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Rannoch Moor, Scotland, before sunrise, an early wake up was needed for this one. HDR plus ND grad.

04.06am, Early Morning on Derwent Water, Keswick. This is the best time to visit the Lake District, before any tourists arrive;).


Sony Alpha A700, Sigma 10-20mm, F16, 17mm, ISO100, Exp 5 Seconds

Hitech Soft Grad 0.6, Hitech Hard Grad 0.3


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Brian Kerr Photography


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Hipstamatic Cam

Jane Lens, Kodot XGrizzled Film

My wednesday soft tones image for today.

The first of april is always a memorable day for me (read "I am tagged")

I will start this day with a special thought for my son Brian.

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~ On Explore # 67, first of april 2009. Thank you ALL ! ~


"Life is a rollercoaster, you just got to ride it"

~ Ronan Keating ~

Early Morning Frost

Cades Cove

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Tennessee, USA


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Another freezing 5am start, another pier to be found.

HFF and happy weekend everyone!

:copyright:please do not copy or use without permission. shot just outside leeds early ne autumn morning.

Seeing narcissuses in bloom in early December is surprising.


Early one morning during the Autumn I was taking images of this scene, with the lovely cloud formation and the trees in the background, painted with all their autumn colours, when from a nearby airfield this single engined plane arrived on the scene, it's engine piercing the silence.


I managed to get this image before it disappeared again from view. It must have been quite a view from the sky that morning, but then again I was quite pleased with the view from my angle too.


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Explore Front Page - My first one! Thanks for all your great photos and thanks for your comments and critiques that have made me a better photographer! Cemetery Point - Pineview Reservoir!

National park "Jasmund", early morning light (3:40AM)


Nikkor 10-24mm @ 10mm with Lee .9 GND soft & Lee .6 GND soft filters


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Camera Model : NIKON D7000

Exposure : 13.000 seconds

Aperture : f/8

ISO Speed : 100

Focal Length : 10 mm

Subject Distance : 1.3 meters

The leaves are still on this shrub which is ironically a Summer Snowflake Viburnum. The garden shed is in the background. A few snowflakes were still falling when this was taken - far too early for this much 'white stuff'.

Listen to the wonderful song presented by Peter, Paul and Mary 1966

I've just spent a few days in Brighton catching up with family and friends. This image is of my favourite relic - the West Pier. I was sad to how the recent storms have further damaged the pier and I wonder how much longer it will survive for.

I knew I wouldn't be able to make any sunset shots while we were away as we had other commitments, so I made myself venture out early! I had hoped for a decent sunrise but it didn't happen. I still rather liked the pastel sky and water, and I enjoyed being alone on the beach before the crowds arrived!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend. We have friends arriving shortly, but I will catch up with all your photos over the weekend.

Seen in Explore.


Popped out early this morning for this, the scene is not yet lit by direct sunlight allowing a fairly dark sky to seem bright in comparison. The dark under the tree is not shadow but a lack of wheat that close to it. Second "yellow" themed landscape today, though this is more of a golden brown, hey, close enough.


At Michaelstone-y-Fedw between Cardiff and Newport.

Early morning at the Morton Arboretum

A herd of Bison move through an early October snowfall near the Firehole River in Yellowstone. These were very big flakes!

I love to get up early and walk the beach in the morning. Duck, North Carolina

Group of people during the early morning trekking in the mountain of mullayanagiri peak


An early riser heads out into the surf. Predawn on Avalon beach.


Trying a couple of different processing techniques with colour toning and textures. I quite like the effect it has had on an otherwise flat image.

Early rising not only gives us more life in the same number of years, but adds, likewise, to their number; and not only enables us to enjoy more of existence in the same time, but increases also the measure. ~ Caleb C. Colton


From the archives...Sunrise along the Trans Canada Highway just east of Banff National Park....hard to resist pulling over for something like this :-) In fact, we had no intention or plans of going anywhere for sunrise, but you know that gut feeling you get sometimes; well, it happened to me on this particular morning. We were driving along, and I saw a hint of color in the sky. I told Mike we needed to find a spot to pull over if we could, and to our luck, there was a small picnic area not far ahead. I jumped out with all my gear, headed straight for the gate, threw caution to the wind (because that fence provides a nice barrier from all the critters lurking on the other side), popped the latch, set up the tripod, and about a glorious sunrise :-)


Have a great Thursday, and as always, thanks for all your visits & comments!!!!


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sunrise photos


sunrise prints


out of the dark in L

We left Queenstown early in the morning for a long trip to Mount Cook. The sunrise was spectacular.

Mercer area stream reflecting early fall colors on a cloudy day in late September.

© 2011 by Papafrezzo Photography. All rights reserved.


Early morning twilight in Bergen, Norway. The blue hour.


Long exposure with a 3 stop Neutral Density filter (B+W ND103).

Exposure: 30 sec, f/16, ISO 200. D300s on tripod with remote cord.


View towards Vågsbunnen, the end of Vågen (the inner harbour of Bergen). In the back Mt. Ulriken and Mt. Fløyen.


Best enjoyed large and on black by pressing "L".

Early lighting over this pretty cove off of the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore, County.

Everything is snow white outside, so I needed something different...

I wrote a blog post on how I processed this picture: early-spring-day-recipe


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My own textures


Much Better Seen Large on Black


This was my view looking out the window on the ramp of my morning flight today......I have been seeing this view a lot lately......


Taken with the new Canon G11

"Early morning hath gold in its mouth. "

~ Benjamin Franklin ~


Early morning in Yellowstone produces the most amazing look at the thermal features. It's like a fairyland of dancing clouds.


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


LARGE if you want to smell the sulfur:

Most of my uploads (probably 99% of them) are single exposures, but occasionally I find it necessary to blend bracketed exposures, such as here. Alternatively, I could just invest in some proper graduated filters (I do have a cheap screw-in ND grad which is useful but didn't do enough here) and get it in one shot. Not only would it cut down on processing time it would also save memory space and prolong the life of the camera's shutter! :-)

I tried my best to 'hide' the sun behind the trees, and also keep the composition I wanted but this was the best I could do!


Worth pressing L I dare say!

In early with Jenn, catching the sunrise.


Day 281 of 365 50


Copyright: Geoff Greene Photography

I liked the way the sun was reflecting off the clouds into the water. Early Morning!

First signs of Autumn return to Rydal Water.

Taken on a an early morning jaunt with Steve and Ray (Coulportste) and (Sooty) enjoyed it lads Thanks.

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