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Our choices define who we are, far more than our capabilities. What you did in the past will always have an effect on your future.

Certaldo Alto, bystreet of a Tuscan country, tarsia effect.

Postpro: hdr + color efex pro 4

In the romantic period (19th century), the butterfly was a sign of the hope of resurrection (larva, pupa, butterfly), it also represented the soul freed from all material. I found this nice detail on a large family grave at the Waldfriedhof (cemetery in the woods) in Darmstadt, Germany. On the other side there was a similar metal ball with the symbol of the snake devouring itself.


Please view in full size for the best effect.


Hear the song "Butterfly FX" by the Portugese metal band Moonspell here.

The sun and shade from the clouds leave a Zebra or banding effect on Mount Rundle, Banff National Park.


Explore #44, thank you.

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Un'illusione ottica è caratterizzata da immagini percepite visivamente che differiscono dalla realtà oggettiva. Le informazioni raccolte dall'occhio sono trasformate nel cervello per dare una percezione che non coincide con una misura fisica della fonte di stimolo.

Il modo in cui oggetti e colori appaiono dipende fortemente dal loro contesto. Le variabili strutturali e spaziali di una scena possono influenzare l'aspetto e la percezione.



An optical illusion is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not coincide with a physical measurement of the stimulus source.

The way in which objects and colors appear strongly depends on their context. Structural variables and space of a scene can affect the appearance and perception.


Mass Effect 3

(BioWare, 2012)



HighRes Textures

ENB + SweetFX



Coalesced bindings: Flycam, hide hud, playersonly

Fraps: shot

the spiderweb effect

If something affects one part of the web, it affects everything

Pentax K-30

Canada's stockmarkets seem to be reacting to what is happening in the US economy with a big drop in the TSX today..Global economies everywhere are also experiencing negative a stone in a pond, we are all affected by the i will just spend my time looking at beautiful images and try not to think about it! BTW, Denis Collette is the master of reflections!: On explore @398 Oct. 7, #136 Oct. 8...up to 96




Large view on white


Vibrant, dramatic..... so me..... the Orton effect!


For *katz:

Nikon D700

F stop: f/13

ISO: 200

Exposure time: 1/4 second

Lens: 50mm

Aperture Priority

White Balance: Auto

No Flash

Photo taken under overcast, late afternoon light seeping into the trunk of my car.

Post-processed using Picnik's Crop, Aspect Ratio, Orton, and Clone features.


You've got to believe, *katz, that I cannot find the instructions in my manual on how to remove the personal data I input. Give me time....


ho giocato un pò con gli effetti, questa è la spiaggia di Bridgetown vicina al mio albergo dove ho soggiornato per qualche giorno dopo lo sbarco

consiglio la view on black:View On Black


I played a bit with the effects, this is the beach in Bridgetown near my hotel where I stayed for a few days after signing off the vessel

better the view on black:

View On Black

An unusual framing angle with pencil effect.



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Little Blue Heron in sunset-touched waters.


Have a fantastic creativity-filled weekend, my friends!


See Large for the whole effect full of color.


In Explore already! Thank you, my friends! :)

I love the effect that placing a sprinkler under the hummingbird feeders produces.


I've always in the past tried to shoot at a fast shutter speed with hummers, too, but I'm really liking what the slower shutter speed does. A much better sense of motion, which I've always known that of course, but I'm starting to like it more I think


Hope you don't mind ANOTHER one! LOL!!! I love these little guys


What would be REALLY cool is if a rainbow could make it's way in there, too. Hmmmm. Another thing to shoot for :-))

This is part of a set I have shot while teaching a photography module at the Agricultural Campus of Dalhousie University.


I hope do demonstrate the variety of shots that exists within a confined space with one theme. Having taken the class here to shoot, I also hope they can start to see the beauty that exists all around them.

Ruas de São Luís, Maranhão, Brasil.

Streets of São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil.

Used color infrared effect.

The butterfly effect proports that if a butterfly flaps it's wings half way around the world, given the right set of circumstances, it could result in a hurricane by the time the wind makes it's way to the other side.

Whomever left these boats deserves my thanks for a balanced shot, but the color is in part due to the volcano "Sumatra" that erupted during August in Indonesia. The fall out is arriving and the particles are reflecting the light from the sun that has already set. Thus the Butterfly effect from Sumatra, Indonesia.


The news item follows; "Two people have died and more than 30,000 were displaced when a long-dormant volcano in Indonesia erupted again on Monday, officials said.

Mount Sinabung, which had been dormant for more than 400 years before it erupted early Sunday, erupted again for more than six hours Monday, shooting smoke more than three miles into the air. The rumbling sent tremors into nearby villages, where officials said some residents panicked, CNN says.


Villagers living along the slopes of Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra province have packed up their belongings and headed to emergency shelters, mosques and churches, said Andi Arief, a presidential adviser on disasters."

long shadows

red hues

warm tones


totally non predicted,

sun rays projecting though the wide windows to the opposite wall, like gems



the turbine hall of an abandoned power plant




12 HDR shots pano


"The Coriolis Effect is an apparent deflection of moving objects when they are viewed from a rotating frame of reference."


Named after French scientist Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis who first described it in 1835, this concept of motion (more like psuedo motion/force) indicates that the motion of any mass or object on a rotating plane is relative to the center of that plane.

Lots of interesting effects in these... DL links here.

I took this one right after my last post. I love the fact that the moon, sky and sea are all interconnected. That single wave is a result of all those elements and more working together to create a truly beautiful result. Ahh.... in one of those moods.

I added a bit of contrast and saturation boost but not much else. Thanks for looking.


Exposure: 1

Aperture: f/13.0

Focal Length: 12 mm

ISO Speed: 100

Exposure Bias: +2/3 EV


View On Black

best in full screen ... created by following exactly step by step the Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

thank you Teodora for a link

dedicated to Inga ~ how she wished, I say one more time ICE COLD !!!


My first attempt of the Silky Water Effect.

Ripple Effect - Taken just after sunrise at Gordon’s Pond. See more of my photographs at

Lange nicht mehr so viel Spaß beim "Rumspielen" gehabt :-D

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