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November 27th, 1943. The alien fleet has begun it's path of destruction. The fleet has been stationed over Mexico for the past 5 years, sending out huge dropships to the towns and cities. Mexico was destroyed in the first week of the war, every man woman and child was infected and turned into black skeleton-like aliens. The fleet was moving north, moving for the first time in the 5 years of war. If they weren't stopped America would fall. Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are crucial to our counter attack. New Mexico was gassed, Texas hosted a 2 year battle before falling and Arizona was bombed a year ago. Arizona, although bombed, was still inhabitable. Small conflicts raged across the state as the alien ground troops advanced. Today is the day we fight back. At the very bottom of the Arizona desert were two German outposts, LJ-42 and LJ-43. LJ-43 got hit by a plasma bomb, sending rubble everywhere. LJ-42 was subject to viscous attacks from the black beasts, and eventually failed. The Germans were killed and a AA gun was installed to destroy any of our helicopters reaching it. That was a year ago, it's now crawling with aliens and, if intel is right, Russians the alien scum has infected. We're weak, exhausted and tired, but we need to get it back. Our plan is rubbish, but it's the best we have. A small German force will be sent to sneak up and disable the AA gun. Once that's out the way I will lead my American soldiers and jeeps and begin the assault. The Germans will then send in a Kartoffelstampfer,, followed by the Chinese and their new hardsuits. Together we might just pull this thing off...




I hate building dioramas. I struggle with anything over 2x2, so I'm surprised I'm still in one piece after building a 48x48. Scenes just aren't my thing. I like building minifigures or detailed grey vehicles that all look the same. That said, I've always wanted to do a big battle thingymabob. Everyone has been pestering me to build a Weird War II diorama and this contest was the inspiration I needed. I rounded up my troops, scrapped my 300 diorama and began building day and night. It's taken me about 50-60 hours to do this. Half was spent building/changing, a quarter was spent searching for a single frickin' piece and the last quarter was spent repairing it after the German Vertical Tank fell on top of everything. There's been ups and downs, but I think it's all been worth it.


Thank you, TheBricks™ for being the 100th fav'!

My husband was clearing land and burning the bulldoze pile, it looked cool so I asked him to really make me some smoke so he did! Loved how the sunrays landed on him.

1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


Though I am 'close' to the Atlantic ocean and the marshes I love, l find it difficult to leave the hospital to venture around town, even though Mike is doing beautifully well ...somehow, my mind won't let me 'play' while I'm here for parenting and supporting purposes. But I view the harbor from the waiting room window and beyond that, I can just about see those watery marshes. This painting is somewhat based on experience and memory.


Mike continues to improve -- hopefully, he'll have improved enough to be allowed water and liquids today. He walks the halls several times a day, even took a shower yesterday, and has reduced his pain med intake so he is MUCH more cogent. Really good news!


His wife stays with him when I'm out to lunch or dinner and I am with Mike while she's on break. His dad and step-mom also relieve us -- so things are good. I am painting a bit - but it's a bit challenging space-wise -


Not sure when Mike will be released - probably after he's been eating and has other functions return on their own.


Again, many thanks for all your good wishes and thoughts!

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


This is a painting from my archives ... Folks have asked me if I have an endless 'archive' ... but I assure you, I don't! LOL What a have are a handful of those paintings that I have a love/hate relationship with -- there are days I'll look at something I've painted and decide I should toss it, but I'm not quite 'sure' ... so I hold onto it -- and then there are other days the same painting looks better .... this is one of those.


I remember this particular morning - looking out at my woodlands with streaks of brilliant colors surrounded by the purply dark trees as the sun made its way east - glowing the sky --- then as quickly fading to storm-metal gray ...


Our own thunder storm woke me last night - finally giving us a bit of welcome rain ... yahoo!


The weekend with the grands was fabulous - but oh, we are no longer young. My son and his finance had their 'batchelor/ette' celebrations this weekend too - and when they came to pick up Emily and Nick and our dinner and dishes were completed, we were all ready for a long night's slumber! LOL


Much yet to do before the wedding next weekend. More company and deadlines ....


Hope you have a great week!

I finally found Blue the other day and was overwhlemed with joy to see him!! May sound stange but I really do adore and love this blue jay.

