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Cerro del Hierro, Constantina (Sevilla - Andalucía)


Sigma 10-20mm + Cokin filter : GND8


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Images from the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti.


Donate to the American Red Cross International Response Fund:


Please credit Matthew Marek/American Red Cross

Sunset over Cadington, Bedfordshire

Pedestrian tunnel (St. Annatunnel) connecting right bank of river Schelde to left bank, seriously shaken :)) Look it LARGE SIZE to notice the major damages!!


Best to be viewed in large size format

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me lo ricordo come se fosse ieri:


Il terremoto del Friuli ebbe luogo alle ore 21.06 del 6 maggio 1976.

La zona più colpita fu quella a nord di Udine, con epicentro il monte San Simeone situato tra i comuni di Trasaghis e Bordano nelle vicinanze di Osoppo e Gemona del Friuli e intensità pari a 6,4 della scala Richter, e al decimo grado della scala Mercalli.

La scossa, avvertita in tutto il Nord Italia, investì principalmente 77 comuni italiani e aree limitrofe in Slovenia (allora Jugoslavia) con danni, anche se molto più limitati, per una popolazione totale di circa 80.000 abitanti, provocando, solo in Italia, 989 morti e oltre 45.000 senza tetto.

L' 11 settembre 1976 la terra tremò di nuovo: due scosse alle 18:31 e alle 18:40 superano 7,5 e 8 gradi della scala Mercalli.

Il 15 settembre 1976 alle ore 11.30 si verificò un'ulteriore scossa di oltre 10 gradi della scala Mercalli. (WIKIPEDIA)


Sunset over Caddington, Bedfordshire

My flow drop like an earthquake

I make that ass shake

It's time to devastate

Here to make the glass break

Drop like an earthquake


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(Ty to Sky for my new K DEN hat, kden.)

A devastating earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch yesterday.

While this tiny nation of 4.2 million people remains in a state of shock; powerful stories of love, faith, hope, courage and sacrifice continue to trickle in.


When earth shakes, it reminds us of impermanence of everything here.

But human spirit prevails above the ruins of evanescent.

It remains unshaken.

financial district mission st. San Francisco CA. U.S.

Back shot from March 20, 2016.


On my walk around the city catching up on the rebuild. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Earthquake demolition, Christchurch, NZ

near berkeley, cal.

glass plate negative that i found in berkeley this past weekend. couldn't resist bringing her home to rephotograph...

This morning we had a earlier alarm clock!

20 minutes before my usual one an earthquake shook my bed!

4.6 degrees, epicenter not so far from my home, a bit souther…


Pretty breathtaking and not exactly the kind of surprise I like….

I opened my eyes and realized it was not normal that the bed was hitting the wall!

Lassie woke up and Candy looked at me…after some seconds it ended, we laid again for 20 minutes, waiting for the useless alarm clock!


Happy Sunday my friends!


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

This lake was formed August 17TH. 1959 when a magnitude 7.3 Earthquake hit this area in Montana approx. 28 miles North West from the west Gate at West Yellowstone NP.You can see where both sides of the mountain collapsed into the Madison river forming the Earthquake Lake. Several people were killed in the resulting mountain collapse. The lake is 5 miles long and 190 feet deep. I thought perhaps today would be a good day to post this picture as the area of Yellowstone and South West Montana has been having a swarm of earthquakes this week ranging from magnitude 1 to magnitude 3 until today they had a magnitude 4.5 quake.

The West coast of the isle of Lundy at sunset, this point is called Earthquake which is the split on the right full of deep fissures. The wild Atlantic on the left.

It's passed a week since the earthquake. People prayed silently together at 14:46 the time it happened.

Now reported deaths are 7,000, missing 19,000, refuges 400,000. They're suffering from hunger, cold and stark reality.


