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Le shiba est une race de chien originaire du Japon. C'est un chien de petite taille de type spitz. Race très ancienne, le shiba a failli disparaître au début du XXᵉ siècle, en raison de la concurrence des chiens de chasse anglais.


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Nordic dog team at Speed Dog Race, Plateau de Retord, Cuvéry, Ain, France


A race organized by the FFST, the federation that brings together mushers with all kinds of dogs, purebred, Nordic type, hunting dogs or cross dogs such as Alaskans.

The main one is their ability to run fast.



Thai dog at the Wapi Resort, Koh Lipe, Thailand. This dog slept outside our bungalow for the 3 nights we stayed. Maybe watching out for us or maybe just waiting for food... who knows

Hi there....

Sled dog race


Alaskan Malamutes at Retordica, Plateau de Retord, Cuvéry, Ain, France


For more than 25 years, an international dog sled race has been taking place in the wilderness of Plateau de Retord. Many mushers love this site to train their teams throughout the winter.

The sled dog racing is subdivided into several categories according to the number of dogs harnessed and in three subcategories according to the breed of dogs harnessed.

Indeed, the faster Siberian Husky compete in a separate category, the other three breeds : Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed and Greenland dog run in the same category, while the so-called "Nordic type" dogs participate in their own category.



i love you dog

This sport takes back ancestral traditions which allowed the Inuits to survive in the big Arctic deserts and represent the link with the nature.


Fast, exciting, well trained sled dog teams are the result of careful behind the scenes planning and hard work. Successful mushers are knowledgeable in such diverse areas as kennel management, canine behavior, nutrition, veterinary care, psychology, physical conditioning, housing and transportation. Wise mushers soon learn that success or failure in any of these areas affects performance dramatically. Considering this fact it is obvious that the welfare of the dogs is of paramount importance.

Team and driver develop a close, trusting relationship because of the amount of time they spend together. To betray that trust by not meeting all of the dog’s needs runs counter to the goal of having a happy, healthy, highly motivated team.


What you see at a race is the result of long hours of work and planning to ensure that the team is prepared to test its abilities against the trail and the competition.



While walking in town this lady let me take a picture of her dog. She gave me her contact information. I sent her the picture of the dog, which took forever to post process and she didn't even say thank you! Perhaps she didn't like his new look ;D


For Texture Tuesday with Jai Johnson texture. Some sort of terrier I suspect.


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Dog in Iraklio harbour, Crete, Greece.

Sony FE 85mm 1.4 GM on Sony A7rII.

Uploaded by Sa for guest blogger/photog Bob D. Used in blog.


More about dogs in parks here:

I bought a never used Nikon 1 J5 for my daughter (who's 10), just ordered some better lenses and new she can start playing around. Dogs already love it!

Cute doggie.... smile for the camera!

A dog teaches us loyalty, affection, and to turn around three times before lying down.

Cute dog . . . . trying to make sense of it all . . . .

Australian cattle dog

Gonni im fremden Pool ....

Butterfly wannabe . . .

Bug is an Australian Cattle dog cross that came from an Idaho cattle ranch as a pup. She has turned out to be a real handful, but we love her.

We tend to think of ourselves as superior to other animals... but in many ways the opposite is true. . . .

I think the dog would rather walk . . .

Para la Nati en el día de su cumpleaños.

Porque se que amas a los perritos. Esta foto es para tí. Te quiero amiga.


my dog marty


Hairy dog... hot day . . .

Wearing a heavy fur coat on a very hot day . . .

Strobist: Elinchrom BRX 500 with 30x160cm gridded strip - horizontal from front - camera right and another similar from 45 degrees behind also camera right.

Burnese Mountain Dog puppy at Cheddar Reservoir in Somerset, UK!


Adorable eh?!


;-) xx

Anxious friends from Svalbard. It's absolutely insane how these dogs can work. Wind and minus 15 degrees did not seem to bother them at all.

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