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A DVD to be watched during eid vacation


Showing how I set up for my incense smoke pictures using a DVD and CD to refract the sunlight into the spectrum to make the smoke rainbow colored.

Another little clear water drop on a DVD, with hand-held brightly flashing LED lights above giving the colours.

Cleaning out my apartment before moving. These are all the old burned CDs and DVDs that we threw out!


Strobist info:


Exposure 1/250

Aperture f/8.0

Focal Length 18 mm

ISO Speed 160

Flash - bare Cactus KF-36 - triggered by Cactus V4s, bounced off ceiling

Had to play with the angle of the flash a lot to get the right reflections in the DVDs


Criminal Live, Santiado de Chile, Mayo 13-2006 DVD Musical $ 1.500-.

Jaco Pastorius Live in Montreal, DVD Musical $ 1.500-.

Diarios de Motociclistas, de regalo “Ernesto nace en La Higuera”, FILMS $ 2.000-.

El Che II la guerrilla en Bolivia, de regalo “El Che I en Argentina” FILMS $ 2.000-.

La Naranja Mecánica FILMS $ 1.500-.

Zeitgeist Documental $ 1.500-.

Another from yesterday's session (oil and water in a DVD spectrum)


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From back in January - one which didn't make it into Flickr! There were so many similar ones that I didn't bother to add them all. Now I've decided to keep them all together in the set!


A drop of oil and water in a spectrum on the shiny surface of a (scratched!) DVD, using a bright lamp (no flash)


Sony A100 with a Cosina 100mm macro lens

Candelaria M. Vales (March 4. 2006) DVD

Another little clear water drop on a DVD, with hand-held brightly flashing LED lights above giving the colours.

Tiny drop of water on a tilted DVD surface and LED coloured lights above. First experiment trying to photograph 'stretched' water!

A shattered and microwaved DVD. via 500px

Just DVD and some water :-)



My Flickriver is here




A small drop of clear washing up liquid (soap and water) on the shiny surface of a disc in natural light from a window (the stripes are vertical blinds). Image brightened slightly.


Sony Alpha 100 SDLR camera with Cosina Macro 100mm lens: 1/10 sec at f/16 (ISO 100)

This is a closeup of two DVD drivewheels, driving the lensmount. The white wheel is the interesting part: It actually consists of two wheels, which are connected by the tiny spring you can see in the topleft. By this, the connection to the other wheels always stays tight, even if the wheels show some wear ofter long use.

The shot was taken in available light, using an macroinverter and an old wideangle-lens.

Due to the open aperture, the DOF is VERY shallow. Needed some cropping and color-correction.

I placed some DVDs in the sink and added water. I then set the faucet at a slow drip. Using my flash, macro extension tubes and my well-practiced instinct on shutter timing, I got some neat results.

I know most people use a tripod, trigger, drip rig, and off-camera flash for these types of shots, but I like the intuitive, connected and free feel of having the camera in my hand. I often get inspired while doing these and can end up going in a completely different creative direction than I imagined at the start.

Water mixed with some oil on a shiny DVD surface. Completely natural (not produced by Photoshop or other software)

Macro Mondays Rule of Thirds & 3 theme.


Yellow, red, blue and white poster boards surrounded this shot. Kind of fun to move the strobe around inside the cube to see the different color effects. WATER DROP TIP: Mix water with corn syrup to help shape and hang water drops.


M42 macro lens. Extension tube. Snooted Vivitar 285 at quarter power. F11.5 for the M42 lens.

DVD water and light 2

Lighting Effect on DVD

A small, clear, drop of water on the shiny surface of a disc within a narrow beam of light. I also used a handheld colour-changing LED above the DVD to give extra colourful effects. The colours aren't enhanced or altered in any way.


I haven't done this for a while - I may try a few more sometime soon as I've run out of time for today!


Sony Alpha 100 SDLR camera with Cosina Macro 100mm lens: 1/40 sec at f/18 (ISO 100)

DVD water and light 8- rainbows

Mon achat à la fnac le dvd crossdresser

Le dernier qui restait et il m'attendait.....


One cold winters day, when the light was no good for outdoor photography......I was bored



02 Arena, London, UK - November 25th., 2012 / November 29th., 2012.

After a week at work I love to relax on the sofa with the family and watch a movie. Taken for this weeks macro monday theme Relaxation

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