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We had to pick a theme and color. My theme was "flowers" and color was "any".

Six ladies on a team.

This is my Exquisite Corpse as it came back to me.

See finished piece for the rules.

I did the Machine embroidered flower cart from Embroidery Library.

The other five flowers were made by members of my team

We all had to cover the one we did so no one saw what the others had done.





Technical info:

ND110 - 10 stops.



10 mm

431s (7min11s) exposure



Lightroom 3.0

PS CS5 - Silver Efex Pro



© 2010 Kees Smans


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Rules: Divide a piece of fabric into six 6" squares and fill one of them . Cover it up so that only 1/2" is showing and send to next person on your team.

My theme was Flowers - any color. I added the sashing to hopefully make it look like we are looking out the window.

The piece I made was the machine embroidered cart. Design from Embroidery Library.

Finished size 23" x 17&quot Exquisite Corpse block.

See notes for the maker of each block.


Link to the blocks I made for the others

International round robin called Exquisite Corpse headed up by Arlee Barr. There were five on each team. This is the head I made for mine. I meant for her to be pretty but I guess it doesn't matter that she turned out ugly, after all, she is a corpse.

We had to cover what we did leaving 1/2" showing so no one could see what the people before us did but still had a hint in order to make it cohesive.

It was started Jan. 30, 2009. I haven't got mine back yet so I haven't seen what the others did on mine.


(Exquisite Corpse Round Robin)


These are the blocks I made for all the members of my Exquisite Corpse team using many different techniques.

Machine embroidery using design from Embroidery library, hand couching, hand embroidery, embellishing with sequins, photo transfer, punch needle embroidery, etc.

This was a round robin but all previous blocks were covered up so we didn't know what the people before us did.

The notes show who I made them for and their chosen theme and colors.

Link to my finished piece:

Update 5/19/2016: The notes are gone. I don't remember the names of the women I made them for. The one I made for myself is in the upper left hand corner.

My completed round three Exquisite Corpse.

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