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Mallard Drake in Flight by Jim McCree
From Jim McCree

Mr Mallard on the west  coast by RRG .CA
From RRG .CA

Drake mallard coming to land by www.ryanaskren.com
From www.ryanaskren.com

Where are the girls? by Vie Lipowski
From Vie Lipowski

Mandarin Duck (Explored 10/26) by birdsforlife
From birdsforlife

Fluttering Wings by janruss
From janruss

Almost a Daily Routine by ozoni11
From ozoni11

Drake by Bill's photo's *
From Bill's photo's *

Duck! by CritterQueen
From CritterQueen

Biiiiggg Streeetttcchhh by parttimedogfish
From parttimedogfish

Fall Drake Mallard! by JRIDLEY1

The beautiful Mallard by Amy V. Miller
From Amy V. Miller

patiently waiting... by ஐ♥S๑mmeя βяeeZe♥ஐ
From ஐ♥S๑mmeя βяeeZe♥ஐ

Mallard by Steven Lively
From Steven Lively

Mallards In Flight II by The Torch
From The Torch

GET OFF by Recycled Teenager (NORFOLK IMAGES)
From Recycled Teenager (NORFOLK IMAGES)

On Reflection... by law_keven
From law_keven

I think this is my best side by Linda Cronin
From Linda Cronin

Duck and feather by Mark_Coates
From Mark_Coates

pretty woman by romorga
From romorga

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