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This is a 3-image composite I put together for Down Under Challenge No. 838, using Sir Frog's challenge image (see it in comments). The crow and the clouds are mine.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum


Down Under Challenge

Challenge #1020


created for: Duc Challenge 683


Original photo by: Romair

texture by Pareeerica

Texture by:Cathairstudios


created for: DUC challenge 712

Original photo by: Doxieone

chicken photo by:Sammydavisdog

texture by JoesSistah...


Make It Interesting ~ Challenge #3 (Field)


DUC #604


The Rainbow Works September Texture Challenge


With thanks to.....

Starter image ~ ~Brenda-Starr~

Model ~ Faestock

Tree ~ Rubyblossom

Textures ~ Neighya & Skeletal Mess

Bird Brushes ~ Shadowhouse Creations


Tree cut out using ClaraDon's awesome tutorial HERE




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====================================================================== see the bears! Created for the Down Under Challenge Group using my own original image shown here.

This is for

DUC #257


Original image by – Dan Rhett

Textures ~ Ghostbones via Telzey & Tanakawho

Model ~ Intergalacticstock

Crows ~ Daxagon


Front Page Explore ~ May 4th, 2009


This is a composite I put together in PSE 11 for Down Under Challenge #669.


Thanks goes to Frank Bernard for the challenge image of the bird (see below).


I got the fire hydrant from Puckett Pages Free Stock Images , which I found through Google Images.


Happy Sliders Sunday!


This is a manipulated photo for the Down Under Challenge Group See the other entries Here

We are new to the Down Under Challenge and don't own Photoshop, so we played with this in UltraFractal. I hope we didn't violate the spirit of DUC...

For Down Under Challenge #777/a>, with thanks to Ochileer for his challenge image (see it in the 1st comment below).


Also for Sliders Sunday.

created for DUC 347

original photo by iamdogsmom

texture and background by clive sax

man model by FOTOLIA free downloads

Image art created for Down Under Challenge 1020


With thanks to Cindy Mc for the enchanted forest


Dorothy and friends from

Created for photoshop contest week 385: root

Created ford 610


EXPLORE Worthy, Playing with Textures #48 (featuring Pareeerica) (Art from 2012)


Featured texture with thanks, from Pareeerica


Processed in Topaz Simplify and PSE 11 for Down Under Challenge #898, using my original challenge image, which can be seen in the first comment below, along with another version of the bench.

010408 photomanipulation done for a 'just for fun' contest site/group

for flickr group DOWNUNDER CHALLENGE #121



created for:DUC challenge 565

original photo by:Romair

texture by pareeerica

texture by CARLOS ARANA

photos the Google and FOTOLIA free downloads

created for:DUC 609

Original photo by:Simply Sharon

texture by SkeletalMess

background by FOTOLIA free dowloads

texture by CARLOS ARANA

rat photo by:Nickixstock

Thanks to: COREL DROW software

This is for DUC #278


With thanks to….

Original image ~ Romair

Model ~ Lockstock


created for: DUC challenge 673

Original photo by: Sir Frog

texture by JoesSistah

texture by CARLOS ARANA

Texture by: SkeletalMess


Created for Down Under Challenge #521 from an orinal by manyone1 .

For other entries click here.

For Down Under Challenge No. 864, using Sir Frog's challenge image (see it in comments). The river water is from a shot my wife Sammy took of the Yosemite River several years ago.

created for: DUC Challenge 830

Original photo by:Roger Johnson

texture by JoesSistah...

texture by Carlos Arana

Thank to FOTOLIA free Downloads

created for: DUC challenge 852

Original photo by: Gill Steenvoorde

texture by JoesSistah...

male model by: :Oddsock

background by: UOL

created for: DUC challenge 726


Created for the WPC Week 272 and

created for: by Ruby's treasures

background by Rubyblossom

original photo by Rubyblossom

old barn photo by Swainboat

tree photo by Frozen wallpaper

wheelbarrow photo by Sammydavisdog

texture by Termin8er

birds photo by FOTOLIA free downloads

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