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I have just bought dynamic doll stands and had a great time playing with it! I'm going to be focusing on dolls from my collection on this account, so if you wish to see more Margaret please make sure to follow my dollmaking account Do Dolls Dream

The other, larger, 3d printed project on the go = bighead! She's already been subject to a few unkind names, poor girl. No wonder she looks a little shy. We need to give her a good name.


She's not strung very well (due to me being so impatient!), but I just wanted to put her together now that all her pieces are present and complete. I am satisfied with the size of her hands and feet, which came out toooo small first time round.


She's able to stand, but I think with a few adjustments she'll be even sturdier and able to hold her head up properly (if you can get her to come out of her shell, that is!)...

14" Doll (hanging wall piece)



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14" Doll (hanging wall piece)


💙💙 Our Urban Pigeon was very lucky with her owner. Many thank you, Laura.☺️ Amazing spring photos by @pure_embers 💗💗


Cigar Box Shrine~Frida Kahlo Doll and Diego Rivera Marionette


This is my first piece this year and will be part of an auction March 1st-31st benefiting the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Organization.


Wall hanging Art Doll is approx. 15" tall and the two vida y muerte Frida marionettes are approx.7" from head to toe. She is the second of two Frida inspired dolls that I have in a show.


My second Frida doll (made of polymer clay)


This piece will be available as part of the "Cigar Box Shrine Auction 2010" to benefit the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Organization.

Begins April 17th

Auction date changed~set to take place April 17-24th! (changed from March 20th)

Day of the Dead dolls

💙💙 Our Urban Pigeon was very lucky with her owner. Many thank you, Laura.☺️ Amazing spring photos by @pure_embers 💗💗

Her dress is from the nightgown pattern, and her pinafore is altered from a Magic Cabin dolls pattern.


Featherstitching around the hem and neckline of the pinafore.


Here you can see her pretty hair clips

slowly but surely.


wip of the 60body and 52body

14" Doll (hanging wall piece)


It's taking me longer to prime this munchkin than I had originally hoped, because of some issues I've had with primers... I started off using a previously unopened can of Vallejo that I must have had since 2013, which was just fine. When it ran low, I went online to buy more, only to find that there didn't seem to be a single can in stock anywhere in the UK! In the end, I opted to buy some via Amazon, to be shipped from Italy. It arrived quickly and all seemed well - it sprayed on nicely and all. However, when I set about sanding it (I use wet sandpaper), the colour of the primer started to take on a green tinge?! I can't work out if Vallejo have changed the formula, or whether the can I bought may have been adversely affected somehow? - By heat, or something, perhaps?! I've since ordered another can, this time from Poland, but it hasn't arrived yet >_< I'm also going to pick up some Tamiya primer this week as well, just in case. I haven't worked with Tamiya before, only because its toxicity scares me... so I've also ordered what I hope is a reliable respirator!! Gah, I really want to just get her done and away!!!

I've been working on a muscular lady in sculptris and blender, and her print arrived yesterday! I am so in love with her massive size, it's more perfect than I dared hope for < 3


here she's shown with dollstown 15yr boy hands. I stuck her ankles directly into boots so I could photograph her balancing on her own, so in this picture you see her height without feet. Imagine a couple more cm's for those ; )

Polymer clay doll and Mask.

Will be available in my Etsy shop 8/22

This is my first grittyjane doll I have made in her amazing workshop!! I am really happy with what I´ve learned! :D She´s made out of clay and cloth!

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