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Built in 1860 of magnificent stone and brick, Roselawn is situated in a lovely garden setting along Port Colborne's Fielden Avenue and displays many characteristics typical of the Second Empire style. This historic three-storey dwelling has served a number of residential, social and cultural purposes and is associated with a number of Port Colborne's most prominent families.

original image by Dennis Jarvis called DGJ_3715 - The 1927 Lighthouse Dwelling and eh]nhanced by textures by

Distressed Texture called Summer promise and


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We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light. ~Evelyn Dunbar


Vertical Panorama taken in the Excelsior District, San Francisco, CA

July 2014

Nivloc, Nevada

Esmeralda County



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Lonely house on the Drina river, near Bajina Basta, Serbia. The other side of the river with (a little enhanced) autumn colors is Bosnian Srpska territory.The location is a little remote, but this thing is destined to become a photographer's whore in the coming years.


What is a photographer's whore?


It's not the Eiffel tower, or the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Taj Mahal, or the Pyramids, everybody knows and takes photos of those, but a photographer's whore is a more specific beast, not known to the masses of tour bus tourists, but one subject which photographers are drawn to like flies on shit, some such examples are the Kirkjufjell mountain in Iceland, that tree in Wanaka Lake in New Zealand, that house in Val d'Orcia in Italy, the bonsai rock in Lake Tahoe, Neist Point and the Old Man of Storr in Scotland, etc.

Lacock is a picture perfect little village in Wiltshire. It holds the title for the most filmed village in the U.K. Amongst other things Pride and Prejudice, Cranford and several Harry Potter's have been filmed here.


" I have never seen a house more happily situated"

~ Jane Austen

~Emily Dickinson


Happened upon this barn the other day; it was a pleasant surprise.


Happy Monday, all!

The oldest mountain chalet in Zakopane, Poland

This building always fascinates me. It seems to be many things at the same time while also being a dwelling.

Happy Window Wednesday.

I love the graduation from dark blue to light & fiery color in the sky. This was a magnificent sunset and I wish I was able to do it better justice :)!


November 2009.

Quote by Emily Dickinson.

Coachwood Glen near Blackheath. Heavy cloud cover, perfect for finding secret spots like this. OK, maybe not so secret, it's just a few metres from the road on a well trodden path, but with no one else there, the sound of running water, light breeze occasionally rustling the leaves, it felt like my own special happy place.

La Mer is wearing Trio. We love this coat!

Boots by BHC.

A typical Chinese dwelling near the banks of the River Li in Guilin China. The city of Guilin is located in mainland China in the scenic Guangxi Province, which is about a two hours flight northwest of Hong Kong.


Note: In reading some of the comments left below, I wanted to correct the misunderstanding that this was was a slum dwelling. While conditions are quite spartan by western standards, I never felt that I was walking through an impoverished area. There was an active street market in front of this dwelling and along the entire street. Everyone we saw appeared very friendly and smiling as they went about their everyday shopping. The sweet elder lady whose photo is shown below was one such inhabitant.


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We are the techno fisher....if the fish fall into a trap

Wupatki, which means "Tall House" in the Hopi language, is a multi story Sinagua pueblo dwelling comprising over 100 rooms, making it the largest building for nearly 50 miles. Shown here is the Wupatki Ruin, built around a natural rock outcropping.

Hollenderen - Halden - Norway


And above all, watch with glittering eyes

the whole world around you

because the greatest secrets are always

hidden in the most unlikely places.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

— Roald Dahl


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Texture: me and Kerstin Frank


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view,

comment, fave and invite my photo, much appreciated :o)

More from the £5 Kodak! Still going eastwards, towards Gueret, the road from Montaguit Station to the village of St. Sylvain Montaguit, crosses the line less than 1km from the station. In past times, the crossing would have been protected by a pair of swing gates, operated by a large vertical handwheel in the house, but these have been replaced with the automatic half barriers. The house is now a private dwelling, an ideal residence for a railway fanatic!


1960 Kodak 66 Model III, f4.5/75mm Anaston, X2 yellow filter. Fomapan 400 in Caffenol C, (20g coffee, 20g soda, 6g vitC, 6g iodized salt, 500ml water) 5mins presoak, 15mins @21C. Scanned @1200dpi on an Epson V500.

Got this one really foggy morning.


I like it bigger

People in Cappadocia, Turkey, lived in places like this till about WW1 when they were relocated in modern towns by the Youngturks

At Thornwick Bay, in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Bandelier National Monument protects over 33,000 acres of beautiful and rugged canyon and mesa country in Northern New Mexico. Evidence of human presence here goes back more than 11,000 years, including petroglyphs, dwellings carved into the soft rock cliffs, and standing masonry. Descendants of the people who lived here now inhabit the Pueblos of the Rio Grande River.


Hope your week is off to a good start. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments -- I appreciate them all.


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