps it's wings half way around the world, given the right set of circumstances, it could result in a hurricane by the time the wind makes it's way to the other side.

Whomever left these boats deserves my thanks for a balanced shot, but the color is in part due to the volcano "Sumatra" that erupted during August in Indonesia. The fall out is arriving and the particles are reflecting the light from the sun that has already set. Thus the Butterfly effect from Sumatra, Indonesia.


The news item follows; "Two people have died and more than 30,000 were displaced when a long-dormant volcano in Indonesia erupted again on Monday, officials said.

Mount Sinabung, which had been dormant for more than 400 years before it erupted early Sunday, erupted again for more than six hours Monday, shooting smoke more than three miles into the air. The rumbling sent tremors into nearby villages, where officials said some residents panicked, CNN says.


Villagers living along the slopes of Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra province have packed up their belongings and headed to emergency shelters, mosques and churches, said Andi Arief, a presidential adviser on disasters."

In the romantic period (19th century), the butterfly was a sign of the hope of resurrection (larva, pupa, butterfly), it also represented the soul freed from all material. I found this nice detail on a large family grave at the Waldfriedhof (cemetery in the woods) in Darmstadt, Germany. On the other side there was a similar metal ball with the symbol of the snake devouring itself.


Please view in full size for the best effect.


Hear the song "Butterfly FX" by the Portugese metal band Moonspell here.

Unbelievable sunset on the Turquoise Trail, NM HWY 14.

Mass Effect 3

(BioWare, 2012)



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An unusual framing angle with pencil effect.

I love the effect that placing a sprinkler under the hummingbird feeders produces.


I've always in the past tried to shoot at a fast shutter speed with hummers, too, but I'm really liking what the slower shutter speed does. A much better sense of motion, which I've always known that of course, but I'm starting to like it more I think


Hope you don't mind ANOTHER one! LOL!!! I love these little guys


What would be REALLY cool is if a rainbow could make it's way in there, too. Hmmmm. Another thing to shoot for :-))

long shadows

red hues

warm tones


totally non predicted,

sun rays projecting though the wide windows to the opposite wall, like gems



the turbine hall of an abandoned power plant




12 HDR shots pano


"The Coriolis Effect is an apparent deflection of moving objects when they are viewed from a rotating frame of reference."


Named after French scientist Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis who first described it in 1835, this concept of motion (more like psuedo motion/force) indicates that the motion of any mass or object on a rotating plane is relative to the center of that plane.

Lange nicht mehr so viel Spaß beim "Rumspielen" gehabt :-D

After a long fight to restore my health, I am now slowly getting back to the world of flickr. Thank you all for the kind visits and comments!


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Ripple Effect - Taken just after sunrise at Gordon’s Pond. See more of my photographs at

Location: River Saale near Goseck / Germany

"... part of me became lost in a terrible beast..." Paul Zindel

Tyndall effect. Britannia Park, Ottawa Canada.

MY FRIENDS, IN THIS DAYS I AM OFTEN THINKING ON HOW RELATED the events of our personal life and our world ARE ( wars, tragedies, earthquakes here and there, floods, hurricanes etc..)




The butterfly effect is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory; namely that small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system.


The term "butterfly effect" itself is related to the work of Edward Lorenz, and is based in chaos theory and sensitive dependence on initial conditions, already described in the literature in a particular case of the three-body problem by Henri Poincaré in 1890[1]. He even later proposed that such phenomena could be common, say in meteorology. In 1898[2] Jacques Hadamard noted general divergence of trajectories in spaces of negative curvature, and Pierre Duhem discussed the possible general significance of this in 1908[3]. The idea that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events. [WIKI]

Mass Effect 3

(BioWare, 2012)



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Fraps: shot

Photographed on a Vancouver-area Four Thirds Photographers photowalk with Daniel, Don, Jonathan, and NJ. Front Street, New Westminster, BC. May 25, 2014.

This is my youngest son, feeling the soothing effects that the sea can give...


He had no idea I was photographing him until he heard the click of the shutter.. .. then he turned around and gave me a dirty look.. LOL.. That's ok.. us photographers are used to that aren't we? LOL :-)

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