It's been so cold and disgusting in SF this week that I refuse to post any dark and moody pictures. Instead, you get this bright and cheery gem I took over the weekend. =)

My top selling image when I had my Photo Gallery in Provincetown MA. My lab guy did this by accident while printing for me...He stuck it in with my other photos, and when I saw it I loved it! When I asked him if he could do it again, he did and I ended up putting this into posters, prints, photo cards, even refridgerator magnets!


Please don't use this image without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved


I want to thank each and everyone of my kind flickr friends for all the love and prayers sent my way during this trying and difficult time. God has truly sent us alot of angels!


UPDATE: Many have asked how Kraig is doing...he's still critical...but stable. One day at a time. I wish that I had something wonderful to report...but at this time...we're just remaining hopeful...and so grateful for the progress he's made thus far. It's been a grueling week...and thank God for family and friends. You have all been perfect angels...sending prayers and wishes. Thank you..thank you...please continue to pray~ Sending much love. Will visit you all later. Hugs.


taken by : me " baroOK"

edit by : also me..

umm b5t9ar all by me..

el model by: my friend "3lawiii "


anD here..." hope poem "

hope that time treats you well,

I hope that your dream will come true,

I hope that Fate looks after you

And I hope you remain young at heart.


I hope that you are never without,

I hope that your smile stays on,

I hope you will always remain strong

And I hope you remain always young at heart.


I hope you will have courage

I hope love will always find you

Even if it is not me with you,

And I hope you will remain young at heart.


I hope your smile will stay so beautiful,

I hope that age looks after you

I hope you never wish to fade away

And I hope you will remain so young at heart.


How u like my worK... ? ? ?

P.S : ViwerzZzZzZZ withouT commentinG lo00ol...sho agoooL '3air allah yhdeekoM ^^

My friend Larry and I were shooting the Sunset up at Trillium lake as you see here.


The sun had set below the horizon and Larry mentioned that he was done and was gonna move on to the next spot.....I just kind of hung out for a little bit and then Larry said, "well I see some red coming on, I think I will stay for a little longer."


The sunset was over the sky went dull and then as fast as it went dull these clouds moved in and picked up the light again.....


slightly underexposed to help bring out the colors in the clouds!

1/4 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


The hay, tall, golden, incredibly beautiful, is starting to be cut and rolled, and scenes like this (a combination of Oxford farms and fields) are my ride home companions. Each and every one thrills me to my soul, touching some core element of my being that, having been raised in the city, cannot be explained. I like to think that some of my family's earlier generations, growing up in rural parts of Italy, tended such farms, and their love of the land and working with its elements has somehow been passed through time to me.


This week, my housemate delighted us with a Netflix movie that took place in Italy (the name escapes me at the moment). Toward the end of all the action, the camera panned fields of hay - and as tired as I was after another too-intense week, I was immediately seized with emotion and an overwhelming sense of 'homecoming.'


I don't understand it ... but I do embrace it.... and try to capture a bit of that emotional bond I sense by painting hay bale after hay bale.


(Yep, even the folks around here find it unusual that someone carries on and on about their hay bales! LOL)


Work continues its intensity as does home activities. This weekend is the Granville Art Festival. Charles and his jam group will be performing and I'll have a tent and exhibition. I've been preparing for this over the last few weeks - so today we'll do a trial set-up to make the 10' x 15' area more attractive, and I'll bring my paints to try to get in a bit more time at the easel. It's been so busy that my Internet time and painting time has been squeezed .. and I truly miss the relaxation of visiting friends, being inspired by the incredible photographs and artwork, and using my painting time to unwind and rest.


I hope your weekend is terrific!


Created for Digitalmania in the style of Don Li-Leger.


All elements from my stock.

But with dogs, we do have "bad dog." Bad dog exists. "Bad dog! Bad dog! Stole a biscuit, bad dog!" The dog is saying, "Who are you to judge me? You human beings who've had genocide, war against people of different creeds, colors, religions, and I stole a biscuit?! Is that a crime? People of the world!"


"Well, if you put it that way, I think you've got a point. Have another biscuit, sorry."


~Eddie Izzard


(Brady's been a VERY good boy this year....)


