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January 25, 2009

A Sunday sunrise at about 6:50 AM, just before leaving for EduCon for the day.

Here's a great quote from Benjamin Franklin. I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.


#97 in 113 in 2013

Bench at the EduCon build. The jokaydia Estate, Second Life.

(Version 3) My submission for the the 2013 Saylor Foundation Digital Education Conference.


My poster/meme is targeted at exposing the mixed bag of what people mean by the term Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC. As with many trending topics, many people and institutions have jumped on the MOOC bandwagon, but have little shared understanding of what they actually are, or what they are useful for. By adding prompts around the potential meaning of each letter, I wanted to represent visually the fuzziness of the concept, and the need to develop a better taxonomy of what it means to learn online.


Although I have represented this concept visually myself, I would not have come up with the idea without attending Educon in Philadelphia in January 2013. I borrowed the tagline from Jon Becker, Assistant Professor at VCU.


CC By Mathieu Plourde, 2013 #digedcon #moocposter


Used for the articles below.




- MOOCs - massive open online courses: jumping on the bandwidth:




- Jeff Utecht's post called "The March to Online Learning Continues"




- Used during a conference in Norway:


- This one in Spanish...


- Used in an article about MOOCs in the Communicator.


- What are MOOCs, and how can you benefit from them?


- Wikipedia!


- Doug Holton's presentation:


- Sir John Daniel's presentation:


- EdTech Digest:


- What makes a MOOC a MOOC? (Dave Hallmon):


- keynote session at #oer14


- MOOCs are here to stay:


- Yvonne Belanger's slides from SJSU (slide 21) -

New shoes for Educon. Wanted something cute, but comfy.

Pictures from EduCon PhotoWalk

Just a visual representation of intepretations of what MOOCs are. New version at

View from my hotel window. EduCon 2011 Philadelphia

Glimpsed through the train window: one of the seven tiny lighthouses that still exist in the Hudson River.

#ds439 Today's theme is red. Red hot? Red paint? Or something else?


What else for a Fri Night! Take me home! It has been a long week and I am not at Educon! So yes, ruby slippers take me someplace!

Original Image Credit: class out by DC John

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution on February 11, 2014


Quote by David Jakes


Educon, 2014


Slide by Bill Ferriter

The Tempered Radical



Science Leadership Academy Educon 2.0, Science Leadership Academy Educon 2.0

Science Leadership Academy Educon 2.0, Science Leadership Academy Educon 2.0




These are the connections among the Twitter users who recently tweeted the word educon when queried on January 26, 2012, scaled by numbers of followers (with outliers thresholded). Connections created when users reply, mention or follow one another. The data set starts on 1/29/2012 15:13 and ends on 1/29/2012 17:42 UTC. Green lines are "follows" relationships, blue lines are "reply" or "mentions" relationships.


Layout created with the "Group Layout" feature of NodeXL which tiles bounded regions for each cluster. Clusters calculated by the Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm are also encoded by color.


A larger version of the image is here:


Betweenness Centrality is defined here:


Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm is defined here:


Top most between users:












Top keyword pairs:

#educon, #cpchat, 86

google, earth, 73

#educon, #cpchat,50

@ransomtech,@willrich, 36

#edchat, #educon,33

dan, barcay, 29

barcay, #educon, 27

social, media,25

@missshuganah, @ransomtech, 22

#cpchat, #educon, 22

great, things,20

@gcouros, #educon, 20

doing, great, 18

delivery, mechanism, 18

content, mastery,16

@bhsprincipal, #educon, 16

great, things, 16

google, earth, 15

#edchat, #educon, 15


Graph Metric: Value

Graph Type: Directed

Vertices: 520

Unique Edges: 11960

Edges With Duplicates: 1821

Total Edges: 13781

Self-Loops: 552

Connected Components: 3

Single-Vertex Connected Components: 2

Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component: 518

Maximum Edges in a Connected Component: 13779

Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter): 5

Average Geodesic Distance: 2.217951

Graph Density: 0.045968579

Modularity: 0.17656

NodeXL Version:


More NodeXL network visualizations are here: and here:


A gallery of NodeXL network data sets is available here:


NodeXL is free and open and available from


NodeXL is developed by the Social Media Research Foundation ( - which is dedicated to open tools, open data, and open scholarship.


Donations to support NodeXL are welcome through PayPal:


The book, Analyzing social media networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world, is available from Morgan Kaufmann and from Amazon.


Marc Smith on Twitter.

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