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Created for 45th MMM Challenge


Source image with thanks to ~Brenda-Starr~

Thanks to rharrison for this image:

Thanks to A Kolli for this image:

The Drake Hotel Chicago at sunset taken from Lakeshore Drive.


This photo is provided under a creative commons share-alike license. Use freely but give attribution to The Drake Hotel Chicago , and link to

I love bar-tography. (Not to be confused with BARTography, which I also love.)

View from 31st floor of The Prince Park Tower Hotel in Shibakoen


Canon G9 - hand held against window

ZAN Hotel, Voineasa, Romania


now with free wifi internet

This windmill was built in 1892 in the province of Groningen and was used as polder draining mill. It was dismantled at this place and rebuilt by Holland-Amerkalijn. It was handed then to the Keukenhof. Totally rebuilt on 4th April 1957. In 2008, the windmill has been part of Keukenhof for 51 years


Deze molen, gebouwd in 1892 in de prov. gronigen, werd gedemonteerd , op deze plaats herbouwd en door de "Holland Amerkalijn" aan de "Keukenhof".


Where Keukenhof is situated now, was a hunting area in the 15th century. Herbs for the kitchen of the castle of Jacoba van Beieren were also collected here; hence the name Keukenhof (Kitchen Garden).


The current park was a section of the sizeable estate of Slot Teylingen, with beautiful untamed bushes and dunes. After the decease of Jacoba van Beieren Keukenhof fell into the hands of rich merchant families. Baron and baroness Van Pallandt invited landscape architects J.D. and L.P. Zocher, designers of the Amsterdam Vondelpark, to make a design for the garden around the castle. This design, in the English landscape style, has always been the basis of Keukenhof. Source:


Larger Size:


Santa Fé City. México D.F

Hotel Praktik Rambla is a low cost design boutique hotel with 3 stars, with 47 rooms, located in one of the most beautiful streets of the city centre of Barcelona, Rambla Cataluña. Completely refurbished in 2009, it maintains the flavor of the original Casa Climent Arola, a modernist jewel built at the beginning of the 19th century.

Nothing but the sound of water while enjoying a typical sunset. Mountains in the background are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The cities of Gisenyi in Rwanda and Goma in DRC are located just behind the hill on the right side.

First shot of the 2011 Canada series. It was taken in the city of Banff, right below the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.


Rolleiflex SL66 medium format camera

Carl Zeiss Rollei-HFT Planar 2.8/80 lens

Kodak Ektar 100 film

Scan from negative @4800dpi, downsized x0.5


View On Black

"The El Tovar Hotel, also known simply as El Tovar, is a former "Harvey House" situated just 20 ft (6 m) from the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The hotel was designed by Charles Whittlesey, Chief Architect for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, and was decorated by architect Mary Colter, opened in 1905 as one the chain of hotels and restaurants owned and operated by the Fred Harvey Company in conjunction with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe). It is at the northern terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway, which was formerly a branch of the Santa Fe. The hotel is one of only a handful of Harvey House facilities that are still in operation, and is an example of National Park Service Rustic architecture." Source: Wikipedia. National Historic Landmark


Arizona Passages


View from Westin Tokyo in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

This is going to sound like weird commentary, but I think that the SOOC version is technically a better image. The sky is blue. The plants don't look underwatered.


What I like about the processed version is that there's a more tangible mood to it. I worry that I don't focus enough on technical proficiency, but then when I do I don't like the resulting images.


In short, it's a bit of a crapshoot at this point for me.


And here's a fun note - f/3.5. Because I am an idiot. If I could go back in time, I'd have stopped it down to somewhere in the f/16 range, I think. I'm amazed the image didn't suffer from that lack of oversight, but I'm not complaining.


Sorry to upload and run. It's been busy for me, as I'm sure it's been for many of you. Hope everyone is well.

There should be enough for everyone.


This is a typical tulip field at the keukenhof in the Netherlands.

The Intercontinental Hotel "The Barclay" was the VIP headquarters for the 2008 MLB All-Star Game. This is the ceiling dome in the lobby.


Fumba Beach Lodge, Zanzibar

10 floors up, looking 10 floors down.

Genova, Hotel Helvetia

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It has being a long time not taking a self picture.

Furthermore the bedjump serie needed some completion ;-)


So I took some time during a business trip to trigger the timer shot.

I'm wating to see your bedjump photos!

Aussicht vom Mobimo Tower auf Prime Tower, Hardbrücke und Zürichsee


Den zugehörigen Erlebnisbericht gibt's nachzulesen unter

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