Love love the Sunsets here in Arizona. Every night it's so beautiful.

Nick and I went up to Mt. Lemon to watch the sunset and take pictures. so much fun. <3 Nick's like "take my picture" and then yeah I'm like "it turned out great!" LOL. I did get a few where you can see his face but I really like this one with the sunflare.

i have to give 3/4 of the credit to blindspot, for the amenable appropriation of his photo (and for other reasons too, which generally just involves john being john).

Guys here well i have this idia since i saw the pose and omg Decan's great things he did here are Gorget Helmets and the armory on him also the shield all from EZ Forge) XOXOX

"Midnight it's raining outside he must be soaking wet

Everyone is sleeping tight God knows I tried my best

Darling you know it looks bad

Just lost the best thing that I ever had

Still I don't know why I did him wrong

It's too late now he's gone to say


Baby oh no, can't leave me now

Said think about it please

'Cos I love you and I need you

And I should have thought of that

before I did you wrong


Heartache, heartache

When I saw his face I could see

how bad I'd let him down

Cheating when he was working hard, I

just had to mess around

I knew from the start he ain't got much money

I should have stayed content with

all that good sweet honey

He's a good strong man and I love him so

so how on earth can I let him go


And now it's midnight it's raining outside

And I'm soaking wet, still

looking for that man of mine

And I ain't found him yet

Well all of this rain can wash away my tears

But nothing can replace all of those wasted years

In all of this I tell you I have learnt

Playing with fire gets you burnt

And I'm still burning........................."


♪♫♪♫♪ Midnight / Yazoo ♫♪♫great song♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫




Hello and Happy Wednesday to all of you.....Wishing you a beautiful day..... I will be around now for the next three days as I am off till the weekend from work....Yippie.....these last two days were like OMG Ill be visiting you for sure.....


Thanks so much for your visits and kind words too....You are so sweet and I appreciate u so much....Hugssss.....


Much Love always ..... xoxo

So I was talking with a guy at a local camera shop this week about lenses and he asked me what kind of photography I shoot and I was stumped as to how to answer him... all the different types of photography went through my mind... landscapes, portraits, sports, architecture, street, documentary... and I answered "no" in my head to every one of those. I really couldn't tell him what kind of photography I shoot. I told him I do a lot of shallow DoF stuff, I love bokeh and I'm crazy about light.


So... for those of you who've known me for a while, I am wondering if you can help me out... what type or style of photography would you say I shoot? It seems so crazy to me that I don't know how to answer that myself. :-)


Copyright © 2013, All Rights Reserved.

All rights reserved. Please do not use this or any of my images in anyway without my written permission.


Many thanks to Nicolas Gent for kind use of his textures:-


award count


Otis is the best. But I have to be careful about listening to Otis, as he makes me long to be enveloped all in Scotty. I couldn't help myself, though. I went on an Otis binge last night. Which obviously results in a Scott-missing binge. Not to worry, though, as I will be in San Diego in eight days! Anyone have any recommendations as to how to occupy myself out there while Scott's at work?


So, this is an experiment… it's a total composite… the background image you may have previously noticed in my stream. I just needed to upload a shot brimming with happiness… and the weather here simply hasn't allowed me to snap anything good. I miss the sunshine.


edit: just so's we're clear, I am not doing the permanent move to San Diego until Mayish. This will just be a 10-day visit.

Again. Go look here.


And then look here.


One year ago today, I spent my last day as an orange-head.

I was alerted this morning that this creep stole many of my photos & posted them on his Flickr page. I also saw one of Karo's images of her son & I'm sure that none of the other photos on his stream are his own. Please check & if you recognize someone's image, please let them know. It's beyond frustrating. It's a true violation! I would appreciate any advice on how to handle this. Thanks!


ETA: He has deleted the set that I had linked. Thank you to all of my wonderful Flickr friends for the support! Y'all are the best!

Those little dots floating around are mosquitoes.


Gave the dogs a bath today. Then ,tomorrow and Wednesday, I will be decorating the house for Christmas with friends. I just love the holidays. I also found a cookie jar to put the dog's treats in. And did I ever tell anyone...I taught Daisy how to speak on command!! I shall record it and put it on flickr because she likes to mumble and whimper while trying to bark.




