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If you haven't done so already, PLEASE DONATE!

Happy St Patrick's Day to the Irish

if you want your snakes back they're here...

There a app to help raise money to different causes worldwide, Johnson & Johnson will give a 1$ for every photo you share, don't need to add the greatest photo just a photo.

... if you can to cancer research. a small donation can make an enormous difference.

Donate your new and old books if they've become more of an onus than an asset. Make way for your hitherto isolated and unwanted collection to carry delight in anyone else's life. For More Information Please Visit Here:

If you want to donate LEGO toys, but don’t have any Legos you want to part with, let us know. If you are are a 501(c) corporation and need LEGOs, let us know.

Was I dreaming when I painted this?

With such devastations that have happened in Nepal, we can come together and help the relief. I have a useful link in my bio that will take you to a respectable funding charity group.


Please share the link and send your prayers.


website | facebook | instagram | twitter

A few of the 450 some gowns we have! accepts donations of used loose LEGO bricks, figures, and sets. Simply put them in a bag, then in a box, and ship to us via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.

Some of the reasons to donate your car to Bronx Car Donation would include tax deduction, free vehicle pick up and the fact that you will be helping children in need. Donate your car anywhere in Bronx. Get free towing and tax deduction with your vehicle donation. Our auto donation program accepts all kinds of used vehicles, boats, trucks, vans. We will remove your junk car within a short period of time.

When you donate your vehicle to Bronx Car Donation, you help us provide humanitarian aid, crisis relief, educational programs and therapeutic solutions to thousands of at-risk children and their communities, both locally and internationally.

Bronx Car Donation also saves you the hassle of selling an old car: expensive ads, numerous phone calls, appointments, tiresome DMV forms, title transfers, and more.

Bronx Car Donation will provide a free towing service for your vehicle whether it is running or not and take care of all the paperwork.


Bronx Car Donation

1987 Bronxdale Ave

Bronx, NY 10462



For those of you who follow my Flickr photostream, you know that August 15, 2007 my wife Kerri (on the left) received a kidney transplant from our friend Amy (on the right). Kerri and I constantly wonder how we are ever going to repay such a selfless gift. My wife is alive and healthy today because of her.


And now, the ladies have a message for everyone out there.


And like most things in life, it's best viewed large and on black.

vorrei dedicare questo scatto a Uva Fragola...che con le sue paroline mi ha ispirato...

tanta me per te!


Dedicated to Uva Fragola who inspired this shot!



01-07 Febbraio


The whole 52 weeks project

Just donate your LEGOs to us, and we will make sure they are reused! Just email us if you have any questions, or just to let us know you are sending some to us.

A few of the 450 some gowns we have!

I wonder who maintains this rusted but freshly painted donation box. And I wonder what kind of donations it attracts in this up-market garden at Mumbai Land's-End.


In any case, I found something attractive and something funny about it, so here it is for you.


Press "L" and drop a few coins please!

it is truly a life moment when you meet a person and they fill the air up with their happiness and zest for life! this gentleman was the first dual transplant at duke at the young age of 33. and look how many years he has been given since ;o) he was so proud of that, so proud of every breath he takes, knew he was given this second chance for a reason. to make a difference himself. loving his every moment. a true inspiration. a reminder to grab a hold of your day and love it no matter what...and living proof that donating life makes a miracle happen! for many, not just one... i love how his hands told the story ;o)

My last "Monet-inspired" painting. It's time to concentrate on another motiv.

After I received an email inquiry this week, I donated the above photographs to be used in their annual report:


Subject: Photo Request (UNESCO – Education for Children in need)

Date: April 13th, 2015


Dear the foreign photographer,


the charitable foundation UNESCO – Education for Children in need is a non-profit organization which is located in Duesseldorf/ Germany. Our work is focusing on the needs of children and adolescents in war and crisis areas and it is funded entirely by donations. Right now more than 430 projects in 99 countries were supported successfully worldwide.

Every year we publish an annual report for donors, companies and potential new donors. Since we depend on meaningful and touching footage, we would be really grateful, if you could support us with the free provision of the following images:


cutie with a pot (


brother and sister (


cute girl against a blue wall (


boy with teddy bear (


a boy and his street (


cute girl (


Of course, you are called as a photographer in our annual report and in case you would like to see an example of our last annual report you can find it on our homepage:


Thank you very much in advance and I’m looking forward hearing from you.


Best regards,

Tabea Lütkemeier


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