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The sun is gonna shine on my tombstone someday...

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

DuPont State Forest, North Carolina

Hooker Falls, located on the Little River in western North Carolina was photographed on an early, foggy morning. Two stop HDR was used with a Canon 80D and a Canon 17-40 mm f/4L lens.

High Falls in Dupont State Forest, was photographed on a beautiful fall morning. Two stop HDR was used to capture the flowing water along with the bright blue skies. The waterfall is located outside of Asheville, NC.

High Falls in Dupont State Forest was seen on a sunny autumn day. The waterfall was part of a three waterfall hike consisting of Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls. This one was my favorite by far. The lighting was a little harsh; however, with two stop HDR, I was able to manage the dynamic range.

Triple Falls, located outside of Asheville, NC was photographed on an autumn morning. An aperture of f/22 was used with a low ISO to really allow movement of the water. A Canon 80D and a Canon 17-40 mm f/4L lens was used with a polarizer and two stop HDR to capture the wide dynamic range.

The vivid blue color of the Little River in Dupont State Forest was photographed on an early autumn morning. We were hiking from Hooker Falls to Triple Falls when the vivid blue color caught my eye. The image was made with a Canon 80D and a Canon 17-40 mm f/4L lens using two stop HDR.

Triple Falls, located outside of Asheville, NC was photographed on an autumn morning. A Canon 80D and a Canon 17-40 mm f/4L lens was used with a polarizer and two stop HDR to capture the wide dynamic range.

The water was really flowing at Hooker Falls in Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. The image was made using two step HDR with a Canon 80D and a Canon 17-40 mm f/4L lens.

My daughter was amazed by the view of High Falls in Dupont State Forest near Asheville, NC. The sunlight, small aperture and mist made an impactful composition.

To all of my American flickr family, friends, and contacts ... wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.


While Thanksgiving Day is always important, I think that this year in particular, we should make sure to take the time to reflect upon what we personally are thankful for ... whether that be for the love of family and friends, our jobs, our health, or our freedom. Too often we take these things for granted, however, in today's world I think that it's more on all of our minds. I know that for me, I won't be out in the madness of shopping, but I do hope to get out in nature, then celebrate with at least some of my family, as we've been split a bit this year. It's OK, because we'll have our celebration of thanks as a united family in just a few weeks hopefully. As they say ... good things come to those who wait. :-)


This image is that of High Falls, one of the waterfalls within the Dupont State Forest near Asheville. The 125' waterfall over the granite rocks is amazing to see, especially when visited in the autumn season, as it can be framed nicely in those beautiful fall colored trees.


I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again ... where did this year go??? Hard to imagine that it's almost December. Yikes!


In closing, I would like to say that part of what I'm thankful for this year is having wonderful friends, like you, who share the same passion of nature, adventure, and photography. Some of you I've had the pleasure to meet and photograph with together ... others I haven't. I hope that ours paths cross one day soon.


Thanks for stopping by to view and especially for sharing any thoughts and comments that you might have.


© 2015 Debbie Tubridy / TNWA Photography

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV © 2017 Klaus Ficker. Photos are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Pictures can not be used without explicit permission by the creator

Little River

DuPont State Recreational Forest

Transylvania County, North Carolina


The aptly-named Triple Falls is the second of two waterfalls on Little River in DuPont State Recreational Forest shot in the first session of the workshop brother Ted and I had last week with Randy Sanger (Randall Sanger Photography). According to Kevin Adams (North Carolina Waterfalls, 3rd edition), Triple Falls has a total drop of about 100 feet and is at 2,360 feet elevation. Unlike some other times during our NC workshop, we had good cloud cover here, so hot spots in the water from sunlight were not a problem. On the other hand, here and at most locations visited, strong water flow meant even a few seconds could be too long an exposure time, resulting in loss of water detail. This half-second exposure gave what I find a pleasing result. Triple Falls is at least near the top of my "most beautiful" list for the waterfalls we photographed last week, and perhaps deserves the #1 spot. Randy noted that people used to go along the river to get to Triple Falls, potentially quite dangerous; the lower route is now not legal, but a rather steep climb up a forest road takes the visitor to the cleared area, which provides a great line of sight to the falls.


