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Screenshots for my tutorial of the ds106valentine assignment.

The things we do to get a doll to treat us nicely...

So many relationship struggle with the most important key to having a strong relationship: trust. Trust is the golden key that you need to have. So many relationships end with one of the individuals in the relationship having a little secret that they cant tell the other person. Cheating breaks the relationship right then and there. SAY NO AND WALK AWAY! YOU LOVE SOMEONE ELSE!


Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge


The Challenge!


I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and stumbled across a postcard pack labeled “Unbridled Passion” by Franco Accornero. It’s a collection of 30 different postcards from an artist who has painted more than 5,000 romance novel covers (as well as westerns, thrillers and sci-fi books). The postcards are really ridiculous on their own, but I thought for this Valentine’s day I would make them even funnier but adding my own captions.


That’s where the 2012 Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge for #ds106 comes into play: I challenge you to make your own captions for these postcards! You can use any photo editor or the Aviary one built right into flickr to add the caption.


Download one blank card from my flick set and add a caption that raises the love spirit to a new level. In addition to writing it up on your blog, when you post yours to flickr include the tag ds106valentine so we can assemble them all into giant virtual card set.


Getting Started


In getting started with this challenge I clicked on her hyperlink in the assignment that took me to her flickr account with the blank postcards where you can see multiple photos of couples. You can also see other photos where other individuals put their own personal touch on things. Once you decide which photo you want to add your own caption to, you simply save the photo of your choice and then save it. Once you save it, I uploaded the photo in a new picture editor website called pixlr which was very easy to add the caption that I wanted to do!


How to add the caption to the photo


On the left and side of the screen there is a vertical tab filled will all kinds of icons called tools. Near the bottom of that tab there is an icon with the letter “A”. I clicked that icon and picked the spot where I wanted my caption to be on the picture. A text box will show up and you simply type what you want to say and you can change the text size and the text font in that same box that will appear when you type the test that you want to place on the photo.


Why did I do what I did?

That’s simple! Out of all the postcards choices this one stood out to me. So many relationships go through ups and downs. Hands down. Nothing is ever perfect. Don’t get me wrong some relationships can be pretty close to perfect but every individual on this planet goes through a time where they hide a secret from their loved one. This picture caught my eye and my brain and heart drew to the assumption that this girl had a secret that she was determined to hide from her boyfriend. Our society today is so hard to trust. You need trust in a relationship to have a relationship. Sadly you have to trust that one person that you truly love and trust that they love you as much as you love them.


So many people can pull off an amazing poker face it is unbelievable. This picture was really great to do and I’m so glad I chose this challenge because I can relate to it and I feel like everyone else can to.


All you can do is trust and continue loving who you love.


Screenshots for my tutorial of the ds106valentine assignment.

A quick play for the #ds106 valentines assignment... This dude adores clothes more than his gal--and she knows it.


From the set by @cali4beach goal was to quickly add a caption to one of these timeless precious images (blecchhh)

Nurse Ratched and McMurphy had one listen to Usher's "Twork it Out" over the asylum PA, and things forever changed.

While searching Franco Accornero's work, I discovered he had painted the cover of a book I read a few years ago, Sherlock Holmes's War of the Worlds. So, to keep up some ds106 allusions, note that this is headless. Also, for Valentines, references to another book, Stranger in a Strange Land, where Valentine Michael Smith from Mars brings a religion of sharing water and free love.


How many more allusions can you find? It's fun to count them all!

I kind of cheated. I was searching for more Cali4beach drawings on the google and this came up. Who could resist it?

Screenshots for my tutorial of the ds106valentine assignment.

valentines day blitz in class assignment


Screenshots for my tutorial of the ds106valentine assignment.