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I've managed to find a small collection of Heather's own photos of her 2010 Doll House. I did not build these, nor did I take the photos. I saved these photos for future reference in my own building, as each room she created had things to teach me about how to get the most out of every single brick. Now I'm very glad that I did.


I've uploaded them here so that these incredible images won't be lost to the AFOL community. I want Heather's friends and family to be able to see them and remember what an amazing builder she was, and for those new AFOLs that might otherwise never have known her work.

Lovely desk built into one of the windows at Standen, it was really nice to have a good close look at all of the interesting items on display. Light was gorgeous too.


Rolleiflex 3.5e

Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar 75mm f3.5

Kodak Tri-X

9 and three quarter minutes in Kodak D-76

Current home office.

Finally, my 3 essays are completed for Uni and I've managed to tidy up my massive stack of books from the side of my desk


My eMac is now at the other side of the room

this is pretty much what my desk looks like this whole summer XD

Left monitor: JavaScript. Right monitor: OMG HAUNTED HOUSE!

Cleaned up my workspace and added a few shelves from Lowe's.


(Explore: Jan. 22, 2009, #10)

A little bit messy, still working on it :)

Sometimes people ask me how many MOCs I have together at once.


It used to be just two or three. But since my collection has grown, I can keep more together for longer, so the slacker in me tends to do just that. There are fourteen on the desk right now, but that doesn't include my NCS MOC and several MOCs awaiting disassembly at my in-law's place.


Hangar 21 has worked out really well, as you can see. I've got four fighters crammed in there right now (three are the contest prizes). The other is a redux of the Nemo, which still needs some work.

1:12 dollhouse scale


The LMax is done by and well very beautiful as you can see.


Chair is from Reac Japan.


The table is from Elf Miniatures (she does great modern furniture and has some Reac Japan chairs for sale as well)


The book on top of the shelf is by


I have tons of mini books that I got from Mercedes


And many minis are from Re-ment (the cutting board, drawers, pens, glass)


The big shelf is from dollhouse emporium

tidied my desk last night. it's gotten a little busier since october.

~$60-ish ikea desk, it's solid beech. Mike sanded it and then finished it with an oil varnish mix.


This is generally how I like my desk to be at the end of the work day. This way, everything is laid out and ready for me when I get into the office tomorrow.


Had to blur some content from the pic. Sorry.

Note: If you’d like to see some of the work produced from this desk visit


On the left, iPad showing a press release in DEVONthink To Go. In the centre is my iMac running interview notes in DEVONthink Pro Office. In the foreground is my MacBook Air 11.6 running OmniOutliner Pro. This is where I knock out the structure and basic draft of my features, most of which are 1000-words plus. Finally, on the right is my iPhone ready to take calls and show OmniFocus reminders, and my Moleskine notebook. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why can’t you simply use one computer at a time like the rest of us?


The way I work is to have on view as much research material as possible. When I’ve got the basic structure to a feature - usually around five or six sub-headings - I write quite quickly, and also in a non-sequential way. I decide the shape only when my outline is put into Pages on the iMac for “tickling” the final draft. It should take me no more than three hours to finish a piece.


By the way, both MacBook and iMac are linked via a nifty little utility called Teleport, which allows me to seamlessly control the iMac from my MacBook over the wifi network, and drag and drop files from one to the other. They also have a shared clipboard for copying and pasting.


On the left (out of shot) is another desk, part of the L-shape, and out of shot on the right is a three-drawer filing cabinet and Brother laser printer.

A recent shot of my computer set up at home. The left monitor is a 15" widescreen which I use to test on a older PC, right now it's running CentOS 6. The middle monitor is my main, it's a Asus 27" and the monitor to the right is a Asus 24" as the secondary. On the very right is an iPad when I want to watch a movie or listen to music.


The placement of the second 24" monitor is not ideal, but the desk is limited on space and really didn't want to take the speakers off the desk. Desk is an Ikea Galant. On the desk is a XXL sized Trac Pad, on the left is another X sized Trac Pad, then my mouse pad is a Trac Pad Pro with a 3M mouse pad stuck on it.

Dieser Schreibtisch ist eine Eigenkreation aus einer IKEA Arbeitsplatte PERSONLIG in hochglanz weiß mit einer Edelstahlkante in 7,6 cm Stärke.


Die Basis für die Platte sind BESTA Regale auf den die Platte einfach aufliegt und mit wenigen Schrauben fixiert ist.


Nachträglich wurden noch Löcher für die Kabeldurchlässe ausgeschnitten.



This desk is my own creation with an IKEA countertop PERSONLIG in high glossy white with a stainless steel border with a thickness of about 3 inch.


The bases for the countertop are BESTA racks and the countertop is just fixed with some screws.


After that I put some wholes in it for the cables.

My desk got featured on the BBC News website!




As someone in my LUG pointed out - it probably feels like home because it IS home - what I meant was as in...sort control. I can't relax anywhere else in the house. I even chose a chair I could comfortably fall asleep in.


Wasn't sure if they'd use it or not - my desk is positively organised compared to a lot of those other pictures!


Dr. S.

Macbook Pro - Lian Li X500 FX - Beats Studio



-iMac 27" i7 8GB 2TB + ext. SSD 120GB via FireWire

-MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2009 + Intel SSD 160GB

-iPad2 32GB WiFi

-Kindle 4 WiFi

Taken with Makina 670 on Velvia 50, failed white balance correction

So last month I haven't been uploading a lot of photos, this is because I was very busy and also because I got myself a new pc! A lot of files had to be moved and organised, so that took a lot of time. This pc is in fact a gaming pc, I have also been playing a lot of games this month. Now that all of my files are organised I will be more active again, it felt good to spend some evenings editing video's for my YouTube channel rather than playing more games, so I hope I can find more balance in these two hobbies.



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