There is a lack of water, food, medical supplies, doctors, volunteers, gasoline, and kerosene. They can't get them because the transportation network was almost completely destroyed by the TUNAMI. It swallowed up in a moment……..People, housing, fishing boats, roads, bridges, railway tracks, harbors and airports, everything!!


We had experienced some big disasters in this country so far and overcame many difficultly. This time the damage is too big and wide ranging, we've never experienced this much devastation. So we've been struggling, but working as much as we can.


And what is worse, the nuclear power generation problem happened because of the big TUNAMI. Now the government is doing its best, but everything doesn't go well easily. We have to watch how it is going. We really are sorry about the danger to all the people in the world. I hope everything will get better as soon as possible.


As for us, we're safe and no real big problem. There is some aftershocks everyday, so I'm scared of another big earthquake in the night time. We prepared each of us a rucksack were we pack water, pilot biscuit, underwear, chocolate candy, and medicine etc. We put our bag of valuables and the rucksacks bedside the bed every night when we go to sleep.


Luckily our place is located far away from the earthquake area, so we feel pretty safe.

We feel a lot of stress, but it's OK. Please don't worry so much!

Thank you for everything and give our regards to your friends. Thank you!!

(from my friend in Japan)


This is an Earthquake Memorial on Manchester Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. This message is on the tree next to the memorial:


"Earthquake Memorial


185 people died as a result of the 22 February 2011 earthquake.


185 precious lives are remembered here, with 185 pieces of Halswell stone recovered from St Luke's Church, damaged beyond repair on that day.


May they rest in peace.


St Luke's in the City"

6.04.09 Earthquake in L'Aquila




An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale struck the Channel Islands shortly before 1pm today.


Although no severe accidents were officially recorded, several of the smaller Island inhabitants residing in St. Peter Port were momentarily inconvenienced...


It's a Small World!

We had two mild earthquakes in a row, one yesterday and another today. I was taking this photo when today's earthquake struck. (You didn't believe that, did you?)


Tragic Earthquake Poem


How tragic is such a torrent earthquake,

if nature hasn't hasten huge waves from the seas

washing out lives wanting to live on and be

If it were swords of steal, it wouldn't hurt that much

If it was fire it wouldn't have burnt so many

No lesser fire explodes, as unseen nuclear atmosphere


~ Delphine

OMG Wow! Just felt my first earthquake! It woke me up as my bed was shaking (thought someone was under my bed LOL)! Wow! Freaky! I'm hearing now that it was spread throughout Southern Ontario Canada and Northern USA!


"A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit central Canada this afternoon, rattling buildings from Windsor to Montreal and several U.S. states.


The epicentre of the quake was in Quebec, 61 kilometres north of Ottawa, according to U.S. Geological Survey, and struck at 1:41 p.m.EDT.


The Ottawa newsroom was evacuated at about 1:43 p.m. The Toronto newsroom also shook.


Environment Minister Jim Prentice was doing an interview with CTV at its Ottawa bureau on the 14th floor of the World Exchange Plaza in downtown Ottawa when the tremour struck.


"I was on the air and suddenly my chair was moving," he said afterwards. "Fortunately I was at the end."


The sidewalks quickly filled with workers who decided to evacuate their buildings.


Twitter users as far away as Springfield, Mass. and Traverse City, Mich. reported feeling tremors. A Globe reporter in Montreal said that city also shook."




Reports say it's rated at 5.5! And a Second quake!


Toronto has just experienced an earthquake. The seats were rumbling at 1:38 p.m. Thursday as a mild earthquake hit Toronto.

An 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Toronto's downtown this afternoon with a mild shaking. Sitting at my desk reporting I watched my computer screen doing a jig on the desk.

Twitter feeds say that Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto all felt the quake at the same time. The Ottawa Globe and Mail has evacuated their offices. Twitter feeds are stating that it was felt for 30 seconds in Markham and Thornhill.

The mild rumbling shook the floors in my office. There is no damage in my area. As news comes in this will be updated.