My 2nd painted portrait. Total time; 24 hours.


The Painting Stages


View On Black


In the before and after, you can clearly see I used a reference. Obviously I wasn't trying to hide that fact. It honestly always bothered me that I painted this picture to match the original so closely. Almost like I hijack his/her image. Everything is 100% hand painted. No cut and paste or tracing. This was and probably will be my most beloved painting and I did it with the utmost admiration to the original photo. I learned everything about how I like to paint from this painting.


I learned how to paint digitally by Wade Hammonds . I bought his DVD tutorial from here He has always been my #1 inspiration in all my paintings!! He is a true inspiration and I owe all my special thanks to him!


If anyone knows the original photographer's name from the rl photo I used as reference, please send me a private message. Thank you.

So today me and my sweety are together for 2 years!! We didn't do anything special. While setting up for my photo idea Emiel played a little with a long shutter speed and that's when we made this up. It's one photo, Emiel jumped in and out the frame with a long shutterspeed. It kinda describes our relationship. Creative. Not only with creating things, but also when it comes to handle the not so good things in life.

I love him so much. He's my peace, my home, my everything.

Robert Burns the famous Scottish poet wrote Ae Fond Kiss for his lover Agnes Mc Lehose (Nancy) who he called Clarinda in his poems and songs. this one Ae Fond Kiss was written to her as she sailed to the West Indies in January 1792, from Greenock in the West of Scotland. Eddie Reader sings this song so beautifully i defy you not to shed a tear when you think of these two people saying farewell forever i still do !.Burns is my hero,no one ever wrote words to burn the soul and touch the heart like this Scotsman

Ae means one 1


Never met -or never parted

We had ne-er been broken hearted




HaPPY WeeKeND aLL oF You


hope your weekend started great.


this morning I went shopping and did a few shots in Basel, Switzerland.


the weather was mild and not snowing, even no snow around, because we had some storms with warm wind during the week.


now it started 10 minutes ago with snowing........all is white again.


going out making some shots.


see you later


and thank you again Tony for his hat for haiti idea


you missed it?


go back on my selfie and read.


Put on the earphones and………….

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫

I am speaking of the life of a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children; who has undertaken to cherish it and do it no damage, not because he is duty-bound, but because he loves the world and loves his children.

Wendell Berry

I'm going to attempt to do the 30 day's of gratitude although I did not succeed last year on finishing so we'll see how long this will last :).

For day 1 I am grateful to watch my son enjoy life. I love seeing his eyes light eyes up with amazement at new things he experiences in his life. Sometimes it take's a child to point out something out to us that they find to be beautiful for amazing. Sometimes those things you would not even think twice about. Like in this picture he was mesmerized by the pretty lights and all the pumpkins. I was happy he pointed them out to me. :) It really is a beautiful view :)

+ more in comments


~ Story People

I love books, books and more books....I'd love to have a library room, somewhere to go and chill out, snuggled up on a battered old armchair, with a good book and a mug of coffee.....ah bliss!


love heart

Please do NOT take or use my pictures without my permission. Even if the photos are available on a public place. All rights reserved.

this is my favorite thing to do every time I visit my son in Seattle .......

going to Lake Washington with him & his dogs in the wee hours......

Taz & Tika just love their early morning swim.......




لاثالث معانا .. وكيف عِرفوا النَّاس

عن قِصة هوانا ..


I saw a similar idea and i fell in love with it so i thought i'd give it a shot!

Do what you love, the rest happens.

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Easter time and Full Winter in Chelsea ... photo taken through my window this morning

Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him. John 14




All my photos are copyrighted. Please do not use them for any purpose, including on blogs, without my express permission.

Day 239


His favorite spot. The dogs bed.

He sleeps here all day. Light from the laundry room streaming in.

Oscar is old.. about 16+ years old.

And sadly, is just not doing well any longer.

I wont let him suffer, so it may be a sad week around here.