Press "L" for larger image, on black

I have been to Triple falls many times over the years and despite how beautiful it is I never seem to come away with something that I am really happy with. So my goal on this visit was to try and explore some new perspectives and try something different. I ended up spending a lot of my time photographing a heron downstream from this falls but still made it to the base of the lower falls shortly after sunset. I didn't have much light to work with at this point and decided to get as close as I possibly could to the falls and shoot downstream instead of the typical head on composition. I got completely soaked in the process but I like the different perspective. Usually the water flow isn't this high and therefore the water doesn't flow over this part of the rock face most of the time. I would love to know everyone's thoughts.


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As Autumn is upon us, so are these beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina. This is a good time to prepare for color foliage and plan ahead where to visit for friendly hikes and trails for sights like this one. I took this last year during the summer months.

Located in the Dupont State Forest in Transylvania County, Western North Carolina.

A couple cools off in the Little River of the DuPont State Recreational Forest in Appalachian North Carolina. Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA.


Una pareja se refresca en el río Little del bosque recreativo estatal de DuPont en los Appalachias de Carolina del Norte. Hendersonville, Carolina del Norte, EEUU.


in the Dupont State Forest, Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. The Falls consists of three distinct cascades, totaling about 120 feet in vertical drop. It was featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans. This photo shows a small section of one of the drops.

Hooker Falls in the Dupont State Forest in Western North Carolina

The leaves are changing - especially the bush in the foreground. It was in full color. Hooker Falls is on the Little River in the DuPont State Forest, in Western North Carolina. It is one of 4 major waterfalls on the Little River in this area. The others are High Falls, Triple Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Dupont State Forest and Hooker Falls was my first stop on Saturday. I was hoping for just a cloudy day...but geez it was raining steadily the whole time at this stop. Many of the maple leaves had already fallen, but there was still enough yellows and reds for my liking.

Hooker Falls, on the Little River in North Carrolina's DuPont State Forest. This is a four-exposure HDR image. Exposures were merged in DXO's HDR Efex Pro 2. Color and contrast adjustments were applied in Color Efex Pro 4, and the final color image was converted in Siver Efex Pro 2.

A new trip for me today! Have been to Bridal Veil Falls in DuPont many times, but I've never gone up to the top and gone under the upper falls overhang. It's incredible! It's like being in another world! Absolutely worth the trek and getting wet from the spray.

Triple Falls, on the Little River, in North Carolina's DuPont State Forest, near Brevard.

Short hike from the falls to the the top. There is a covered bridge at the top.

Dupont State Forest, North Carolina

150 foot waterfall 1.2 mile roundtrip ez hike.

Parking is limited and they have the roadways blocked off for street parking.

Cedar Mountain, North Carolina


Day trip to look for Yellow Lady's-slipper orchids in nearby, DuPont State Forest near Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. Although we were just a bit late for the best of the Large Yellow Lady's-slipper orchids, we did find a few that were still holding on. We had much better luck with the Small Yellow Lady's-slipper orchids. We also made a side trip for Aplectrum hyemale or Puttyroot orchid, and we found a few pretty good ones.


To check out the full trip report, please go to Jim's Blog.

Hooker Falls at Dupont State Forest in North Carolina during Fall colors. HDR image created using EasyHDR and Aurora HDR software. #NorthCarolina #HookerFalls #FallColors #HDRphotography #CaptainKimo

A path through the woods in the Dupont State Forest leading to Triple Falls. Located in beautiful Western North Carolina

DuPont State Forest, near Brevard, North Carolina.

Autumn is here in the Dupont State Forest, Western North Carolina, Don't forget to look up

Photo taken a month ago of the lower tier of Triple Falls in the DuPont State Forest near Brevard, NC.


Conditions this day were perfect to capture deep autumn colors. Water flow was a bit low. I guess you can't have everything.


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Missed the peak colors at Hooker Falls this year by just a few day. Nuts!! I did manage to get a bit of color in though. Got some good ones last year though. Whew!


Hooker Falls is located between Brevard and Hendersonville, NC, in the DuPont State Forest. Its a short easy hike so there's no reason no to stop by if you're in the area.


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Covered bridge at Dupont State Forest in NC.

I really like how the water is hitting this giant boulder at the base of the falls

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