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We had to pick a theme and color. My theme was "flowers" and color was "any".

Six ladies on a team.

This is my Exquisite Corpse as it came back to me.

See finished piece for the rules.

I did the Machine embroidered flower cart from Embroidery Library.

The other five flowers were made by members of my team

We all had to cover the one we did so no one saw what the others had done.


Rules: Divide a piece of fabric into six 6" squares and fill one of them . Cover it up so that only 1/2" is showing and send to next person on your team.

My theme was Flowers - any color. I added the sashing to hopefully make it look like we are looking out the window.

The piece I made was the machine embroidered cart. Design from Embroidery Library.

Finished size 23" x 17&quot Exquisite Corpse block.

See notes for the maker of each block.


Link to the blocks I made for the others

(Exquisite Corpse Round Robin)


These are the blocks I made for all the members of my Exquisite Corpse team using many different techniques.

Machine embroidery using design from Embroidery library, hand couching, hand embroidery, embellishing with sequins, photo transfer, punch needle embroidery, etc.

This was a round robin but all previous blocks were covered up so we didn't know what the people before us did.

The notes show who I made them for and their chosen theme and colors.

Link to my finished piece:

Update 5/19/2016: The notes are gone. I don't remember the names of the women I made them for. The one I made for myself is in the upper left hand corner.

Europe, Holland, Zuid Holland, Rotterdam Zuid, Rijnhaven, Katendrecht, ECCR site (slightly cropped from all sides)


The city can be anything to anybody. A popular metaphor is 'the city is a stage'. This metaphor adds new meaning here because of the reflective area in the FG of the picture, the bottom level of the unfinished 'The View', a failed project.


But first the buildings in the BG, that are what they were meant to be. They were all created as part of the Kop van Zuid urban development, an urban restructuring project in progress which has converted major parts of the old harbour area on the South bank of the Maas (with its defunct ports, warehouses and railway heads) into a integrated living, recreative and commercial service quarter.

Front row, from left to right: : InHolland University for higher professional education (by Erik van Egeraat associated architects.,1997), SVB office building (Bonnema architecten, 2002), Obba Turkish restaurant (2008).

Back row, from left to right: InHolland extension (by Erik van Egeraat associated architects, 2009), Cité student / starters tenement building (by Tangram architecten, 2010), UWV office (by OZP, 2009 ), 1989 (by Mecanoo, 1989 - probably one of the last high rise (tenement buildings exclusively dedicated to affordable housing in Holland. The buildings are (neo-) modernist, although the UWV building has a nasty postmodern twist.


Back to the the concrete expanse with the giant puddle on the foreground- the bare, bottom level (a double level underground parking) of 'The View - European China Centre Rotterdam (ECCR)'. The materialization of an interesting large scale cross cultural business project created by a team of Dutch (Volker Wessels Vastgoed), Belgian & Chinese investors (Shanghai Construction Group) that involved houses, shops and offices and public spaces: "The European China Centre Rotterdam is a modern international centre for business, living & leisure. A meeting place for East and West where cultures can mingle to create new opportunities. The concept of the European China Centre is based on the WE principle, WE both are proud to be here! The European China Centre Rotterdam functions as a platform for business, exchange and alliances. Government, companies and knowledge institutions are involved. Our services providers are trusted parties that are selected by their reputation and expertise provided in the Sino-Dutch network. The two main buildings of the centre will be completed in the first phase. The offices, 110 apartments and supermarket are being built in the West building. The East building will house a world-class hotel, business centre, luxury restaurants and various speciality shops." Source: here


Construction started in april 2011 and was halted again after completion of the twin layered underground parking in 2012 because the Belgian partner jumped ship and because the Dutch government didn't make up it's mind about providing the Chinese investors with residence permits. That last part seems to be a curious flaw in a plan with a big cross cultural and economic scope like this. After a while the Chinese partners left the project too and the ECCR general website and the ECCR real estate website have recently disappeared. The project is on permanent hold .


In the context of this photo, 'The View' has become an ironic name. And the urban stage the ECRR / The Views project wanted to offer will remain empty ….it only showcases reflections of projects that did made it. The city is a laboratory (another popular metaphor).... ....sometimes things don't work out as expected.


A capture made of the construction pit in 2011 is here.

Pictures of the Fenix West warehouses that used to be at this spot (November 2006) are here and here.

Pictures made during the demolition of these warehouses (April 2007) are here and here




@ EDMT (Flugplatz Tannheim) ~ 08.2010

[Tannkosh 2010]

© Günter Bruhn Collection

Joanie's hips/legs.


Jan's neck/chest.


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