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Tennant Hyx as The Doctor

Kristy Seerose as Amy Pond

Prue Genira as Isis Apple- Time Lord


Photo by Ponyo Kozlov

The frontpiece and the link to my deviantart page

The Dr.Who Experience, Cardiff In March 2015.

There's no point in being grown up, if you can't be childish sometimes ~ Dr. Who

Classic 1970s Dalek from TV show Doctor Who - made from 100% real LEGO parts

Lets see the old Doctor Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey his way out of this fix... :P

I have a new toy!


I've always been a huge Dr Who fan. There are a few duff moments here and there. Some of the cheapest looking aliens you will ever see! But......


I remember seeing the part in the classic series, when the Autons come to life in the shop window. I'm always freaked out by shop mannequins now!


I tried a focusing technique here to give the image almost a 3D quality. Foreground and background interest out of focus and the object in between in sharp focus. I think it's made the Auton on the right more scary looking too!


One final true classic Dr Who style, that is a colander in the background. Look at some of the old Dalek stories. Their spaceships looked like saucepan lids!

Classic 1970s Daleks from TV show Doctor Who in LEGO - 100% LEGO parts

I like how I was able to make the eyestalk and arms move up and down in addition to the rotating head.

When the good Doctor is running you better run in the same direction. Whatever he is running from is most likely not somebody or something good.

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