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Long exposure dock contrasting beauty with devastation

Évocation symbolique de la tragédie du 6 juillet dernier, dans ma ville ....


Ce montage a été réalisé à partir d'une de mes photos et d'une de mes toiles en acrylique.

The destruction caused by time and elements inside an old abandoned farmhouse on Ontario.


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Crysis 3


:black_medium_small_square: 2560x1440 (VSR)

:black_medium_small_square: CE Table by Steve Andrew (Fly)

:black_medium_small_square: OnTheFly Tool by MaLDo (Hide HUD)

:black_medium_small_square: Very High / Tweaked Settings (8x MSAA)

Thanks to JoesSistah for this great texture!

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Wow, this photo................. I really cannot make up my mind which photo I like more. The first version of this photo I did was this one the bottom photo. Than I did this photo again with color, but I have a annoying tendency to make my colors to dark, so no one viewed it because it look like it was just a black thumbnail lol. Than this is my third time doing this photo with color and lighter. I really like how this turned out. But, I am still debating if I want to add texture and more manipulation to the photo!


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World Trade Center, New York 9-13-2001 ..Smouldering fires continue amidst the wreckage at the World Trade Center...Andrea Booher/FEMA Photo News.Mandatory byline/No payment

Oil on canevas

47x39 inches (120x100 cm)

December 2008

Will the soundtrack kindly produce a sound?


Go on, don't be nervous, go ahead, any sound


Heheh, well, that isn't quite what I had in mind




Oh my God, there's nobody who can set me right

I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight


I-I wanna know who you told 'til they're all laying on the floor, frozen to the core

I-I wanna know who you told 'til it's nobody anymore, nobody anymore


Oh my God, I'm a giant with an appetite

Pushing people to the ground and running 'round the halls at night


Creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like

You tried to hide.

I've been creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like

You tried to hide, from me


I-I wanna know who you told, there's nobody anymore


Nobody anymore [x2]


Love, love love that song.


Not gonna lie, the little ascii emoji faces made me watch that whole video. I am easily amused.


The dragon(+ s if you managed to get the other rare) from the egosumaii gatcha were sooooo good, I didn't even have to pose this guy, they just kind of always look cool like that lol. also loved pretty much everything else in the picture, if you want the deets slide into my sl IMs


I did the close up of this earlier because i liked the flowers idea, but honestly? i forgot about the flowers until now... so oops? i'll see if i can add them tomorrow, but partly i don't want to 'hide' the details of the things in the pic, the outfit, katanas, background, dragon, all very well made.


This is the last pic i took of myself before i started to 'expand' my comfort zone, you'll still see me, but maybe not just 99% me. (i'm sure some people will be glad for it).


I HATED this pic while i was taking it, I half assed the pose in-world instead of making it myself, i wasn't even entirely sure what it was going to be, and i don't really think i have achieved what i wanted, i mean, i love the stuff in the pic and the picture itself is decent, but, with how good the things are, I should have done WAY better.

Due to the many underground waters and rivers, some of the buildings in my town are being ruined. Some residential buildings have now massive cracks. The underground water activity is very strong and it will keep doing damages on beautiful and historical buildings like this one.


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9 Exposure (0, -4, +4 ev)

Photomatix Pro 4.02

Photoshop CS 5:

Curva colori in Mode-Lab Color

Nik Color Efex


Maschera di luminosità

RGB Sharpen



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Oil on canevas

97x130 cm

May 2011

Original by US-CreativeStudio All rights reserved !

Ange de la destruction, nul ne sait d'où elle vient , ni où elle va....La rage au coeur elle détruit tout sur son passage...Ecorchée vive elle survit sur cette terre qu'elle haï tant....Les humains ne méritent pas de vivre...pour elle seule la mort les aidera....


[Aleutia] - Ivy leggings @ Secret Affair Event

Event LM -

[Aleutia] - Tiana top @ the ULTRA event

Event LM -


Head - Catwa Lona

Hair - Tram G0127 hair

Choker - EF - Adoration choker

Heels - #Empire - bouvardiao

Phoh taken at the Salted Ruins

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