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Another shot of part of the windmill collection on the Schwartz Farm east of Hannibal,MO. Couldn't figure out how to "eclipse" that cell tower out of the background,unfortunately though...LOL


Have a great windmill Wednesday all,a hot and steamy 88 degrees in NW Illinois today!

towards the end of the eclipse.. Nice being in the right place for once :)

Eclipse December 21st 2010 I Use for this photos my sigma 50mm-500mm

Solar (partial) eclipse this morning.

I wanted to use my sunglasses and the car tint but it was too bright. Good thing I was able to get hold of two dark used films in the store where I went.

As soon as i got home I uploaded it and was putting my watermark. Accidentally I clicked the action I used for watermark on the sun. It turned out well.

The recent Blood Moon eclipse over the Carquinez Bridge...


Sorry for my recent lack of activitiy on Flickr. Have been holding back on editing waiting for a LR update and my computer logic board recently failed. The two together = big backlock on workflow but hey, it's all just water under the bridge. :-)


BTW: If anyone is interested in a brand new never used Nikon D610, please contact me....

Eclipse February 2008... or did that missile miss shooting down that spy satellite!


God made two great lights--the greater to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night."... And God said "Mmmmm, that was good."


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Made Explore #1! Thanks for enjoying!

A combination of shots from various stages of the 2012 annular solar eclipse in Tokyo.


1/4 sec at f/5.6, ISO 100, 400 mm (EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +2x III)

Esto es todo lo que nos ha dado tiempo a disfrutar del eclipse en Madrid justo antes de que el sol se ocultase entre los árboles. Solamente unos minutos de intensa emoción, pero ha merecido la pena


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Esta tarde en Albuixech

As I was aiming for the Sun during eclipse, the airplane flew by.

Unfortunately, last night’s eclipse was itself eclipsed by heavy cloud cover. The moon would peek out for a few seconds every now and then but not long enough for me to get a good shot. Since I was feeling left out, I decided to revisit this series I made the last time I was able to witness the whole event. Those familiar with this image might have noticed the fancy new rounded corners that I added using Picnik (thanks Angie).


See all my pictures on one page.

Eclipse da Lua em 15.04.2014. Foto tirada às 06:00hs, da janela do quarto de minha filha, quando nos preparávamos para levá-la ao colégio.

First stage of the eclipse =)

Explore, 18 de diciembre de 2008, #41 (Highest position: 1 on Saturday, December 20, 2008)

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Montaje de cuatro momentos del eclipse de luna ocurrido el 17 de Agosto de 2008.


Para ver mis fotos más interesantes:

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Lunar Eclipse April 15 2014 - Mitchell, SD

The total lunar eclipse as seen from my upstairs deck. This is just short of totality because the moon was beginning to set behind the trees, and my feet were getting cold. For all the early rising photographers out there, I did make it up before dawn this one time.


Focus could be better, but manual focus with old eyes, on a dim object gives results like this :-)


I already foresee many possibilities for this image next Halloween.


ink and gelly rolls on 27x36cm paper.

Carhenge, Alliance Nebraska

200mm w/ no solar filter, f/2.8, 1/250s, ISO200, single exposure, levels in PS

Took in the eclipse experience in the Carbondale, Ill area. Went a little south into the Giant City State Park.


{Note: for some reason, incorrect EXIF data has loaded with this photo; was actually taken with Sony 70-200mm f4, 1/500. ISO 100.]

Solar Eclipse Friday 1st August 2008.

[...] It's only during an eclipse that the Man in the Moon has a place in the sun [...]

-- Quote by Unknown


Vatican City (March, 2008)

Eclipse on February 20th 2008. Photoshop HDR.

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A panorama from Sundays Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Waiting for totality when I looked down and saw this little guy. Crazy eclipse sky made a nice background.


Lexington SC

On August 21, 2017 the greater Atlanta Metro Area was in the path of a solar eclipse...the path of totality traveling across the entire USA. A first in many years. Our area was in the 97% maximus blockage path makit it much darker than usual...however this image was taken when the blockage was at approximately 20-25%

I shot these in my front yard in the Seattle area. We were north of the region of totality but it was still fun to see and to shoot. It was nice to sit on a stool drinking coffee and click off a shot every so often without contending with traffic and crowds. I was using a Lee Eclipse filter.


I picked a few of my shots and compiled them. In my view of it, the sun continued it's rise in the sky throughout the eclipse process with the smallest sliver taken at about 10:20 AM. It appeared that the moon made an arch over the sun. Thus the location of the "bite" seemed to twist around. Very interesting to see.

mercredi 14 novembre 2012




It was actually pretty cool with periods of clouds passing by during the eclipse today just north of Baltimore City. Here it was getting close to 70% coverage when clouds started to pass by ... making the sun and moon looking like friction was causing the moon to catch fire and smoke up the scene :)


Around this time you could also start to sense the reduction in light, and the blue color in the sky and clouds made them all appear like you were looking through a CPL filter.

We had some cloud cover here to fight through and only got 75% coverage. Thought I'd give it a shot.


:copyright: 2017 TP Mann / TP Mann Photography - All rights reserved.

It seemed to be a day early. Strange. But at least I got a shot.

It was a bit cloudy in Phoenix so that's all I can get.

Eclipse solar 2017 visto desde Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

It began to dim big time. Turkey Vultures came and started roosting in trees around us. A Kestrel flew wildly in circles sounding its alarm call. Crickets began to chirp everywhere. Then it got as dark as night. About 41 seconds of jaw-dropping, screaming, whistling, and midday eeriness. The diamond returned and things began to get light. We jumped in our car and beat the million visitors to Oregon back to Portland. For me the "real moment" was pulling away from the cameras and just looking at the blackest hole I've ever see, 3D, same size as the sun, and being transported away from everything that annoys me for a few amazing seconds!

Composite of the lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007.

Taken from the first minute the moon started to exit the Earth's umbra, then at 5 minute intervals

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipse parcial de sol del día 4 de enero de 2011.


Con bastantes nubes...que le dan un toque "distinto" al eclipse.


Nikon D5000 + Tamron 70-300 (a tope) + trípode + mando a distancia

I believe this to be a Mallard drake during the eclipse phase in August of this year, or its possible it's a young drake just starting to acquire the mature feathers. I can see a little bit of green on his head.


Taken 27 August 2017 at Westchester Lagoon, Anchorage, Alaska.

Another sequence of the lunar eclipse this week. Nikon 400mm lens and 1.7 teleconverter.

This morning's lunar eclipse. I wanted to shoot at stonehenge in the gorge, so I headed out early in case the weather was bad. Sure enough, it was cloudy from Hood River to The Dalles. I heard it was too windy at Crown Pt from Ben and Darren, who had just left, but I decided to stay anyway. I used a second exposure for the moon. Same everything except the shutter speed was 6 seconds for the moon.


This photo sequence was taken on the day of the Solar Eclipse at the shore of Greenland Sea near Longyearbyen Airport in Spitsbergen, Norway. I took the solar disk photos in every 15 minutes from sunrise to sunset with the help of a Baader AstroSolar filter. The 360 degrees foreground was captured on the first minute of the totality. The final result was created by applying a Little Planet effect to the image.


Photo details:

2015.03.20. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Samyang EF 8/3.5

mercredi 14 novembre 2012




« Quand le soleil s'éclipse on en voit la grandeur. »



Every 5 min. exp. in southern California. 5-20-12

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