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Extra challenge in ds106

Can you find Ronald?

OK, I did not go out... but I think Dexter the Husky can be a model to illustrate the emotional dimension of this sad story...

For The Daily Create tdc2029, we were asked to create a mystic bridge. Here's mine.

ds106 assignment "Junk Mail art" (

Grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, colour over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art, damn it!

Today's ds106 Daily Create:


"Create a Ghostly Portrait of Someone Who Is Participating in ds106"


He roams the Scottish woods and casts glitchiness your way when you are not looking.


Started with the lovely photo taken by John Johnston


and my own photo of John when we walked together at Loch Katrine


In Photoshop I did some filters- maybe Chrome, Find Edges, then doubled the layer and used 2 different layer styles.


I then opened the forest image in BBEdit and just chnaged a few characters and it became a chromatic mess, so I took the whole glitch, overlaid it, and subtracted out similar colors and the left section on a jagged selection.



At the Saturday night ds106 radio Jam at the Sanctuary, in East Vancouver

(formerly titled: BEST PICTURE EVER)

I grew up with wheels on my feet... and I dabbled in a little speedskating. Didn't last long because the local team broke up. I wish they didn't, otherwise I'd still be doing it I bet.


This was shot for The Daily Shoot's daily challenge which was, "#ds106: During the Olympics, we saw many images of sports. Make your own photo of a sports activity, gear, or spirit today. "


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world in a nut shell

Miles was my model for today's #ds106 dailyshoot, and I promise none of my children were harmed in the making of this static image.



ds106 assignment "Your favourite moment in the past week."


One of my favorite moments in the past week was when I thougt that I would like doing some glitch art with a traditional medium.

My favorite moment this week may be that this ds106 dailycreate gave me the motivation to create the Traditional Glitch and share it with some friends :)

This one is not fully traditional because I used a zigzag filter on the original, which only consists of straight lines.

January 4, 2013: Today's Daily Create assignment is:

Creatively app up a silhouette photograph.


Had lots of fun playing with Gimp! Can't even count how many filters/effects I tried on the two layers. Major ones were "color to alpha" for mimosa and then "colorify" to outline in deep blue. Hubble received "oilify" and "Gaussian blur."

Daily Create Assignment #20 -


"Take a photo where movement of the camera creates an interesting blur effect"


Saturday mornings include grocery shopping in our household, so while in the breakfast and snack aisle I took a shot of the fruit snack shelves while wildly swinging my phone back and forth. Probably not the best idea in the world to do with my phone, but I love the results!

Processed with VSCO with preset

they'd know how to label it better at least. pretty sure this ISN'T mixed media unless the media being mixed is my dog and a bunch of weeds. (/o\ )''

Make a magical mosaic mask.


I first drew the mask and when editing the photo of the drawing I applied some effects. Now it is neither digital nor analog.

I shot this picture with my arms fully extended and the camera facing down so I wasn't able to see in the viewfinder. Amazingly, I got it almost perfectly centered! (it was only slightly cropped before processing)


UPDATE: This photo has been added to the The Daily Create TDC214 group ( "Take a creative photo without aiming in the viewfinder".


Original filename: D7000_5993_20120808_dng-1

Reply to Serenae's image.


His beard isn't right but then again Jim is not quite right so it all evens out.

oddly, she's surrounded by people just out of crop

Interesting blue eyes (and toothy smile) of this llama pup at the Fossil Creek Ranch

Woxy enters system and room

by breaking the silence and the crystal.

He did not ask to do so and gets the answer

when Serena’s view gets out of view for his clumsiness,

they were lost and loose in the dark.


I did the text for a ds106 assignment:

Write a few zeugmas, perhaps as a poetry.


I found it interesting to take an image of a statue, edit it and add the text to also share it here. Assignment #593 "Make a photograph today that features the sky."

For this daily assignment ( I was to take a picture of the golden hour: The hour before a sunset. I took this picture from my house and tried to frame it with the trees!


The Digital Museum of Very Small Objects


April 10, 2014


Create an image of Very Small Object that is suitable for a new exhibit at the Museum of Very Small Objects.

A ds106 dailycreate.


working on my deep titles Assignment # 598 "Make a photograph of something very green. Don't settle for vaguely green. Go for saturation."


Photo taken in my backyard with my iPhone, then edited in Color Splash App.

Daily Create #500 "This is Daily Create Number 500! Photograph something to represent this milestone." -


I found the lilac bush by the garage completely naked the other day. Powerful storms the night before had torn and blown every blossom from the branches. I took this while zipping my camera furiously in all directions, trying to mimic what it might have looked like during the night, the blossoms falling to the ground.

Newly cut railroad ties are stacked in Orange, VA waiting to be transported by rail to a treatment plant.

June 26, 2011

Make a monochrome photograph today. Keep in mind that monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white.

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