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Aambyvalley Rd.,off Lonavala,Mah.,India


Indigo Dropwing

What big eyes you have grandma!

Palpopleura sexmaculata otomaculata (male)

Aambyvalley RD.,OFF Lonavala,Mah.,India


difficult to Id......may also be C. coromandelianum. ..

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


may now be G.millardi a separate species and not synonym of G. bayadera

Status:Rare maybe because this is a crepuscular species and so rarely sighted....found at high noon in a ditch ,may be exhausted or disoriented can't say though twitching a bit....also known to be attracted to light.First record of this species by Fraser in 1920 at Poona.

additional photo below.

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


Indothemis carnatica is rather poorly known, but appears to be a very scarce and local species. It is difficult to assess this species, but currently only a few locations are known, qualifying the species for Near Threatened status as it comes close to Vulnerable under criterion D2.-IUCN Red List


additional image below

AAmbyvalley Rd.,Off Lonavala,Mah.,India


globally near threatened source:IUCN Red List

on my wall


additional image below.

Ruddy Marsh Skimmer (Crocothemis servilia)

yes... very ordinary composition !!!

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


Full Migrant ....returning from Africa and the one leaving for Africa see comments

fulvous forest skimmer dragonfly in silent valley national park, kerala, southern India

ceriagrion coromandelianum - damsel fly

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


also known as:Emerald-banded Skimmer

Black-tailed marsh dart (Ceriagrion fallax)

Anotogaster sp.

(possibly Anotogaster nipalensis)

ID: Saurab Sawant

Anisopleura sp | Anisopleura lestoides

ID Credit: David Raju


Palpopleura sexmaculata (male)

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


Tropical Bluetail

Marsh Bluetail

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


see comments for more

Black-tailed Marsh Dart | Ceriagrion fallax female

Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


do Dragonflies come to light?

the evidence is scarce and sketchy.It was the only time I saw a

dragonfly come to light on a windy,rainy night only to vanish

after some time.So where was

the chap headed?The answer

may lie here seems he was distracted by the light on his journey of 14000 km. back and forth over the Indian Ocean from south india to Africa.

see comments

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