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Without a doubt the best donuts I've ever had. Yes, I recommend this product.

This day's production at the KloserøyAlive Festival in Skien, Norway.


A super day, with old friends popping up everywhere!


گيگ ۈعسل لگن مآهۈ فيـﮱ صحۈن

ۈدعآ گ من عين آلحسۈد غطآگ له


آللـہ لآيعطيـہ نآس ينضلۈن

ۈيستر علية من آلنحل لآ يآگله



♥ Bữa ăn Donut w' Syn pao tếu , 2 đứa như 2 con đean :">


- Cm nhều + Fav* cho Móm ih :x

- 50 cm Bn*

- Chùa đít nỗi gễ

خدادية من يديني لمحبين دانكن دونات :p




Markthal Rotterdam, 1-5-2015


Happy birthday sweety L3mr kelah inshalla :*


view on black

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new hair by Truth (Collabor88); new skin by Glam Affair (The Arcade); new tank + skirt by Teefy (Collabor88); new pearl, shell + starfish jewelry by Maxi Gossamer (Collabor88); new sunglasses by Yummy (Collabor88); new sailor baby whale by MishMish (Collabor88); new donut milk by Theosophy (The Acade); new spam lunch by BCC (The Arcade); new pose by Label Motion

thik ăn Donut lém .


hum ni chị mình đi lãnh lương nên mua 2 cái bánh donut cho mi`nh ( tại ngày nào cũng đòi mua màh bã cứ nói hk có tiền :)) ) . Hè nì đi làm có tiền chỡ mình đi ăn tè le hột dưa . thành con heo lun rùi =)




sẽ có 1 tập ãnh về donut các bạn nhớ đón xem ;)

Best Donut in Quang Binh, better than alot of Donut brand in Saigon. :)




I don't know, I didn't think they tasted *that* gay. Then again, what the hell do I know about gay donuts? Not a lot, my friends. Not a lot.

The deep ice had a beautiful aqua blue tone. This fall is 3/4 covered in snow up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.

There's always something happening and it's usually quite loud.


Tindakon Dazang Beach Kudat Sabah Malaysia Borneo.


Thanks for your visit

At 85mm (of course) a close up of some unusual donut shaped contrail clouds

Supercell near Arapaho, OK 5-19-12.

Ely Street 25th April 2015-2

At 85mm (of course) a close up of some unusual donut shaped contrail clouds

I like that black one, it's called Cookie Monster.

*new plush*new plush for 2011!!:))


Ring Ring donut biker plush comes out!! (ONLY HAVE ONE NOW) if it sold have to wait for a while!!


my shope


my Etsy

Tutorial: and Happy beading!

I owe it all to little chocolate donuts.”

Is there anything they can't do?” ♥


M: 7amood

Taken by;; me

Homemade at Danielle and Michael's a few weeks ago.

Polaroid SX-70

Impossible PX 70 V4B

opacification test film


West Springfield, MA

soft 3D stickers with grey cat, donuts, macaroons & paw prints

You can order this in our shop, please check our profile for the online shop address.

One day, you came to me

Freed me from misery

I touched the music in you

You started to feel so happy

Makes me jump up and down

You know my heart gets a beat

Each time that we meet

I am so happy I met you



I am feeling so happy

I'm gonna go happy

You make me so happy

Can't you see I'm happy now

Manhattan, New York. October 18, 2014.

ODC - Breaking the Rules


Not the best food when dieting!

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