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Sometimes such passionate love doth in her rise,

Down from her beaten path she softly slips,

And with her mantle veils the Sun’s bold eyes,

Then in the gloaming finds her lover’s lips........


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Taken on Ippos


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" Now if you'll excuse me, I have an after-funeral party to attend. " - Derek Zoolander


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- Hotdog


Hotdog - Gutted . Maitreya


- [noctis] - Harrwogate Funeral Home Set


[noctis] Funeral Space Sign

[noctis] Embalmer's drying rack

[noctis] Mortician's chemicals

[noctis] MIss Donithorne's floor candlestick/LIGHT clean

[noctis] MIss Donithorne's floor candlestick/LIGHT webbed

[noctis] MIss Donithorne's double chandelier webbed2

[noctis] new coffin

[noctis] Victorian coffin trestles

[noctis] Canna lilly spray

[noctis] Vase of lillies

[noctis] Harrowgate Funeral curtains

[noctis] Pine casket open R coal

[noctis] closed pine casket

[noctis] 4 coffins



It was actually pretty cool with periods of clouds passing by during the eclipse today just north of Baltimore City. Here it was getting close to 70% coverage when clouds started to pass by ... making the sun and moon looking like friction was causing the moon to catch fire and smoke up the scene :)


Around this time you could also start to sense the reduction in light, and the blue color in the sky and clouds made them all appear like you were looking through a CPL filter.

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RO - Dr. Crowe - Ego the Crow



... Super Blood Wolf Moon - During a total lunar eclipse, Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The only light reflected from the lunar surface has been refracted by Earth's atmosphere. This light appears reddish for the same reason that a sunset or sunrise does: the Rayleigh scattering of bluer light. Due to this reddish color, a totally eclipsed Moon is sometimes called a blood moon.

Esto es todo lo que nos ha dado tiempo a disfrutar del eclipse en Madrid justo antes de que el sol se ocultase entre los árboles. Solamente unos minutos de intensa emoción, pero ha merecido la pena


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Waiting for totality when I looked down and saw this little guy. Crazy eclipse sky made a nice background.


Lexington SC

This half eclipsed moon was pushing over the mountain last night. I wasn't prepared for either moon and I am no expert in these things. The moon is either too bright or everything else too dark. And I had to crop in a lot although I had used a zoom. Still, since you don't see this every day I had to have a go.

The cloiuds in NJ gave me a chance to get some nice looks at the eclipse today with an interesting nocturnal effect.

Total lunar eclipse of 9/27/15, seen just a few minutes before totality ended. Very challenging (for me, anyways) exercise in photography. Not 100% satisfied with my results but it was fun anyways. Oshkosh, WI.



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Seen at 9:52 AM from Córdoba, Argentina

My only shot of the Eclipse this morning

Of all the days to get cloud cover in the Land of Enchantment!

As good as it got in my part of Albuquerque. Sod's law!

Guess I'll have to wait next eclipse on April 8, 2024.


As I was driving home last night listening to the radio they reminded me that the lunar eclipse was happening. When I got home I quickly set up my camera and got ready to shoot.


As I didn't finish work until 10pm I missed the first half of the eclipse, so I only managed to capture the moon as it came back into view. I started by standing on my front porch, but when I realised it wouldn't be finished until after midnight I moved up into the front spare room and sat watching it until it was over.

This was shot using my Canon 70-200mm lens with a 2X extender to give me a little bit of extra focal length.

I've always wanted to do one of these composite shots so after watching a quick tutorial on Youtube I produced this. Five stages of the eclipse, from the main partial eclipse to the end.




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It was a bit cloudy in Phoenix so that's all I can get.

Happy hunting on Jan. 20/21 for the lunar eclipse!


Image 720_0529_dxo.1

Hooded Merganser drake (Lophodytes cucullatus) in eclipse mode, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park.

High-resolution prints are available at Kate Brown Fine Art.


Adult Wood ducks (Aix sponsa). The male in whats termed, eclipse plumage,

In eclipse plumage (late summer), males lose their pale sides and bold stripes, but retain their bright eye and bill. Juveniles are very similar to females.


Wildwood Lake. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Thank you, Teri!

"The flower that blooms late is the most rare and beautiful of all." ~ Mulan ~


You have to love the late-bloomers in the garden. Their last-minute blossoms and vibrant colours eclipse the drab hues that have descended over the flower beds. They're trying to convince us that summer isn't over...yet.


I didn't expect to see the eclipse last night but the clouds cleared away part way through and I managed a few shots before it was over. And more after it ended too. January 20th, 2019


Eclipse - World went crazy and me too

As I was aiming for the Sun during eclipse, the airplane flew by.

Certainly not the best picture of this moon eclipse, the atmosphere was a bit hazy, as on many places in Europe

I have been planing planning for the Great American Eclipse of 2017 now for 13 months. This image is my second attempt at solar imaging and my first attempt fully geared up as I will be on August 21st.

Shooting by tethered capture on Digicam Control 2

Nikon D800E

Nikon 500mm f4 manual focus lens

Nikon 1.4 Teleconverter

Celestron Advanced VX equatorial tracking mount

Kendrick Astro solar filter


The smaller image of the sun is at 700mm F8 1/000 sec

The larger crescent is 9x magnification of the same image to highlight the sun spot.


Total eclipse Madras Oregon.

Eclipse solar 2017 visto desde Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

For Eclipse Magazine - February 2017


February Edition

Eclipse LTD Deluxe EC 1000

We had some cloud cover here to fight through and only got 75% coverage. Thought I'd give it a shot.


© 2017 TP Mann / TP Mann Photography - All rights reserved.

This eclipse progression captured the 16 minute period prior to the total eclipse. There were 161 shots taken, but in the end every 11th one was used and the remainder discarded to provide the desired effect. In the first frame, the red edge is bright and solid. By the time of the last frame, total eclipse, the earth's shadow is fully covering the moon and it is almost translucent.

A somewhat noisy image of the lunar eclipse on Jan 20, 2019 in Stevenson, WA. Fog was moving in and out of the area.

ECLIPSE Magazineの6月号に、               私の記事と写真が掲載されました!

今回の記事でも、お話させてもらっていますが、       素敵なフレに囲まれて感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです♪



今回のECLIPSE Magazineの元画像はこちらでしたw


ECLIPSE Magazine June


Clothes:ADEYAKKO JW2017 MikoMiko Set(WHITE)




Staff:Luas Sayumi Staff RARE


Pose:Marino Sandalwood


Place : 四季神社

I was honored to be included in the October issue of ECLIPSE magazine, in their "Voices from the Grid" section. Check it out here!

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