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North Carolina's Smoky Mountains at the Triple Falls area.

The DuPont State Forest is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina. Its 10,400 acres of forest feature four major waterfalls on the Little River and several on the Grassy Creek.

The original 7600 acre forest was established in 1996 through a generous bargain sale from the DuPont Corporation. In 2000, the Forest was expanded by two property additions, including the spectacular 2200 acre tract in the center of the Forest containing High Falls, Triple Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Courtesy:

Hooker Falls in the Dupont State Forest, NC

In western North Carolina, one of my favorite waterfalls we came across was this one at Dupont Forest near Brevard.

Film location for the "Hunger Games" was shot here.

After a 30 minute hike, you get to notice phenomenal waterfalls, which include High Falls and Hooker Falls.

Definitely was a good thing with all the rainstorms that produced inches and inches of rain. The waterfalls were very alive and timing couldn't of been any better.

I had just finished taking a few shots of Hooker Falls in Dupont when I noticed the early morning light hitting the fall foliage above the pool downstream from the falls, creating some very beautiful reflections.

Dupont State Forest and Hooker Falls was my first stop on Saturday. I was hoping for just a cloudy day...but geez it was raining steadily the whole time at this stop. Many of the maple leaves had already fallen, but there was still enough yellows and reds for my liking.

I took this image last fall while on vacation. I processed one with almost the same composition but never processed this one. Looking forward to fall in the mountains.

Triple Falls

DuPont State Forrest

1400 Staton Rd.

Cedar Mountain

Transylvania County, NC 28718


Triple Falls flows on the Little River Through the Dupont State Forrest. Triple Falls has three distinct cascades totaling about 120 feet in vertical drop. Scenes from The hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans were filmed here.


The 10,473-acre forest is managed by the NC Forest Service. The forest contains four major waterfalls on the Little River, five lakes, and 82 miles of trails and roads.

Information from the DuPont State Recreational Forest brochure.

We crossed this bridge when we came to it. Oops, Sorry. This was on a hike we did to Bridal Veil Falls in Dupont State Forest near Hendersonville, NC.


I've been taking infrared photographs for more than 13 years, with a total of 3 different cameras. It's much easier to take infrared images digitally that it was in the film days. If you like this look, I have an album of infrared photographs, creatively named Infrared.


Other pictures that I've taken over the years in North Carolina are in my cleverly titled North Carolina album.


Close-up of High Falls, One of 6 waterfalls located in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina. 125ft in height.

Taken at the Base of High Falls in the Dupont State Forest near Brevard, NC

Two fall colors abstracts, all SOOC:

Top photo: I manually zoomed in while I was exposing for 30 seconds.

Bottom photo: Reflection in a puddle.


The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity

At the base of High Falls ( the lower right hand corner of the picture in the comment below ) in North Carolina.

As the title says this is the bottom section of Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest in NC.

Barn looking trail leading to High Falls and other trails in the area including Triple Falls and Hooker Falls.

Two of the Three drops of Triple Falls in Transylvania County, North Carolina.

This section of cascades on the Little River in Dupont State Forest is one of my favorites to visit. It is a beautiful setting and something about the flow of the cascades really display nature's artistic abilities. It is also a favorite place of mine because it is very easy to access and there is never anyone else there, even on days when Dupont is crowded.


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The sun started peeking through the trees as the best morning light left us... This is the middle section of Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest.

In preparation for a field trip to DuPont State Forest (Transylvania County, North Carolina) later in the week with some out-of-state friends, I decided to go up there to scout out the area, a bit. I ended up finding a good variety of wildflowers to photograph -- some of which had already finished blooming in South Carolina.


For a report on this field trip, please check out Jim's Blog.

I took this on my first visit to Hooker Falls this autumn. The sun was just coming up over the falls, backlighting the fall foliage above the falls. I came back a few days later before the sun came up to get a few shots with more even lighting.

Photo taken in DuPont State Forest, NC at Hooker Falls.

High Falls in DuPont State Forest in Cedar Mountain North Carolina drops 120 feet down an inclined plane of granite.

This was my second visit to Hooker Falls this past autumn. I made sure I got there well before the sun rose over the falls this time....and before the crowds showed up.

This is the second encounter I have had with a Heron while visiting Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest. The first time it happened he was right at the base of Triple falls but unfortunately it was virtually dark outside and I didn't have the right lens on...there just wasn't enough light to capture anything good.


This time I was at the top of Triple falls when my wife noticed him again right at the base of the falls. I scrambled down to the base of the falls as fast as I could without breaking something but unfortunately he had already started moving down river. I was still excited to keep him in my sights and have enough light to get a good shot. I really wanted to capture him with a long exposure to get a sense of movement in the water. It took a lot of shots but my patience paid off. This isn't the shot I had envisioned but I still like it. I like that his body is still but his right leg is moving. There is always next time!


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High Falls

Little River

DuPont State Forest

Brevard, North Carolina


5 Image HDR


One of the falls I wanted to knock off my list to visit in the Brevard area was High Falls. Located in DuPont State Forest this enormous 100 + ft. tall cascade is on the Little River, I had been near this falls twice when I had visited the falls downstream but the first time I didn't know it was there and the second hard light discouraged the trek. I almost didn't make it this time as a steady all day rain had put a damper on our day and it was nearing dark but after some coaxing of my good friend Jeff Burcher, aka Von Shawn on Flickr, he decided he would go and we'd take the easy hike and not visit the base. Man, was it worth it, and thanks for driving Jeff!

Hooker Falls in DuPont State Forest near Brevard NC.


© 2012 Jennifer Allen Photography, All Rights Reserved.

One of many beautiful waterfalls in Dupont State Forest. This waterfall was seen in the movie "Last of the Mohicans" as the falls the characters go over in canoes.


5 shot exposure fusion with Photomatix Light. Dupont State Forest ~ Transylvania County, NC. I took this picture yesterday ~ the sky was gorgeous & the colors were amazing :)

Triple Falls in Transylvania County, North Carolina. It drops 125 feet and has 3 distinct drops, which are difficult to get into one photograph, even with an ultra wide angle lens.

DuPont State Forest near Brevard, NC -- October 14, 2011

DuPont State Forest near Brevard, NC -- October 14, 2011

Hooker Falls. Dupont State Forest. NC

Hooker Falls in Dupont State Forest on a December day

Two of the three falls at Triple Falls in the Dupont State Forest near Brevard, NC. Triple consists of three distinct cascades, totalling about 120' in vertical drop and was featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans. I wasn't able to get a great shot of all three cascades as the lighting made it almost impossible!

Lake Julia in infrared, Dupont State Forest. June 23, 3012.


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Fine Art America:

Hooker Falls

Little River

DuPont State Forest

Brevard, North Carolina

Featured in the film "Last Of The Mohicans."


Recently Flickr Friend and North Carolina resident Nate Montgomery stated that he thought Hooker Falls is the real jewel photographically compared to nearby Triple Falls and High Falls in DuPont State Forest, and I am going to have to agree with him, at least in comparison to Triple Falls, I've yet to see High Falls. Although Triple Falls is one of my all time favorite falls I've ever seen, it's difficult to get a really good photograph of it. There's something intimate about Hooker Falls, as stated by Nate, and on my second trip to this area I really understood what he was talking about. Just be sure you get there before the swimmers or go when it's cold out.

As snow melted in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina.


(near hooker falls)

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