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This shot was taken on my drive to Bumping Lake in the Wenatchee National Forest.


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Have so many of these, hope everybody is doing great!



After driving to the same job for fifteen years, I often times wonder what my route to work would look like thru the lens of my camera. That is what compelled me to stop and see this scene on my way to work. The beautiful effect that the snow had on the Preserve that I drive by daily.

drive by photography

street lights

power lines



many layers of textures.

Really busy with school & work right now but I really appreciate all your thoughts and comments!

Drive Series.

Spirit Lake Memorial Highway, Washington.

A place to drive and enjoy the Fall colors in West Virginia.

Shot through the car window as we were driving.


Larger View

drive by shooting

add this to German engineering and.... why I love going for a DRIVE...

who's gonna tell you when

it's too late

who's gonna tell you things

aren't so great

you can't go on

thinking nothing's wrong

who's gonna drive you home tonight


The Cars

The colors you get in the high country are like the painted floors of the desert that I love so much. I did not drive thru this fence, I stopped and took it all in.


Happy Fence Friday everyone and a good weekend ahead.

Driving slowly in the gathering dark -- but I was the driver (One Way and 15mph speed limit), so it's a miracle that anything came out at all.


On a 1.000 klm journey across Africa on-route to Namibia. Started from Port Elizabeth and stopped overnight in Upington. this was the drive of my life, absolutely mind-blowing scenery and such varied culture. Hoping to make Fish River Canyon, Namibia tomorrow and camping down for 3 or 4 days before heading further north.

The only bummer is this terribly slow internet, apologies to all my Flickr friends, I will catch up!

Road To Lake Tahoe, CA


Kids, don't try I took a lot shots while driving my friend's SUV and I saw an opportunity I could not pass up.


View On Black

I was driving from Virginia to Florida for our summer vacation... it was a tough and rough 14 hours driving through the night. This image was taken at a rest stop after driving through the night. As I was getting back to my car from the rest room, I noticed this grass bush filled with rain drops from the night before.... I knew I had to grab my camera from my car and took a few snaps... People leaving the restroom probably wondered what the hell I was doing there, hovering over this bush :) Hope everyone's summer been a good one. I will catch up with your streams soon! Still recovering from the drive :)

I drive by this abandoned house often.

I shot myself here in February:)



Happy Birthday to "Cisco Kid". This is a collab with the man himself from a photo he gifted us for a challenge!! (from the inside of my car)


I'd drive in for his birthday!

My driving gloves waiting to be picked up.

this is the back gate behind the driving range at center parcs sherwood.


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Hairy woodpecker find his own Golden Arch drive-thru window (OK, it's an angle). He flys in, grabs a chunk of suet, and is off very quickly. He's lovin it!

Driving late one afternoon, I was heading home when this occurred. I stopped on the side of the road to remember this scene, and decided to pop a quick couple of shots.

if a million miles were between us,

i'd want you to know -

if i had to drive all day,

take that flight,

across this ocean,

i'm coming home tonight

don't let it play on your mind

'cause my devotion is for all time.


- Westlife.


i just wanna thank everyone for their concern about my dad<3


when the years add up,

and you find yourself

suddenly driving way too fast ---

well there's a legend it seems,

about an angel who appears

to slow you down from aging ---

and softly there to remind you,

that man you're only dreaming.

More 2 is better than 1. These are from driving around the one on the right is from when we went to patagonia lake and the one on the left is the sun thru a palm tree.


Have a great day!

See?" he said, with an unholy amount of glee. "I hardly broke any laws at all. I should drive more often."

"No. Trust me, you shouldn't," Eve said. "Think of all the little old people and the children.

- Rachel Caine, Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires, #10)


This one's for my baby who got her driving license yesterday :)))

A rite of passage for us here

Its quite the Big Deal :))

Actually a great driver, she was gunning for 0 mistakes on her test, but ended up with 2 ;))

I think thats pretty kick-ass, if you ask me :)

Even the guy who took her for the drive wrote "Great Drive!!" on her test

That's my over-achiever for ya!

Now she wants to drive to the beach :/ and I said, "NO!!" so someone is not very happy LOL


Have yourselves an awesome day, and don't be shy to say, "No!"

I do it all the time ;)


Thank you for stopping by


ps: this was taken on the last day of my SFO trip.

It was raining cats and dogs.



Driving into the clouds...Oregon.

I'l be away for the next week or so -a short holiday....with luck I'll return rejuvinated and with lots of new photos :-)


Many flypaper textures were used in the production of this! A long recipe and before after are now on the Flypaper blog.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone!

Drive angry


Model : Phuong Oanh

Location : Dist. 2, Saigon


AF 85mm 1.4D @ f1.4


On teams : VTCH, Jethuynh, Rybub, Kenny Ng, Kenny Ga


Saigon, Vietnam 2011

*tự dưng lại nghe lại đoạn dạo bài Drive* xoắn ! :(

Happy New Year! Drive safely

A surrealistic approach of driving a boat

Driving on sky


Ong Lon Bridge

Trung Son, Saigon


AF 85mm 1.4D @f5.6


Saigon, Vietnam 2011

More Vivid drive home picture

Strada Statale Romea - Chioggia (VE)

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