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*Working Towards a Better World

This is a diptych I did with newspaper and acrylics on canvas. The idea for the work was to encourage the love of curiosity and learning. I believe that art can create an interest and make people ask questions, think and be encouraged to research which can then broaden out into action. We artists should promote education worldwide.

2009-04-20 Today he keeps to his schoolbooks, and is not carrying his father's kalashnikov in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. B is for Bagh (garden). P is for Pak (Clean) (thanks lamoustique).

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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. - Aristotle

The schoolhouse museum is overshadowed by the grain elevators in the ghost town of Rowley, Alberta.

PORTRA160NC self development Naniwa(N)


We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.

Barack Obama


Genius without education is like silver in the mine.

Benjamin Franklin


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


Think on, David Cameron ...



K.Marinović - Education


Hello friends, here is my new shot. A very special one, I must say. It´s called "Education" and it´s very dark with a lot of shadows, as you can see. But, if you´ve been following my work, you already know that´s my "signature" look.


Also, the photo has a very strong message, like most of my images. But, I always want to leave the beholder to create his own message out of it.


Shot with a kit lens, so nothing special there. "There is no cheap equipment, only cheap photographers"

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

*Working Towards a Better World


This is a mixed media work done with copper & gold leaf, music papers, students lesson papers, notes and acrylic paints.


Sometimes it seems as if the arts are not considered part of education. Music is an art form that must be learned and is appreciated the world over and has been since the beginning of time. We must not forget its importance and make sure that our children are fully exposed to the different types of music available. Children love to learn to play instruments, to sing and to compose, all of which is of utmost importance and should be encouraged. Music takes a life time of learning and perfecting and is appreciated by so many the world over. To me, music should be part of the regular curriculum.


Lauren Oliver has an interesting blog on musical education, read more by clicking the link below:


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my danboard family thought it was the right time to have the birds and the bees talk with baby bo. turns out big danboard is regular, just like the rest of us


yulia thought it was funny. she coordinates a safe summer survival program with WAYS

Safe Summer Survival


...for the possibility and the chance of a bright future.


Mac, my Flickr friend and I have a challenge going on. We decided to explore the subject "Education" in our next three uploads. This is my first one.

Abandoned high school in Detroit, Michigan. I won't say exactly where this is to prevent it from being further inundated by scrappers and visitors (if I know you and you're curious feel free to send me a FlickrMail). Note the interesting Postal Service labels turned into pinwheel art next to the door.


I won't delve any further into my frustration with the state of public education here in Michigan except to say that we need to start in our inner cities. Detroit Public Schools are suffering perhaps more than any other school system in the country. Thankfully there are those out there fighting to make things, including some of my close friends. Let's hope for a better future for Detroit's children, and for the schools they attend.


Ah hell, go ahead and view this one in large or original size.

The Education Dept Swifts were pretty original looking and sounding, although I couldn't say for sure whether they had been modified. This was former LT SMS356 (EGN356J), captured as it arrived at Pembroke garage.

Here are some new education titles that have been purchased over the past couple of months. Place your cursor over a book's cover to receive more information. Click on the "Check for availability" link in the note to see a book's status in the Library's online catalog.

This speaks pretty much of the Singapore Education System : Examinations.

January 29, 2014. Kanaighat, Sylhet.

Part of my series "Lost Education"


This is a digital composite. I shot the location (6 exposure HDR) and composted it with a stock photo of the girl.


Original shots here and here

LACAS – Schooling & Education


Complete Photographic documentation for their 25th anniversary book.

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Reliving days past in Detroit.


:copyright:2014 Jamie A. MacDonald

I chose this quote for the Purposed campaign and edited the photo.

Quote: by Tom Barrett

Photo credit: Morgue File (free image) by

Here are some new education titles that have been purchased over the past couple of months. Place your cursor over a book's cover to receive more information. Click on the "Check for availability" link in the note to see a book's status in the Library's online catalog.

character sitting on the top of book's heap

Our Daily Challenge: Education/Wisdom. And yes I know this pictures been done 1 trillion times but hey I was busy eating deepfried butter and deliciousness at the fall festival here in Evansville...


This is my Marketing book...i'll be graduating in December with my Bachelors degree (finally).


I had two reasons to come back to school, to be with the man that i love, and to finally further my education so i can get somewhere in life. Both have gotten me so far, we are still as happy as ever and my education has taught me so much! my life is only just starting, and the doors are wide 'effin open...i am amazed everyday at the opportunities that are ahead, for not only me, but for us too.


i can't wait...i love you baby!!


Canon 580EX II, hand held to the right of the subject. 24mm, 1/8 power


The byproduct of really understanding and being proficient about photography is all the other things you learn in the process. In order to be a great landscape photographer, in addition to really understanding your camera, tripod, filters, you also have to understand geography, geomorphology, climatology, botany, opticology, oceanography, ecology, cartography, meteorology… the list could go on.


Understanding how to predict a sunset, where the light will fall, how to get to a particular spot, how to guess where a spot has potential, knowing if the shrubs/flowers will be in bloom, knowing which clouds will yield the best sunset, how to use a GND filter to knock down 3 stop of light in the sky to match the exposure on the foreground, when the tides are low enough to showcase the tide pools, how to find tide pools, how to know if you’re trespassing, how to get out of trespassing… all things that a camera manual won’t tell you but you learn through trial and error, asking others, and lots of experience.


All this is knowledge outside of the “rules” of photography, how to trigger a shutter, or how to process the image with software.


Tell me again how you want to use my photo for free


Model: Geraldine


Strobist info: Nikon SB900 bounced off the book


Nikon D300s with Nikkor 50mm F/1.8


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Tmax | 400 | developed in Tetenal Ultrafin | press L | Architektur Fotografie | Trommelscanservice

Injecting a brain with knowledge = education

Our Daily Challenge ... our parents war.


My parents fought to ensure that their children got the education they missed out on. My father qualified to go to High School but he had to leave to get a job, apprenticed to his father, who was a baker. My Mother went to High School but couldn't leave home to train as a nurse because her brothers were away at war and she was needed to help on the farm. So, education and working in our chosen field was high on the agenda. I know that it was often a struggle especially when Dad died at 46 and Mum had to do it alone.


I finally got my replacement camera on Tuesday and I spent a frustrating two days trying to work out how to change the Asian language to English. Finally went to a store today which had the same camera and had a look to see where the language control was in the menu and "Hey presto" I can now read what it says. It has some great new features to try out too. We also finally got a new aerial for our Internet today. So far it seems considerably better so hopefully I will now be able to catch up.

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