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Photo by me, conversion to colorized ASCII art through

For The Daily Create tdc2029, we were asked to create a mystic bridge. Here's mine.

Photograph the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning. A ds106 dailycreate:


My old plain teapot

is now broken pottery and I had to buy a new one. I thought I am old enough to allow me a teapot with flowers and birds on it.


ds106 assignment "Junk Mail art" (

Grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, colour over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art, damn it!


What’s Your Flag?

If you owned a country, what would your flag look like? Draw a flag for The Country of Me. ds106 dailycreate tdc1038


To create this I used the Fresh Paint app for the background, a sailing ship from the app Little Artist and then I combined it all in Photoshop.

Image made for The Daily Create tdc1988 using fotogenerator and some additional layering and adjustments in GIMP.

ds106 assignment "Your favourite moment in the past week."


One of my favorite moments in the past week was when I thougt that I would like doing some glitch art with a traditional medium.

My favorite moment this week may be that this ds106 dailycreate gave me the motivation to create the Traditional Glitch and share it with some friends :)

This one is not fully traditional because I used a zigzag filter on the original, which only consists of straight lines.

they'd know how to label it better at least. pretty sure this ISN'T mixed media unless the media being mixed is my dog and a bunch of weeds. (/o\ )''

Bright Lights, Big City

ds106 dailycreate tdc776

Make a photograph today that illustrates attraction. Pick whatever definition of the word you'd like.

one of our dvd shelves - couldn't resist doing it after seeing Jim's shelf


for the ds106 ds596 daily shoot too - linear


uploaded large to help reading

This expresses "loud" to me.

Every day in darkness I walk this path.


What comes to mind? The book? A breeze? Take a photo of whatever this phrase inspires you to do.

ds106 dailycreate 793


With the phrase I associate nice noise more than a picture, which is why I took a photograph of what makes nice noise.


In honor of ds106 radio and thinking ahead to our session at Northern Voice 2011, this retro mic was suggested as a prop-- it is pretty much a plastic piece of junk- it does record audio, with noise, and it wont work at all streaming with Nicecast. But it does have a light on top.

Miles was my model for today's #ds106 dailyshoot, and I promise none of my children were harmed in the making of this static image.



Make a shoefie. ds106 dailycreate tdc1047

(This is not for Howard, but just for me and my ds106 and flickr friends.)


I had to buy new winter boots. This way I am in the lucky position to decorate one of my old shoes. I would like to go out with them, (it does not matter so much in Berlin), but I am sooooooo careful to appear normal, just like most people.

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