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A butterfly wing ,

(Not a Paper , real butterfly ! )

i took a full photo , but the focus wasnt that much on the other side so i decided to do a

clever work and crop it from the half . Hope u like it

#274/365 his is a Cadillac of the biggest cars I've seen. It is eco friendly because it uses the same amount of gas as 20 toyota prius. So now you don't need to ruin the environment with 20 cars when you can have just one.


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I'm on Twitter: @isayx3.

"lo que hacemos en esta vida, tiene su eco en la eternidad"


Vea en Grande

A tarde orquestrou-se por entre as cortinas

Através da transparência que gritava

O vermelho supersônico do sol


E o teu cabelo desembaraçou a voz do mar

Amplificando a melodia de uma vidraça

Que as ondas insistiam em quebrar


Espelhos d'água

Espalhados pelo chão


Ecos que refletem um céu que podemos estar.


Image made in partnership with Daniela Karg:




The afternoon was orchestrated between the curtains

Through the transparency that screamed

The supersonic red of the sun


And your hair untangled the voice of the sea

Amplifying the tune of a window pane

That the waves insisted to break


Water mirrors

Scattered on the ground


Echoes that reflect a sky that we can be.

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Technical info:


ISO 100

270 mm (405mm@35mm)

1/160s exposure

-0.33 ev bias exposure



Aperture 3.0.3

Bom dia !


O olho do homem serve de fotografia ao invisível, como o ouvido serve de eco ao silêncio.


Machado de Assis


- No em vaig atrevir a provar-ho, peró segur que hi havia molt eco ;-)

Antic menjador dels ajudants dels monjos de Poblet.


Bona nit i bon cap de setmana :-)))


- No me atreví a probarlo, pero seguro que había mucho eco ;-)

Antiguo comedor de los ayudantes de los monjes de Poblet.


Feliz noche y feliz fin de semana :-)))


♪ ♫♪♫ Cantos Gregorianos ♪ ♫♪♫

found this Eco Girl in Berlin walking on a train track, lost in mind.............


great day it was with my dear friend Yano

ECO Units are once again on train C28. The train is seen here passing through Emsworth, PA in the waning minutes of light.

Broome, Western Australia

IHB job BA3 for Blue Island navigates the north end of the plant at CP Gibson, with a pair of their six axle ECO/Gen Set thingies.

Eco da Periferia realizado na Escola Antônio Heráclio do Rêgo


The eco lake of botanic Garden


Not too recent capture, evening time.

Art by Sherrie Thai of

Great to see this family all enjoying a cycle along the seafront in the sunshine and with the kids in the cycle buggy.

Eco da Periferia realizado na Escola Antônio Heráclio do Rêgo


Nhesta / Cubs.


Villa los Andes del sur,Puente Alto.






...que se repiten una y otra vez hasta que desaparecen en el olvido.

Se cuelan entre las rendijas del tiempo ,y por un instante. se escucha esa melodia tan familiar.


Siempre me he preguntado donde encajaba... aquí está la respuesta, en el espacio que mantiene unidas y separa a pequeñas gotas de lluvia... ecos.


escucha... y verás


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A veces, las palabras retumban ... tiene un por qué. Y hay canciones que alguien compuso para que tú las econtraras ... es así: Near to you


Lo puedes leer en mis puntos suspensivos ...


(... ...)

Little Big Econ State Forest

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Technical info:


ISO 100

300 mm (450mm@35mm)

1/160s exposure

-0.33 ev bias exposure



Aperture 3.0.3

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