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Wandering around Dunmow this evening looking for a picture when I came across the local tennis courts. These are very well lit by these high floodlights positioned all around the court. No one was playing this can probably tell why from those clouds ;-)

Round the back of where I live is a little lane, Star Lane, that runs up into Market Place in Great Dunmow - this is it on a miserable, rainy, grey winters day...and it still looks great!

Probably the prettiest of all the Essex villages Finchingfield is a short drive from Dunmow and I popped up or a quick 30 minute visit late afternoon today.


The intention was to do some long exposures but the clouds weren't playing ball and, just to the right are some really dirty dark clouds that rather changed the look of this scene.

We've had some lovely weather over the last couple of days and I was sure we'd have a cracking sunset this just never happened. Still, Dunmow's Doctors Pond always makes a pleasant picture.

Our Tuesday BSCC meet on this particular week was to take sunsets over The Doctors Pond in Dunmow. It didn't produce any wonderful skies for us to shoot anything remarkable but this is the shot of the old Gaol House. This spelling survives from Anglo-Norman French Gaole The gaol is located in Mark's neighbours backyard and is attached to Marks house at the front.


Salisbury Coach Park, 11th September 2013.

Wandering around Dunmow on a cold evening looking for shots, I thought the various lights in town would make a slightly different shot of the High Street, turning them into out of focus bokeh.

Debbie gave me a colour challenge of purple this evening, as I was struggling to come up with something to photograph. This was fine, except, of course, I'm colour blind!


Not to worry - it got me out of the house and I took this photo of Dunmow High Street and Market Square from Stortford Road.

One of Dunmow's BMW Traffic Cars seen leaving the station on a blue light call.

Apologies for the poor quality!

The Summer Solstice, aka the longest day, is probably not the right day to decide "tonight's the night for light painting". Sadly, I had seen, in my minds eye, the picture I wanted to make and the fact that I was only going to get an hour or so of darkness in which to take that picture was neither here nor there!


Fortunately I've been doing this photo a day lark for long enough now to know that experimental means, 9 times out of 10, no adequate picture for the daily photograph , so I took this emergency fall back picture earlier in the evening ;-) Of course, it does mean you have had a photograph of Doctor's Pond in Great Dunmow twice in two days.


By the way - can you spot the schoolboy error I made in the general tiding up of the image in Photoshop?

Processed and uploaded and have just cracked open a nice bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale.


Currently have eight images showing Essex landscapes on display in Orange Street Gallery,

Great Dunmow until the end of May - please check link below for details

One of Essex Police's gorgeous new BMW 5series Estates seen parked out the front of Gt Dunmow Police Station with all the blues on.


Many thanks to the officers and to Essex Police for arranging and allowing me to get these photos.

I took a stroll around Dunmow this evening - down to the church and then back around the recreation ground, but it was my Doctors Pond photo from right at the beginning of the walk that immediately caught my will be interesting how the other, later shots come out.

seen 25/02/13 in Grosvenor gardens London

Blue Triangles RCL2239 on Essex sunday route 363 in Great Dunmow 26/3/89

Never having paid much attention to the moon before I started photography, I was surprised to find that it moves all over the I hadn't realised that I would be able to include it in a shot of Doctors Pond from where I was shooting tonight.


I had popped out to photograph Dunmow High Street as the Christmas lights were put up today. Now, we are a very small town so I don't expect much...which is probably just as well...I didn't bother photographing them...


Not to worry - The Starr Restaurant always has a good tree and lights outside and this year is no exception, sadly, I don't like the shots I took of it - totally my fault!


So I tried the new Town Square which, rather bizarrely, is also a tree, no lights...yet. The town council did have a very nice tree and lights here last year, I'm hoping I'm just a bit early to catch them this year ;-)


So, for a change ;-) you get Doctors was freezing over and the ducks were having to stand on the ice in parts of the pond.

A beautiful windmill in Essex. Rape seed was growing and surrounding the structure. Taken just before it rained

One of Chigwell's BMW Traffic Cars seen parked at Thurrock Services during a Roads Policing operation. This was previously based out of Dunmow RPU but was switched to Chigwell when Dunmow's RPU team was moved to Braintree/Chelmsford.



© All rights reserved means just that. Copyright is asserted by and belongs to me - if you wish to use or save an image, please Flickrmail me about it.


Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart . ADL Enviro 200 .


New to Lochs Motor Transport . Leurbost , Scotland , during October-2010 .


Working to Stevenage on their recently re-gained Herts County Council Route 700 from Stansted Airport .


Dunmow Road , Bishop's Stortford , Hertfordshire .


Wednesday 15th-April-2015

One of Chigwell's BMW Traffic Cars seen parked at Thurrock Services during a Roads Policing operation. This was previously based out of Dunmow RPU but was switched to Chigwell when Dunmow's RPU team was moved to Braintree/Chelmsford.