Some interesting links:


"TORONTO — There are reports of a possible earthquake shaking buildings across parts of southern Ontario and Quebec.


The Internet is abuzz with people saying they felt the earth rumble in cities across the province, including Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.


The quake seemed to last for about 30 seconds in Ottawa and rattled downtown buildings, homes in west-end Ottawa and government offices across the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Que.


Stephen Taylor, a political pundit in Ottawa, used his Twitter feed to describe what the tremors felt like.


"I was in an elevator when the earthquake hit," Taylor wrote. "Debris hitting the top of it, walls scraping ... fun stuff."


Witnesses in downtown Toronto also described feeling a prolonged tremour that shook desks, rattled bookshelves and caused paintings on walls to shake.


There were no immediate reports of damage or injury.


The website for the U.S. Geological Survey displayed a map showing a recent event registering 5.5 on the Richter scale had occurred near the Ontario-Quebec boundary, but no other details were immediately available.


Hundreds of people were milling about on downtown Ottawa streets as the Parliament buildings emptied, along with the Prime Minister's Office across the street at the Langevin Block.


Buildings across downtown Ottawa were evacuated.


A sitting of the Senate was disturbed, as were preparations by the PMO for this week's G8 and G20 summits. PMO staff were forced out onto Wellington Street.


Chinese President Hu Jintao was to arrive in Ottawa later Wednesday afternoon."



Reflets d’un immeuble avoisinant les Tours “ Mercuriales “ à Bagnolet. A savoir que ces tours ont été construites sur le modèle plus petit des tours du World Trade Center à Manhattan (New York).

Keenan ran under the table and she's still a little scared. It was her first earthquake experience. Her teddy bear is keeping her safe and calm.


We had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake last night at around 1am near Borrego Springs, CA.


We are okay, but boy did that scare us. It's been a while since we feel an earthquake of this magnitude. Hoping with all the aftershocks we've had since last night no big one is on the way. ;)


She had an earthquake on her mind la la la la.


No pretty pink photo :[ Only for TTT and Retro Tuesday. :]


Anyhoots, this isn't mine, this is my Pops'. He plays the bass and he has geetars and stuffs. This amp is actually pretty old, I think this might not even be all original. I think he bought it secondhand and had it reconditioned.

Taken during our drive from Portland, OR to St. Louis in 2009. Earthquake Lake was created after an earthquake struck on August 17, 1959.

San Francisco, California -- An outdoor sculpture

I wanted more, than life could ever grant me (smashing pumpkins). Listen


I took these last weekend, and at the time of taking them I really wasn't in the mood for photo taking but now I am soo glad I pushed myself! First photos taken with my new Nikon D80.


Every photographer that I follow uses a Canon, I don't get it.




Pictures heavily inspired by the amazing Kalie Garrett


Photo 2


All textures are from here


Explore #19 Thankyou :)




Please Donate For Japan Earthquake


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Based on data from the Sentinel-1A satellite, this image shows how and where the land uplifted and sank from the 7.8-magnitute earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015.


Near the boundary of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates, blue shows areas of uplift of up to 0.8 m towards the satellite (called ‘line of sight’) which could be caused by a vertical uplift of 1 m. The yellow area depicts areas of subsidence, a movement that often occurs as a counter movement to the uplift in subduction zones (where one plate dips below the other) during earthquakes. Additionally, a horizontal north–south shift of up to 2 m was detected.


This image was generated using data acquired by Sentinel-1A before and after the earthquake event.


This image was originally released by the DLR German Aerospace Center.


Read more about mapping the Nepal quake with satellites.


Credit: DLR-ZKI

This earthquake fault in sandstone on the road out of Death Valley.

If Cloudy wasn't a tornado running through this town uprooting trees, she was an earthquake shaking up the place.

Hold this drawing in your hand, it is small and fragile enough to create an intimate reaction to breathing as its' face shakes and rattles delicately. Video coming soon!


*Essay in progress about the Earthquake Woman Anthology

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