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A quick snap of downtown Columbus... there was a quick impromptu Flickr meet up, I took only five photos, this was the only one I was somewhat okay with... If I wouldn't have rushed it I would have walked down further and gotten a better angle, oh well... next time. I think this photo is best viewed large.


I haven't shot that much for just recreationally as I've been busy with other stuff in life and shooting for a couple of weddings, and other client projects. I need to get out more and just shoot for the fun of it.


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Downtown from alki beach

Explore on March 4,2009

Supermoon over downtown Montreal.

Downtown Manhattan - I know it's cliche, but I don't see many/if any NYC skyline photos with this perspective. For this shot I applied a B&W Kodak film filter to give it an old-world feel. I am not sure why but every time I look at the NYC skyline, I get a sense of nostalgia..

This is People’s Bank HQ in Downtown Bridgeport. I always wanted to shoot this in long exposure and finally found the perfect day in the way the clouds were moving. View it in lightbox

Canon 16-35mm


Only processing was an S curve added in CS4 to give that extra pop.


I thought it was the perfect day choosing a Sunday and no crowds of people until I had a run in with a Security Guard from People’s. He told me I cannot take a photo of the building or where I was standing at the curb on the sidewalk I wasn't allowed to shoot. I inform him of my rights and that he is wrong. He said the President of the bank doesn’t want anyone taking pictures of the bank. He continued to argue with me that I’m wrong and since 9/11 you can’t take photos without permission. I told him, I’m not moving and to call Bridgeport PD. The Police never showed up. I’m involved in Law Enforcement and know the rights of a photographer. If I was shooting on their property they have the right to tell me not to shoot there, but on the sidewalk you have that right and if the building is not copyrighted you have that right. He also told me I couldn’t shoot the Barnum Museum as well, since that is part of the Banks Property. Again, he was wrong in that as well.

Here is a link to your rights as a Photographer in the U.S.



Explore # 466, 01/10/2009


Street lamp on the esplanade, downtown toronto, at 4.30pm on wednesday. One more week will bring us to the shortest day and the days will start to get longer. Winter seems far less daunting when you think on that fact !

explore #179. Thanks everyone for your very generous response. It's greatly appreciated.

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Once a mill town, now a distant memory. Time has led this area to become mainly urban residential. The waters here used to generate power to a number of large mills. On this quiet February afternoon, the Winnipesaukee River flows through downtown Laconia without much fanfare. The endless flow of water reminds us that time does not stand still.

In Los Angeles for Christmas at my sister's, I managed to get out one night for photos. I headed downtown to the 4th street bridge for this classic LA scene. This shot is so popular there are holes worn into the sidewalk from the positioning of tripod legs. Sunday night before Christmas and there are two other photographers besides me hanging out on this overpass. That's a bit nuts.


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Downtown Skagway


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A look towards downtown just before sunset.

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Palms line Beach Street in downtown Daytona Beach, Florida, and are reflected in one of the small ponds in the park across from the shopping areas.

Downtown Orlando taken from Geico parking garage

My take on one of the most popular places to photograph in downtown LA, this is a re-edit of my previous shot.

One thing in particular I did with this is that when I scaled it down for web usage I used 2 different scale methods in PS, one of them preserved the stars alot better but made the buildings look really bad. and the other did the opposite so I blended them togeather.


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Downtown Columbia Missouri in Boone County by Notley Hawkins Photography. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a EF17-40mm f/4L USM lens. Processed with Adobe Lightroom 5.7.


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:copyright:Notley Hawkins

Downtown Vancouver at blue hour, taken from Stanley Park.

Imagine that. Construction in the city downtown?!?!

Ok.. so a couple things I find interesting about this particular photo...


1. somehow I managed to frame in a PHX... can ya see it? I actually noticed it as I uploaded... completely unintentional.


2. the smoke.. how strange and spirally. I never noticed it when I shot it and actually it is VERY faint.


Anyway.. this is a result of a few images and playing with them in photomatix and photoshop until it looked ok. The light in the construction are is a little blown out but I didnt want to go through all the trouble masking. Hey.. at least I am honest :)

Downtown lights reflect on the calm waters of the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida.

Department of Water & Power, John Ferraro Building, North Hope Street, Downtown Los Angeles, California


10/14 Impossible ColorSX70


'Roid Week Spring 2015 - Day 5 #1

A nice cloudy sky and sunset from downtown Albuquerque, NM.

An evening out, Downtown on The Byward Market! Loved the playfulness of the snowflakes coming down & the light mood!

Unfocus DownTown Many Textures Tucson, Arizona

Downtown Anchorage Alaska -Late November

Downtown city lights on the river city of Brisbane.

Downtown LA burning in the sunset

Downtown Columbia Missouri in Boone County by Notley Hawkins Photography. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a EF17-40mm f/4L USM lens. Processed with Adobe Lightroom 5.7.


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:copyright:Notley Hawkins

Location: Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Miami as seen from Watson Island.

Minneapolis downtown at night - taken from the 35th floor party room of the Marquette Place Apartment building - south end of the city looking north. We have been having some unseasonably warm January weather in Minnesota but it's still nice and frigid 35 stories up :O

Calgary downtown from more than 500 feet up. Pretty impressive !

Today's shot is of Downtown Disney. I have a lot of, what I like to call, "last time" shots. The reason I say this is because by the time I head back to Disney, with all the renovations, it may not look like this photo. Which leads me to today's question. Who likes all the renovations going on in WDW? Are you in favor of them and how disappointed are you when you want a particular photo and find that certain place is draped with one of those "fancy" Disney drop cloths? Please enjoy.

Photo taken from the top of the Empire State Building at sunset.

This was the first time that I was up there...I knew that it would have been crowded but there was more people then in Time Square! :p

I had to stay in the same spot for almost 30 minute to get some shots of downtown.

I managed to take this one just before people started to complain and pushing from all directions!


Learn more about this shot on my blog New York, New York-Part 2 :)


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A couple of my dolls were the center of attention for an outdoor shoot downtown today. Can't wait to show you the result of the "pro" photographer's pics, in the meantime you'll have to do with this preview.

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