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The disused former Dorman Long Coke Tower continues to dominate the south bank of the Tees below Middlesbrough and can be glimpsed from all manner of unexpected viewpoints - here between some houses from Eston's main street. Designed by Simon Carves Otto, it is number 6 in "design curial"'s top ten Brutalist Buildings.


Constructed in 1921 to commemorate the two Battles of the Marne from World War I, the Marne Dormans Memorial is located between Paris and Reims on the D980.


The First Battle of the Marne 1914 was a strategic victory, saving Paris from capture by the Germans, but saw a loss of 250,000 French (a comparable number of Germans) and 12, 733 British.


The Second Battle that the Marne Dormans Memorial commemorates in the summer of 1918 would be the last major German offensive. The French suffered a loss of 95,000 men, Germany 168,000, Britain 13,000 losses and the U.S. 12,000.


Dormans Memorial Chapel


This 171 foot high World War I memorial has three levels. The ossuary level of the memorial holds the bones of approximately 1500 unidentified soldiers.


The Dormans Memorial crypt, which opens onto the main square in front of this Gothic-inspired building, is a place of mourning. It stands for the 1,350,000 people who died during the battles here. Their names are engraved in the stone walls.

View East from Southbank Station Over Bridge

take at Banjar baru city, south borneo, indonesia


This is the former sand quarry and mine gold. This is now used as a residential but owner of this house do not want to sell the land

Spécial vapeur avec la SNCF Pacific 231K8 en route entre Reims et Paris Est passe à Dormans.

French pacific 231K8 on the return leg of the steam special Paris - Reims passes through Dormans.


(SNCF 231K8 Henschel 10851/1912)

Olympus OM2 plus 35 to 70 lens and Kodak TriX

I have to confess I enjoyed my late shift today 10th February 2018 with Big Lemon Enviro 200 YX10 FEO, seen here at the well hidden Dormans Station on the East Grinstead to Purley service.

Olympus OM2 plus 35 to 70 lens and Kodak TriX

Kenworth T909

Olympus OM2 plus 35 to 70 lens and Kodak TriX

Kenworth T909

Lost against a big sky

In 1879, John Harrison established an art pottery on the site of his Sun Brickworks, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. This room in the Dorman Museum houses a fabulous collection of his decorative ceramics, which ranged from huge jardinières to tiny salt-cellars, as well as utility items like bell-push surrounds, tiles and umbrella handles.

Kenworth T909

Olympus OM2 plus 35 to 70 lens and Kodak TriX

Kenworth T909

Fish-eye view of the 'waltzer' at Rushden Cavalcade. Even just looking at it I could feel all the loose change sliding out of my pockets...

Big English V12 diesel coupled to a 600KVA alternator

33.205 finds a brief shaft of weak sunshine as it heads away from Dormans for East Grinstead.

This plant smelled of wonderful mint and was buzzing with honeybees and bumble bees doing their pollen thing.

I have never seen a mint plant with such interesting flowers.

Growing wild alongside Dorman's Pond.

Operated by: Dorman Bus Service, Waubun, MN

Built in: ?

Manufacturer: Van Hool

Model: T940



Another Minnesota charter company I haven't spotted before, Dorman 137 seen at the Mall of America north lot in Bloomington, MN.


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Kenworth T909

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