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Évocation symbolique de la tragédie du 6 juillet dernier, dans ma ville ....


Ce montage a été réalisé à partir d'une de mes photos et d'une de mes toiles en acrylique.

World Trade Center, New York 9-13-2001 ..Smouldering fires continue amidst the wreckage at the World Trade Center...Andrea Booher/FEMA Photo News.Mandatory byline/No payment

Original by OBJECTIVE-MAN. All rights reserved !

The destruction caused by time and elements inside an old abandoned farmhouse on Ontario.


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Crysis 3


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another from my Polaroid destruction phase. Ha Ha

Happy Friday everyone!

Keep your fingers crossed the weather in Texas is at least nice on Sunday, have plans to shoot film all day! : )

Have a great weekend!

Long exposure dock contrasting beauty with devastation

Thanks to JoesSistah for this great texture!

Estate of V.N.Voeikov. Built in 1914. Kamenka village, Penza region, Russia.

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Wow, this photo................. I really cannot make up my mind which photo I like more. The first version of this photo I did was this one the bottom photo. Than I did this photo again with color, but I have a annoying tendency to make my colors to dark, so no one viewed it because it look like it was just a black thumbnail lol. Than this is my third time doing this photo with color and lighter. I really like how this turned out. But, I am still debating if I want to add texture and more manipulation to the photo!


Suisse, Bâle, Baselworld 2017 (salon mondial de l'horlogerie et de la bijouterie)


Baselworld 2017, The World Watch and Jewellery Show, Basel, Switzerland


Fin du salon Baselworld, les massifs floraux qui s'étendent sur des dizaines de mètres carré sont jetés dans des bennes pour aller à la décharge.

Ces fleurs, en pot individuel et resplendissantes, n'en ont plus que pour quelques instants, et la police encadre les jardiniers pour interdire aux passants (dont certains sont attristés ou scandalisés) d'emporter chez eux quelques plantes rescapées du "massacre"...

Seuls les pots en plastique seront récupérés...


Project: "destruction, rebirth, splendor". model: Chiara Pavoni location: Gibellina from 500px

Destruction Island Lighthouse is a decommissioned lighthouse on Destruction Island, a rocky island that is part of the Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge lying about 3 miles (4.8 km) off the coast of Jefferson County, Washington, in the northwest of the United States.


The Coast Guard shut off the light for good in April 2008. The structure is now under the management of U.S Fish & Wildlife, Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge, and is closed to the public. The lighthouse is visible in the distance from U.S. Route 101 at Ruby Beach about 5 miles (8.0 km) north of Kalaloch.

Oil on canevas

47x39 inches (120x100 cm)

December 2008

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9 Exposure (0, -4, +4 ev)

Photomatix Pro 4.02

Photoshop CS 5:

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Nik Color Efex


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Due to the many underground waters and rivers, some of the buildings in my town are being ruined. Some residential buildings have now massive cracks. The underground water activity is very strong and it will keep doing damages on beautiful and historical buildings like this one.


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Oil on canevas

97x130 cm

May 2011

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