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This guy's table looked really like dr. Frankenstein's lab ;)

You can find more on his website.


@ dorkfest, London.

Business plan:


a) people's aesthetic sense could be a good fitness function for a genetic algorithm-driven drawing program.


b) the open market could be a good gauge of people's aesthetic sense: just print the drawings, sell the prints, and assign weights according to who buys what.


c) Tom Carden suggested printing paintr-style t-shirts would be a good way to put this market idea into action.


d) ...


e) Profit!?

About a third of a self-playing instrument installation thingy which happened to be installed in the room above Dorkbot London #69 —

Raising a bit of money for OpenStreetMap the only way we know how - with classy merchandise. Limited Edition A0 prints available now!


I loved this - the paper aeroplane has a movement sensor which is linked to a sound library of airport and aircraft engine noise recordings from


When the plane is static it plays sounds of airport lounges and as soon as you pick it up the engines start. On launching the engines rev up and once the plane has landed it celebrates with a little tune welcoming you to your destination :)


This was created as part of the MAT group (Media and Arts Technology) at Queen Mary, University of London and was also part of the IDMT CruftFest


Dorkbot is "people doing strange things with electricity" and I am there as someone who delights in other people doing strange things with electricity :D


These happen all around the world, Dorkbot London pages are at and this particular one dorkbotlondon76 is at

Watching Dorkbot happen is making Dorkbot happen: Anthony/StrawberryFrog, Rudolfo Rossini, Richard, Mike Harrison aka Dr Voltage, myself, James Larsson, Tom Carden, Wojciech Kosma, Chris O'Shea, Steve Coast.


Please identify other people in comments or in email to me, and I will add their names to this caption.

I wonder what that means. "Industani Speaker on Board and Loving It" is my first guess.

At dorkmas, Slimehouse Town Hall, Limehouse, London

On the way out someone - no idea who, I'm afraid - had these nifty LEDs on their bike wheels and they were showing them off. They seemed like they'd make nice photos, so here they are.

Saul and Alex at the excellent Indian restaurant around the corner from Limehouse.

Iain Sharp (I hope I got that right, he did seem to think people had trouble) demonstrated and talked about his hat hack, a (rather warm looking) hat for festivals with build in LED displays.

At dorkmas, Slimehouse Town Hall, Limehouse, London

I was addressing a crowd of 60 "dorks" -- a challenging group of people for whom the DorkBot tagline "having fun with electricity" would be far more appropriate if it read "playing with 10,000 volts and not dying". The Q&A session at the end was pretty intensive!

The water bottle is less prominent in this picture. Maybe we should have a flickr pool of water bottles of the world, taken on speaker's podiums and tables during conferences.

Dr Voltage, Make magazine is on the line one asking for a how-to!

Rudolfo Rossini works for a company doing end-to-end encryption for GSM phones. They trust GSM about as far as they can go back in time and change the spec, so they add a layer of real encryption, not the crumbly-marzipan one that GSM boasts.

Location: Limehouse Town Hall, Limehouse, London, England

Richard presented a series of charts of the professed age of female personal ad submitters. There were huge peaks just before the ages of 30 and 40. Hehe!

Location: Limehouse Town Hall, Limehouse, London, England

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