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I met this lovely dog on the beach

10 years old Golden Retriever, she is my dog, my Precious :-)

Taken by my cell phone Xperia XA and processed in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Photoroom.

Cute little doggie.... Nice legs . . .

I haven't uploaded anything here in months.


A big reason for that is that I found out my dog, and best friend, Bettis has liver cancer and my days are limited with him.


He's in the twilight of his life, it would seem and all we can do at this point is to make sure he has a good quality of life as long as we have him.


His life has reached its December. I hope it's a long one.


To say I'm devastated would be an understatement.


A tiny, petite doggie calmly walking along side the owner . .

dog - Taz my Cairn terrier

On the run, long hair, panting.....

Early this morning Fritz became very unwell, and didn't even want breakfast, which is unheard of.


So I sat up with him till it the vets opened and at noon I took all three down there and we did the deed.


Rosie knew he was ill and in this photo you can see her doing her best to show solidarity until it was time to leave.


She examined the body very carefully and understands he is not here anymore.

I don't think Ralph could care less!


PLEASE do not feel sorry for me : I have had 18 dogs so far and am well used to death from old age or illness. Fritz made it clear it was time.


She likes to run in the snow.

Taken after walking around Hodnet gardens, Shropshire.

.... outside the Zephyr Cafe in Squamish. Only the really big piles of snow are left now.

Uploaded by Sa for guest blogger/photog Bob D. Used in blog.


More about dogs in parks here:

This sport takes back ancestral traditions which allowed the Inuits to survive in the big Arctic deserts and represent the link with the nature.


Fast, exciting, well trained sled dog teams are the result of careful behind the scenes planning and hard work. Successful mushers are knowledgeable in such diverse areas as kennel management, canine behavior, nutrition, veterinary care, psychology, physical conditioning, housing and transportation. Wise mushers soon learn that success or failure in any of these areas affects performance dramatically. Considering this fact it is obvious that the welfare of the dogs is of paramount importance.

Team and driver develop a close, trusting relationship because of the amount of time they spend together. To betray that trust by not meeting all of the dog’s needs runs counter to the goal of having a happy, healthy, highly motivated team.


What you see at a race is the result of long hours of work and planning to ensure that the team is prepared to test its abilities against the trail and the competition.



You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog, crying all the time.... You never caught a rabbit...and you ain't no friend of mine - Elvis

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.


Bug is an Australian Cattle dog cross that came from an Idaho cattle ranch as a pup. She has turned out to be a real handful, but we love her.

My little cousin's cute little dog

Burnese Mountain Dog puppy at Cheddar Reservoir in Somerset, UK!


Adorable eh?!


;-) xx

The first out of town of my D5100, my Buddy, at Batis Aramin in Lucban, Quezon, PH. My family and I went there to spend our Holy Week, to bond, to relax, and to enjoy the first month of our summer. This is also my first out of town after i graduated in College.


As we walk along the team building area of the resort, i got the chance to see a dog. Luckily, I'm using my long range lens that time and was able to capture the dog from afar. Right after i took this shoot, I stood up and pretended as if i'm not capturing the dog. I walked further from the dog to check my shot. Fortunately, the shot was rendered the way i want it to be.


This is the story of this shot.


Thank you for reading and i hope you'll follow my future posts. :)

Reposting this from today since it and about a third of my photos on Flickr were mysteriously deleted this afternoon. (71/366)

I'm looking after my neighbours dogs for a very long time, they are so sweet! This is Shazi, a 4 month old newfoundland. She is going to be a showdog, and I might get to handle her sometimes :) Shes such a sweety, like a big teddy bear!

Explosive sniffer on duty! I asked the security guards if I could photograph their explosive detection dog. This was the split second before the dog licked me. Canary Wharf, London, UK

Strobist: Elinchrom BRX 500 with 30x160cm gridded strip - horizontal from front - camera right and another similar from 45 degrees behind also camera right.

[F r o n t p a g e] !!

Explore #4


I see Enzo twice a week and take him for a walk lunchtime while his peeps are at work. He is such a good dog! So soft and cuddly. When I first walk in, he is usually laying right here. As I approach, he rolls on his side and waits for his usually body rub. What a little lover!


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Beautiful Sally the greyhound. An ex racer rescue dog.

Our dog, Winston, on a recent snowy day in Addison,Texas.


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