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A barn backlit by beautiful sunset colours at the Divis-Black Mountain National Trust site in the Belfast Hills.

Divi Divi tree, Eagle Beach,Aruba

North end of Eagle Beach again. Such a picturesque spot to watch a sunset.

Summer evening view from the summit of Divis (478m above sea level) the highest of the Belfast Hills, looking west towards Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake anywhere in Ireland or Britain. This location is still, just about, within the city limit of Belfast.

Pittori a Piazza Navona Roma

Netherland Antilles:

The cooling breezes that gust steadily from the northeast have carved the native divi-divi trees into fantastical shapes to rival the most artistic bonsai. And they’re a boon if you’re looking to explore the island’s more remote areas — the local adage of “follow the bend of the divi-divi trees and they’ll lead you to town” is totally true.

Grass meadows on the footslopes of Divis, the highest of the Belfast Hills (478m above sea level, although this shot was taken more around the 350m mark) on a summer evening just before sunset.

View across the pond at the Long Barn

one the famous 'Divi' trees of Aruba, shaped by the constant trade winds and all facing southwesterly

This is my final picture from Aruba, returning to the iconic Divi tree that often symbolizes the island. Here's the tree during a pastel sunset.

Just got back from our winter trip to Aruba. This is the most iconic spot on the island, showing one of the famous Divi trees which has come to symbolize Aruba. Caught this picture when people had abandoned the beautiful white sand surrounding the trees north of Eagle Beach.

The Caribbean island of Aruba

23 September 63 BC - 19 August AD 14

Ready To Rez Commission for Divi Jenelle Carriere.


I hope you enjoy your getaway!

The Men Jail Event .


Backdrop 220ML - Lonely Bunker

MESHMAFIA - Urban Snapback No.1




Path to Divis & Black Mountain, Belfast Hills, Northern Ireland

Perspectiva al cel diví. Esglesia Santa Maria.

Perspectiva al cielo divino. Iglesia Santa María.

The divine perspective sky. Santa Maria Church.

At Divis Mountain, Belfast

Ready To Rez Commission for Divi Jenelle Carriere.


I hope you enjoy your getaway!

Divi Divi Tree, Eagle Beach, Aruba

Divi Little Bay Beach

St Maarten

My friend Jenna (DIVI) at the times square

New Years Morning before the "health trail" the last of the four mangaged walks I had yet to complete,on Divis an Black Mountain National Trust, this one is more off track following between marker posts etc. knee deep in frozen mud/slush The ground was frozen solid till about 9:45 then it got trickier! great fun though! If you like my work head on to

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