© All rights reserved means just that. Copyright is asserted by and belongs to me - if you wish to use or save an image, please Flickrmail me about it.


I took a long walk around Great Dunmow this afternoon and ended up coming out down by the new Police Station. It's strange how few pictures of this seem to exist if you don't hear from me again I probably shouldn't have photographed it ;-)

Dennis Lancet Jonckherre. New to Youngs of Rampton

This is one shot from a series of shots I took this evening. A Request from Australia lead to a rather long walk to Bigods Farm including unexpected sunsets, peacocks and renovations... for the full story and more images

I popped out for a walk late afternoon/early evening and decided to head down to the Flitch Way in Dunmow. I've been on the Flitch Way at Little Dunmow and Little Canfield, but never in Great Dunmow. So off I set, thinking I knew exactly how to get to it...of course I didn't and ended up walking along a field edge by the A120 for some time. As luck would have it this actually joined the Flitch Way at Buttleys Lane.


The Flitch Way is on the site of the old Bishop's Stortford to Braintree railway line, long since removed in the 1950's but there is still the occasional piece of track lying around and brick bridges abound. I soon reached Dunmow Cutting - the deepest cutting on this line and now a haven to wild flowers and grasses. I was looking at the scabious' when I spotted this golden long horned moth resting. By the length of its horns it is a male.

Sunday started reasonably early for me as I had to complete my second assignment for the marketing diploma I'm currently taking. I wanted to spend the whole day at it so made sure I got out early to capture the days photograph.


It was a glorious, warm, autumn morning with just a hint of mist rising off the Chelmer and some lovely colours in the trees and bushes.

Playing with bulb setting and my cheap bulb timer we went out to play in the ice and snow this + field = stuck we got out...

Vauxhall Astra ES CDti Ecoflex .


Parked at the inter-section of Dunmow Road , Stansted Road , Hockrill , and London Road , Bishop's Stortford , Hertfordshire . Whilst an incident was occurring further up the Dunmow Road .


Monday 17th-November-2014 .

TET748S Leyland Fleetline Roe Dons at their depot at Parsonage Downs Great Dunmow Essex 19/05/1991


Any body have any other info


New to R Store (Reliance) Armthorpe Yorkshire TET748S

South Yorkshire PTE 1129

Dons Great Dunmow Essex TET748S

Goodwins Braintree Essex TET748S


The vehicle details for TET 748S are:


Date of Liability 01 07 2003

Date of First Registration 01 12 1977

Year of Manufacture 1977

Cylinder Capacity (cc) Not Available

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Heavy Oil

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour RED

Vehicle Type Approval


watermarked with

If Tilty parish church in north west Essex, near Great Dunmow, were a used car then I would suspect it of being a 'cut and shunt'. Imagine the front half of a Mercedes car has been cut off and crudely welded onto the back half of a Ford Escort. That is the impression one gets when one approaches Tilty church for the first time. to see the full set.


The parish church of St Mary the Virgin at Tilty has a magnificent soaring chancel of about 1330 AD married to a low nave with an 18th century cupola bell turret. The effect is that something from the Baroque has been mismatched with high medieval. But simple appearances are deceptive as it is the nave which is the oldest part of the church, dating to around 1220. The nave appeared first, the high chancel was added about one hundred years later. The Baroque cupola is merely an 18th century addition.


The building was never intended as a parish church at all, it is actually the chapel outside the gate of the Cistercian Abbey of Tilty. Tilty Abbey was founded in 1153 by seven brethren as a subsidiary of Warden Abbey. The nave was built first and may have served the monks as a church while their abbey church was being built. Later it served the local population who were not allowed to enter the abbey and it was dedicated to St Thomas A Becket.


The great chancel was added around 1330 and, I suspect, the nave would have been brought up to the greater scale and same architectural standard as the chancel a few years later but for the arrival of the Black Death in England in 1348. While the guidebook makes no mention of this I suspect this is what happened. The plague effectively halved the population and killed off many skilled artisans and masons. Many building projects in this period were stalled or halted by the plague.


The Abbey was eventually dissolved in the 1535 and only one section of abbey wall remains in the field behind the church today. If you follow the footpath across this field you can find the derelict 19th century watermill which replaced the monks' original one. There are also traces of water management in the surrounding landscape such as fishponds.


The chapel was adapted as a parish church towards the end of the 16th century but retains some fine memorial brasses from the early 16th century.


VU06TKV (209) Dennis Eagle Elite 2 MMW 2627 Dustcart Uttlesford District Council depot New Street Great Dunmow Essex 23/06/2011


Any body have any other info


The vehicle details for VU06 TKV are:


Date of Liability 01 07 2012

Date of First Registration 01 07 2006

Year of Manufacture 2006

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 5883CC

CO2 Emissions 0g/Km

Fuel Type Heavy Oil

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Licence Not Due

Vehicle Colour YELLOW

Vehicle Type Approval


watermarked with

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