Watching and loving him for the moment. ♥

A little bit of colour to brighten your day. I hope you all have hundreds and thousands of special little moments to brighten your day today. Remember to look at the little things as special events too. Sometimes just a smile or a look can be quite meaningful and a moment you should remember. So here to looking at things in a hundreds and thousands way :)


Happy Thursday today and you know what that means TGIF tomorrow (wooo hooo) and for those of you still in Wednesday land, I will be waiting when you get here lol ;) Car


Today's Carsounds -

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Found this little fella in the garden today, you will be pleased to note that all weeds and grasses are now cleared away. He was not the nicest of posers and kept jumping all over the show. The dogs loved it. He finally landed on Henry ( my car..Henry ) and I got a few shots of him. I like the colour contrast and the reflection. I do not apply to the rule of blue and green should never be seen :)


So I think this is the last of the macro for a few days. I hope you have enjoyed my week of macro, it had been fun for me.


Hope you weekend is going well and you are getting some camera and you time ;)


Take care :))) Hugs Car xx


Today's Carsounds - Perfectly Lonely - John Mayer

I got tagged to do the 5 most important things in my life.


1. GOD. He is my e v e r y t h i n g. The reason i live, the reason i breathe. Everything i do, i do for Him. He is my inspiration. My mission in life it to know God and make Him known. HE > 1. I am second, He is first.

2. My Family. They are my best friends. I can tell them everything. i know they are there for me. They are right behind me.

3. My puppy. I adore her.

4. My camera :)

5. My Church. everyone there. Everything that church is about


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"Lord Jesus, may I be one with you in all that I say and do. Draw me close that I may glorify you and bear fruit for your kingdom. Inflame my heart with your love and remove from it anything that would make me ineffective or unfruitful in loving and serving you as my All."


Copyright© Kamoteus/RonMiguel RN

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That's what I love about the rains.

Its tremendous power unleashing itself for cleansing what we pollute.

Do you see this? Look close. Do you?

Even the steel has turned green. :)

(This image was printed on the second page of 'Maharashtra Times' in the issue dated 27th July, 2009. Thank you Sameer Karve)


This image is a property of Sujit Wadia and is copy-right protected. Do not attempt to download and use this in any form or format without his written consent.

I must have gone to candy heaven.......


J.J. shared all his candies with me......go ahead....pick some too ....


Wishing all of you a sweet week !!!

This is my Dad's old film camera... it's a Minolta X-700. I'm tinkering about the idea of experimenting with it... how many of you shoot with film? My Dad always had a camera in-hand when we were growing up (and he still does). I think I got my love of photography from him.


Love you Dad and Happy Father's Day! I would love to spend an afternoon out shooting with you... perhaps at the farm? :-)


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I don't know if it's better here or not... but you can look and see for yourself.

This image was taken by my co-worker, Dave while he was in Costa Rica. I told him that I thought it was a great shot and that we should post it to Flickr, where I know my wonderful Flickr friends would give this little cutie some love. How about it, dear ya have any love for this little guy??


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your kind support and visit :) I feel I'm gonna miss your works as I'm gonna off for awhile.. - 3 weeks tops :D

I will see you again when I get back! :)) Have a fabulous November for everyone!


*:) I think the composition isn't so nice, is it? oh well, what can i do as I don't wanna miss a thing :D I took this while I was on the bus during my way to a small town in Switzerland. I do hope you still like it...


Paintings in My Mind

and nothing can separate you from my love -- God


Few months ago I posted a picture titled "The Power of One" in honor of Steven. I asked you to join me in prayer "as one" for his treatment and recovery from leukemia.


I appreciate those of you who reached out for me and lifted up my friend's son in prayer. My deepest gratitude goes to all of you, especially to this very dear person, who prayed diligently for Steven, and edited this picture making this tribute even more special.


Above all, I want to thank God for answering our prayers and to celebrate Steven's victory over leukemia. His latest tests results indicated that he is CANCER FREE... For pictures and updates, I invite you to visit Steven's webpage


My heart is full of joy and my eyes filled with tears... tears of contentment and amazement, because God is AWESOME!! He hears our cries and is gracious to turn our sufferings into blessings, and to do good in our lives and in the lives of others... Rosie, you were right about this experience touching people in unimaginable ways... I've been touched and blessed beyond belief... Thank you for the gift of your friendship.


All my love to you and your family.





Amigos, o filho da minha amiga que estava com leucemia está curado. Aleluia !!

Esta foto é em celebração à vida dele...

Obrigada pelas orações de vocês.


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