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"I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places."


~ Henny Youngman


Wynyard Tasmania Australia

Blue hour at high tide on Doctors Point.

Georgian Dragon, Stockton. 25.05.17.

Not only patients smoke ... Being a doctor may be stressful too.

(Left to right)


The Second Doctor - as played by Patrick Troughton.


The Fourth Doctor - as played by Tom Baker.


The Tenth Doctor - as played by David Tennant.


The Eleventh Doctor - as played by Matt Smith.


A basalt volcanic phenomena containing xenoliths of the mineral olivine. Doctors Rocks lies on a pebble conglomerate of glacial origin, beneath which are 55 million-year-old sediments. People often pan for gold in the depressions on the shoreline platform. The gold is believed to originate from a small seam offshore.



Texture by boreainz

Doctor's bedroom in Abandoned Mental Hospital.

The torture is finally ended.

Experiments and torture on the inmates were a daily practice.

The day of the exploration we met an old man in the garden,

he went around with his bicycle. When he was a child his mother

abandoned him in that insitute. What he said us about the life

inside those walls has been terrible.

He is a survivor but his life is tied with a thin wire to this place of pain.

To Mario.


I've decided to get rid of that lamppost, so this is not really a "legal" build anymore. I'll remake this one later into a less poseable fig.

Bernie Bregman totally rocked it as Dr. Strange at Long Beach Comic-Con. He looked absolutely flawless!


You can check out more of his work on his facebook page at:

on Instagram: geekgatsby

Youtube: nerdslikeus

I decided to make Doctor Strange because I have too many Legolas heads. Btw I have like 20 left (long story) So, yeah I tried my beast on the beard and I guess it turned out really great. I'm not sure about ehat version if him I made. I think it's All New All Different or the one from Marvel Alliance. So what do you think? :D

I've considered using McFarlane's Total Chaos Poacher figure as the shamanic pachyderm Doctor El, from the vintage Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. (See the first comment below for an image of the original Doctor El figure). Perhaps I'll photograph him with the Nickelodeon Donatello soon.

“I’m a doctor, not … The Doctor.”


Photo seen in Flickr Explore.



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The eleventh incarnation began after the Doctor absorbed the TARDIS' Time Vortex, it ended when the Doctor absorbed a huge quantity of nuclear radiation.


....however, this incarnation had previously used a regeneration to recover from a Dalek shot but before the regeneration physically changed his appearance he redirected the excess energy into his old severed hand, (a bio-matching receptacle), which was kept in a jar in the TARDIS . This resulted in the Doctor unintentionally creating a duplicate - meta crisis - Doctor. The meta crisis Doctor looks like the Tenth Doctor and has all the memories of the Doctor up to his creation. However, he is a Timelord/Human hybrid and can not regenerate. He was last seen living on a parallel universe with a former companion of the Doctor, Rose Tyler.


Played by David Tennant from 2005 to 2010 and again in 2013 for "The Day of the Doctor".


My sigfig for The Hospital group.


ma edit, :)


March 26th, 2014

Stadium Building in Woonsocket, RI


My last shot of the podiatrist examination office.


Seems like podiatry goes back a long way:


"The records of feet care can be traced all the way back to 2400 B.C. in ancient Egypt, where work on hands and feet is shown on Ankmahor's tomb. Until quite recently, Podiatrists were independently licensed physicians whose job was to treat structural conditions in the leg and foot areas. Many important historical figures had their OWN personal podiatrists. Great leaders such as Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln had their own Podiatrists. King George IV, King William IV and Queen Victoria all used a Podiatrist named Lewis Durlacher. He is famous because he attempted to establish an association of Podiatrists in 1854. Although he failed to do so, his efforts along with others would eventually make being a Podiatrist a protected profession. The first society of Podiatrists was established in 1895 in New York, and still operates today."



My Doctor Strange custom is finished, I added the cape but, Should I sculpt the hair? Hope you like this fig! :D

(Deleted) scene from the play by Christopher Marlowe.

Scene from the play by Christopher Marlowe : Faustus with two students.





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So after I binged Justice a league I decide to create Doctor Destiny, which I might add was pretty easy. I just painted a skull head black with yellow for the eyes, painted his belt black and painted on blue boots. I'll probably be working on more villains from the golden/Silver age and I want to know what villains you want me to make.

-Tell me what you guys think

The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith - Doctor Who


Turned down by LEGO Review Board

The Eleventh Doctor without his bow tie? But with Rose Tyler? WTF?! The daleks are to blame. Not me. And to tell the truth, it's not even a Tardis, it's just a phone booth. Yeah, the one with a phone inside. That's exactly why Rose Tyler is so scared ;)


This will be my exclusive gift to you, guys, to all the viewers of my photostream. I won't be sending this to groups or adding any tags. Thanks for your support! Hope you're enjoying that stuff I create

Ad campaigns in America during the 1950's featured doctors assuring the public that smoking was safe....


This is a display in the General Store of the Burnaby Village Museum.



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In my research into this old property, I found that this log building was the doctor's office for Dr. G.D. Ridings in the late 1800's. He also made house calls and would arrive home in the winter with his feet frozen to the stirrups from riding through local creeks

Surgery on board the Soya in Maritime museum, Odaiba

I'm sorry for not being posting customs lately. I always forget it. Anyways, here's my LEGO Doctor Strange custom and I hope you guys like it! Don't worry, I will make the cape. :D

Georgian Dragon, Stockton. 25.05.17.

I've made an alternate with a simple pose I can keep on display.

So I wouldn't call this my absolute best at making a doctor strange, but here it is.


Here's a breakdown




Normal police officer head with beard sticker (It looks absolutely horrible I know, I will find a better solution in the future), and hair is normal Mutt hair with grey stickers on the side.




Piece of paper right double sided tape on the back, pretty straight foward.


The Cape


My main challenge while making this figure. I started making template for this out of regular paper, after that I traced it onto some construction paper to make some adjustments. After that, I traced back on to a normal piece of paper (which I colored red) and hot glued the collar on. It's incredibly flimsy, but it looks a lot better than my older one back in November.


So that's it, I'll eventually do an update with the head but for now, that's it. If anyone wants to use my template for this, just let me know in the comments and I'll post a pic.


Thanks for the endless support



Photo for the theatre poster for "Doctor Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe.

(Illustration: Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t)


This image was paired with the story:

Insurers Shun Those Taking Certain Meds

by: John Dorschner | The Miami Herald


Illustration of doctor raising his hand in denial, or perhaps for a lukewarm mid-five slap.

He's a friend of mine, we'll call him "Doctor Gonzo", he is a talented guitarist and a guitar maker. A few days ago I was in his lab, in a small village lost over the mountains in the northern Tuscany, to take some photos of him while working on raw wood. This one was taken with my Samyang 14mm so excuse me if the exif file isn't correct.

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