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We ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the universe. The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the skies so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.


― Johannes Kepler

Macro Mondays - In a Row


Pentacon 135 2.8 + extension tube


Solo lo spirito può suscitare la diversità, la pluralità, la molteplicità e allo stesso tempo fare l'unità. Perché quando siamo noi a voler fare la diversità facciamo gli scismi e quando siamo noi a voler fare l'unità facciamo l'uniformità, l'omologazione.


(Papa Francesco)


Only the spirit can stir diversity, plurality, multiplicity and at the same time making the unit. Because when we want to make the difference we make schisms and when are we to want to make the unit do the uniformity, the approval.


(Pope Francesco)

Kz - Pose

Modulus - Hair

Volkstone - Facial hair and mesh beard

Carol G - Tattoo

[MP] - Sweatshort

amias - Gloves

Eleventh Hour - Restored cupboard

Silence - Whittaker Hallway

The Fashion League Event

Men only Monthly


♫♥♫DREAMERS - the last love song♫♥♫

More information can be found on the blog<-------


by Wiwi Portland-Swot


Wicca's Originals - Emily Dress with Spine and Arm Parts @ Eclipse

TAOX Tattoo - Unisex Tattoo NUBA @ Dark Style Fair

DS’ELLES – Angeline Applier for Head and Body

Hair by .shi | Backdrop by Minimal


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The project was launched by the late president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who wanted to establish a structure that would unite the cultural diversity of the Islamic world with the historical and modern values of architecture and art.

A Richardson’s geranium (Geranium richardsonii) leaf glows in a light fleck traveling across the forest floor littered with fallen aspen leaves. The reds of the geranium leaf, along with the strawberry leaves (Frageria virginiana) in the background, are provided by anthocyanin pigments formerly masked by the more dominant green chlorophyll. The yellow and orange aspen leaves are colored by xanthophyll and carotenoid pigments. These non-green pigments help increase light capture for photosynthesis, as well as protect the plant against ultraviolet light, cold temperatures, and pathogens. Whatever their role the combination of the pigments and the resulting diversity of colors makes autumn a lovely season, at least for a few days in this forest.

Today Northwest Germany was hit by heavy thunderstorms. My home town got just the perfect quantity of rain. Without obligations to water the garden I pinched (again) the scooter of my son to invade near by Lower Saxony. In the middle of nowhere I spotted this scene. Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany.

This shot is a symbol for a perfect balance. Hope that my dear friend with the orange hair will get sober one day to achieve something similar. May the cool waters of Canada have a healing effect.....

mankind has given up and is now everything to everyone.

last week i was a guy today i am neutral gender

i think plant life is good so i will be a carrot.

my genetic makeup will contain dirt and the color orange.

but if you say i'm ugly i may have to be an onion.

Diversity - Male Tattoo [CAROL G] for MOM

Modernity and history live together in the Square Mile. CLose together.

Discover the opportunity that is found in DIVERSITY.

Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

apartment building Serpelingstraat, Hoogvliet-Rotterdam


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I usually don't take pictures of birds at feeders, but I couldn't resist this one--three species, each with their own private "booth". The top two birds are American Goldfinches; the red-breasted bird is a House Finch; and, the bird on the right is a Black-capped Chickadee.


Taken through a window at the Stony Creek Nature Center.

*Working Towards a Better World


“Ultimately, America's answer to the intolerant man is diversity.”

Robert Kennedy


“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community - and this nation.”

Cesar Chavez


“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”

Catherine Pulsifer


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12 photos stacked using Helicon software

Black Marsh Wetlands, Upper Chesapeake Bay at North Point, Maryland

Facade of the Pan Am Sports Centre


Something different and fresh - an example of modern architecture.


Not only Painted Ladies but also a lot of Peacocks seem to be around as well

Pfau, hellroter Ara und Perlhuhn

peacock, scarlet macaw and Guinea fowl

Bitgum, Fryslân

Local Apartments in Caibarién. A residence is the only thing that the Cuban people can buy on credit.

Caibarién is located in the Villa Clara province, Northcentral Cuba. /

Appartements locaux à Caibarién. Une résidence est la seule chose que le peuple cubain peut acheter à crédit.

Caibarién est situé dans la province de Villa Clara , Centre-Nord de Cuba. /

Apartamentos Locales en Caibarién. Una residencia es la única cosa que el pueblo cubano puede comprar a crédito. Caibarién se encuentra en la provincia de Villa Clara , North Central Cuba.

Nice selection of cactus in the Botanic Garden/ Rio de Janeiro.



- Tacinga palmadosa

- Ferocactus glaucences

- Melocactus zehntneri

- Cleitocactus strausii

Hard to believe it's time for pumpkins again.

"United in Diversity" & Working for a Common and Greater Good.


The European Parliament Hemicycle of today and the Spirit of Europe in the Parlamentarium's Dynamic and Interactive design.


Brussels hosts the main offices of the Members of the European Parliament. A visit to the Hemicycle is a great way to soak up the exciting atmosphere of the world’s largest transnational parliament and find out about its powers and role.


The Hemicycle can seat all 751 Members of the European Parliament.During plenary sessions it is used for the European Parliament’s largest and most important debates,providing the setting for many historic votes.


The Parlamentarium walks you through the European countries which have worked closer together since 1945, from post-war problems to current challenges.You can find out about how laws are made in a 360° cinema,travel the continent on the giant interactive floor map or discover how European legislation affects your country and your daily life.There is also a history area where some historical and digital photos from 1940 until today are displayed.


Handheld multimedia guides accompany visitors to the heart of the European Parliament,explaining the path towards European integration,how the European Parliament works and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today.


Visitors can sit in the middle of a huge 360-degree digital surround screen,projecting the Plenary Chamber or the hemicycle,where they can see how decisions are taken in the Parliament and find out more about the people who make things happen.They can also listen to debates,see votes being taken and be guided through the legislative process in an educational but entertaining way.There is also a touch-screen application which enables them to find out more about the MEPs.


Who works in the European Parliament? What impact does it have? How can you make your voice heard? Through a whole range of high tech supports,the centre tells you all about it and more.


On what foundations is Europe built?


What will European Cooperation look like in the future?

Let the time tell ...


Envisioning European Cooperation ?

Follow plenary sessions although a limited number of places are available for individual visitors.


Make your voice heard in the European elections on 23-26 May,2019 .


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