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This was the suns last kiss goodnight for this great day.


Hope you all had a great weekend and will have a great week too.


Vona að þið hafið átt góða helgi og eigið góða viku framundan líka.

Italia: Firenze


Explore 09 / 01 / 2012

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Two chairs enjoying the sunset after al long day

been trying out 500px, if any of you are on there, add me :)

dual es el cielo,arriba y abajo.

Using minimal color variance.

Cambria, Ca.

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California


Flickr Explore 3/09/2012

Shah Alam Lake Garden - 9th October 2010 sunset. Wicked.


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I felt like I needed a step stool for this one... being a little taller would've helped with the composition :)

I managed to break yet another tripod leg following this. I was walking back to the car and slipped on a particularly treacherous slope, landing on the tripod. Thankfully, the camera/lens were okay. Glad I have a couple of spare legs in the loft.

As I was getting the incense up to heat for good smoke I got two lines lifting up so left the top off and went for the raw.

From the "film soup project". After shooting a roll, take the film out from the cartridge in a dark-room. Then sprinkle dissolved neutral-detergent all around on the film. Rewind and boil it around 5 minutes. And rinse and dry. Finally X-processing. Done! Double shots on the railway bridge, with a spritzer.

LOMO LC-A+/Lomography X-Pro100(X-Processed)/Film Soup

Série "La Défense Graphique"


Enfin, après quelques semaines de vide photographique j'ai pu reprendre en main mon 5D Mark II, ici sur le parvis de la Défense où les travaux de la fontaine sont finis. A peine mon trépied posé que la pluie commençait à tomber. J'ai bien fait d'attendre car 15min plus tard la surface de l'eau avait retrouvé son lissage.


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Further identified

Many complex issues

Transcendental apperception

Two locations, same bridge, two tripods, straight out of camera photograph.

This is my fourth and final shot from July 4th outing at the Stone Arch Bridge, shooting with zman Z28, the previous three are below.

This was found in the loft space of an abandoned convent in Belgium.

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Trying different things at the moment to spice up my picture taking so bought myself a fish tank to do some watery photography.

Here is the fruits of my labour lol.

This involved 3 flashguns, 2 either side of the fish tank and one from above.

I have my thinking cap on so trying to come up with some new ideas, when I get some pics I'll try and post them :-)


Finally an almost authentic Female Kimono well Yukata anyway but close enough. I have to make a new character now and follower .

A pair of "dual-flag" 40's drill the West end of Westfort yard building an empty grain train for the West.

Plano Balloon Fest - 2012

We push the passion to deliberately fall for shiny colors

This is a true case in a garden full of blossomed flowers

It’s a well known compensation to fulfill an empty heart

Precisely for Romeo to hit Juliet in the center with a dart


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3 raw with multiple exposures


Location: Mabul Island,Sabah



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