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For me is amazing to photograph tiny insects like the dragonflies. Incredible acrobats and they don seem to mind being photograph at all. The down part of photographing these guys is that you have to get into the skirts of lakes or rivers to get close to them, and by doing that get dirty, but their photos are amazing!


To learn more about them:


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Photography is my passion, and nature photography is my favorite.


I have been in Explore for more that a hundred times, and it is an awesome experience to have your photos showcased in such a special way.


I'm in many groups, and I only add my photos to them if they are not private.


I thank your for coming today, for leaving a comment, and make a favorite of yours this photo, (if that is the case) thanks again!


The best part of this forum is the contacts and friends that I have made over the years, that have the same passion for this art that is called photography!




There wern't many butterflies at the gardens for some reason but there were plenty of dragonflies.


This little guy was drinking in the morning sunlight when I first arrived.

Dragonflies just dont sit still for very long.

Besides all the great birds that were attracted to the feeders and flowers at the Harrison's house, dragonflies ocassionally landed on the flowers. The 500 made for a decent "macro" lens as well.


Cerro Azul, Panama. February 2017

Salinas da Figueira da Foz


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dragonfly, libellule, cette libellule mesure un peux plus de 8 cm

this dragonfly can measure a greater than 8 cm, Par

Dragonfly hanging on a wire rod. Please view large.

Blue Dasher - Pachydiplax longipennis



Dragonfly’s eyes have about 30,000 lenses and have a full 360-degree field of vision, but they don’t see details very well. A human eye only has one lens and sees better than a dragonfly, but only to the front and side.

Dragonflies - Libelle


The dragonflies (Odonata) form an order within the class of insects (Insecta). Of the 5680 known species (as of 2008) [1] in Central Europe occur about 85. The wingspan of the animals is in general between 20 and 110 mm, the type Megaloprepus coerulatus (Zygoptera, Pseudostigmatidae, so a "small" dragonfly), however, can even reach a maximum span of 190 mm.


Die Libellen (Odonata) bilden eine Ordnung innerhalb der Klasse der Insekten (Insecta). Von den 5680 bekannten Arten (Stand: 2008)[1] treten in Mitteleuropa etwa 85 auf. Die Flügelspannweite der Tiere beträgt in der Regel zwischen 20 und 110 mm, die Art Megaloprepus coerulatus (Zygoptera, Pseudostigmatidae; also eine „Klein“libelle) kann allerdings sogar eine maximale Spannweite von 190 mm erreichen.

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The insect family Aeshnidae comprises the hawkers (or darners in North America). They are the largest dragonflies found in North America and Europe and are among the largest dragonflies on the planet. This family represents also the fastest flying dragonflies of the order of the dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata).

Orthetrum caledonicum at Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.

Local: pousada de meu amigo Ricardo Bassi - Águas Santas - Foto extraída de meus arquivos.


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On a pond in Philadelphia

Dragonflies are out in force! Loved the vibrant orange on this one.

A few shots taken at Senegambia Hotel Garden - Kololi - The Gambia


A great week in the excellent company of my friends Ana Silva and Isidro Vila Verde.

Dragonfly sounds so cool, but no idea what kind of species this dragon is

The last 3 pics of this dragonfly

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Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80)

Aperture: f/9

Focal Length: 300 mm

ISO Speed: 100

Exposure Bias: -7/10 EV


So far the dragonflies have been passing by our garden, so this is the first one that was friendly enough to pose for me.

Another picture of dragonfly to add into my collection.

Common darter dragonfly

OLYMPUS PL3+Vivitar55mm. F2.8 -

Dragonfly shot with my 80-400 zoom.