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What big eyes you have grandma!

Palpopleura sexmaculata otomaculata (male)

Black-tailed Marsh Dart | Ceriagrion fallax female

ceriagrion coromandelianum - damsel fly

Anisopleura sp | Anisopleura lestoides

ID Credit: David Raju


Black-tailed marsh dart (Ceriagrion fallax)

fulvous forest skimmer dragonfly in silent valley national park, kerala, southern India

Anotogaster sp.

(possibly Anotogaster nipalensis)

ID: Saurab Sawant

Aambyvalley Rd.,off Lonavala,Mah.,India


Indigo Dropwing

Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2010


Common Picturewing (Rhyothemis variegata)



Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


also known as:Emerald-banded Skimmer

Crimson Marsh Glider (Trithemis aurora)

Ditch Jewel (Brachythemis contaminata)



Ambyvalley rd(Duttawadi rd.,Kurvande),Lonavala,Mah.,India

Ambyvalley rd(Duttawadi rd.,Kurvande),Lonavala,Mah.,India


seen to perch high up on the trees.

Shot at Bannerghatta National Park

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