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Here's a photo of an abandoned schoolhouse located on a ridge high above and south of The Dalles. I continuously marvel at how dry the climate is on the other side of the Cascades when compared to the Willamette Valley. In the Valley, structures like this rot away in a few years when left to nature. But in Central Oregon they last a century or more. This school even has the remnants of a swing-set left over. It's the kind of place where, if you actually did attend classes, you could honestly say to your kids, 'Boy, I had walk to school nine miles uphill, in snow, both ways, every day, when I was your age!'

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Part of a playground climbing gadget for children. Probably intended to prepare them for the maze of adult life full of traps and escape routes....


At the massive Puyenbroeck playground for children from 1-90.

Of course, you didn't get enough parts with an Erector set to build a full-size Mad Scientist's table, but I could build one big enough for those vivisection experiments on Renwal's "Visible Woman"--a versatile actress herself, she could play the part of Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren or Ann-Margaret, or Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary Tyler Moore or Tina Louise, or any of the others in the "cast of thousands" in my fiendish fantasies. My retired great grandfather sold advertising novelties and I really did have calendars like that one as a kid (wish I still had 'em!); IIRC, the nudie cuties on them were generic blonde bombshells, not Jayne Mansfield and other known sex symbols, but I figured a little artistic license wouldn't hurt. I wonder what life would have been like the if the Russkies hadn't launched Sputnik in '57 and all those companies hadn't brought out all those educational toys in an attempt to cram our doltish little brains with math and science? Or, if Maidenform hadn't launched their "I dreamed..." ad campaign...?


Note--this is best viewed at full-size (otherwise, a lot of detail is too small. I wish changing them to JPEG images didn't muddy the colors!)

Fanano e Sestola, 12-13-14 maggio 2017

“I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That's what I call a liberal education.”~ Tallulah Blankhead

"Graffiti Fun or Dumb" educational film ever made.... best soundtrack ever...and the best art teacher too


Some helpful tips and ideas to find the different kinds of educational loans and to acquire the best one.


This book is made from felt and contains numbers from 1 to 5. Each page is design to help children learn to count. Numbers and pieces are detachable and they have velcro on the back. The last page contains geometric shapes arange for counting.

For each page you can tell a story or sing a song:

For number 1 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For number 2 – you can adapt the song Five Little ducks

For number 3 – you can adapt the song Five Little Snowmen

For numebr 4 – you can adapt the song Little Apples

For number 5 – I’m A Little Fish

For last page – songs with shapes.


Self-assembly human skeleton by Fisher-Miller Ltd. (Richard Miller and Bryan Fisher) Fisher-Miller launched this educational toy in 1984 at Didacta in Basel. Winner of a Design Council Award 1986 in Decorative Consumer and Contract Products.


From the Design Council Archive. GB 1837 DES/DCA/30/7/1986/6

Photo taken by Mason Bikshorn in Dachau, Germany. "This picture is of a crematory in the Dachau concentration camp. It was taken on an educational tour through the camp grounds. It was a life changing experience."

Participatory Educational Theatre is employed as a technique to address various topics like nutrition for mothers and children, roles within the family, or the importance of regular visits to the clinic during pregnancy for check-ups.

Photo taken by Thaddeus Barber in Paris, France. "Sunday Mass in the Notre Dame was a fantastic out of the classroom educational experience."

In upstate New York, about two hours drive from the city, is a unique 'village' that is called the Watchtower Educational Center.

Buy creative toys for your young explorers to learn and develop their skills. Explore kits at:


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