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It's my desk again. Haha!


Sorry for not visiting your streams, I will try my best during the weekend! :)


Facebook page.


Hola.....stasera un po così, pensavo tra me e me sull'importanza del lavoro degli impegni.

Zomberos quante volte avete "dovuto" rinunciare?

Mi spiego:

se è vero che il lavoro nobilita l'uomo e ne fa un essere libero, perchè mai lavorando si deve sempre scegliere la cosa a cui rinunciare?

Oggi ho dovuto fare l'ennesima rinuncia, non solo dovuta al lavoro, ma diciamo che anch'esso contribuisce non poco a triturarmi il tempo, a segmentarlo a tal punto da diventare manciata di secondi per me, il tempo non mi è bastato, e l'impegno a cui tanto tenevo è irrimediabilmente saltato!


Ecco questo è il mio desk, la mia vita e stasera la odio, si fratellini di cyberspazio, la odio con tutto me stesso, e non venitemi a dire beato te che hai il lavoro, si lo so che sono "fortunato", lo so che non tutti hanno oggi la fortuna di avere uno stipendio, ma come scrivevo qualche foto fa, non è che amo meno gli la natura mi da piu' soddisfazioni.

Sentire la pienezza di Fare qualcosa di Tuo, e non Per qualcosa o Qualcuno non ha prezzo, non ha incasso alla fine dello scaffale, e tutto ha un sapore diverso.

Ma questo è il Paese della Rinuncia, della Martellata sui coglioni, della Frustata sulla pubblica piazza, e che ci volete fare se per correre appresso a clienti e fornitori ci si dimentica di se stessi? In fondo è il mercato che ce lo chiede baby!


e tutto intorno a te continua girare mentre tu ti senti fermo come un pachiderma sotto una valanga, travolto da una slavina di impegni, improcrastinabili!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Forse ho perso l'ennesima occasione di farmi del bene, o forse non me la meritavo, nel dubbio mi cucco a letto e mi sento questa.....


buenas noche


take me out!


Oops!! Today is Sunday! XD


Kustom 9 March 2015

xin. wooden corner desk + rare

xin. industrial push cart

xin. industrial numbered cabinet

xin. locked up cabinet

xin. file drawer stand

xin. retro television/radio

xin. wall supply holder

xin. rope shelf

xin. scratched bins

xin. file drawer stand

xin. industrial memo board


The Arcade March 2015

{vespertine} suitcase player.

xin. vintage television

xin. turtle container



Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE

AF Books

Apple Fall Lightbulb Terrarium

AF Monogram Luggage Bag

PILOT - Window Shade [Black Stripes]

PILOT - Burger Meal

PILOT - Chicken Nuggets

PILOT - BBQ Dipping Sauce

PILOT- Journal

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1

-David Heather-DH Soda/Silver/Decor

-David Heather-DH Soda/Gold/Decor

Soy. Triangle Terrarium [diamond] silver

:CP: Rainey Bistro Newspaper

xin. coffee cup

NOMAD // Terminal Wall Clock

{vespertine} painted globe / love

floorplan. deer canvases


MudHoney Zelia Rug


Polaroid expired Chocolate 100 film, 350 Land Camera, scanned after aging for several months.

I've just bought a nice new Canon Speedlite 430EX II to accompany my EOS 7D and thought I'd do a few test shots.

the antique times.

This is my work desk.

Lovely desk built into one of the windows at Standen, it was really nice to have a good close look at all of the interesting items on display. Light was gorgeous too.


Rolleiflex 3.5e

Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar 75mm f3.5

Kodak Tri-X

9 and three quarter minutes in Kodak D-76

I've managed to find a small collection of Heather's own photos of her 2010 Doll House. I did not build these, nor did I take the photos. I saved these photos for future reference in my own building, as each room she created had things to teach me about how to get the most out of every single brick. Now I'm very glad that I did.


I've uploaded them here so that these incredible images won't be lost to the AFOL community. I want Heather's friends and family to be able to see them and remember what an amazing builder she was, and for those new AFOLs that might otherwise never have known her work.

Finally, my 3 essays are completed for Uni and I've managed to tidy up my massive stack of books from the side of my desk


My eMac is now at the other side of the room

...I just found some speakers, so my temporary home for the next 2

days is now decently equipped!

Current home office.

Antique Desk Lamp nice old solid lamp that still works, shot in North Carolina.

this is pretty much what my desk looks like this whole summer XD

Left monitor: JavaScript. Right monitor: OMG HAUNTED HOUSE!

Puchi Sample - My desk

Desk from our in-house thriftstore: the basement! (the former owners of this house just left everything there..:))

Chair was a gift from my neighbour, apple mirror thriftstore find, cute kitchy dear lamp from Pencil case from Esthermokka, lovely bunny from, sponge monster home made cooperation from me and M. The chest of drawers was my own since I was a teenager and has moved throughout the country and the whole of Amsterdam (moved 8 times there in 13 years!)

Cleaned up my workspace and added a few shelves from Lowe's.


(Explore: Jan. 22, 2009, #10)

here's the the top of the "funky" desk i made....used every color i could, in many layers, and clear coats...pretty cool effect

The Queen works on official papers at her desk at Balmoral Castle, September 1972.

© Press Association

My desk, 10 years ago actually my old desk. Today I found the perfect answer to my drawing, writing and reading needs. A desk that is familiar, responding to my body size and also taking me back, like a time capsule, to the years when I read, wrote and drew quite a bit in desks just like this one here. There is a modest bit of rust on the metal legs, but not enough to keep me away. This desk called at me and I felt an instant bond. I'm looking forward to many happy hours. Thanks to JSD for letting me stick it in the back of his truck.

A little bit messy, still working on it :)

Sometimes people ask me how many MOCs I have together at once.


It used to be just two or three. But since my collection has grown, I can keep more together for longer, so the slacker in me tends to do just that. There are fourteen on the desk right now, but that doesn't include my NCS MOC and several MOCs awaiting disassembly at my in-law's place.


Hangar 21 has worked out really well, as you can see. I've got four fighters crammed in there right now (three are the contest prizes). The other is a redux of the Nemo, which still needs some work.

1:12 dollhouse scale


The LMax is done by and well very beautiful as you can see.


Chair is from Reac Japan.


The table is from Elf Miniatures (she does great modern furniture and has some Reac Japan chairs for sale as well)


The book on top of the shelf is by


I have tons of mini books that I got from Mercedes


And many minis are from Re-ment (the cutting board, drawers, pens, glass)


The big shelf is from dollhouse emporium

tidied my desk last night. it's gotten a little busier since october.

Another from the bookshelf.

Flypaper textured.

the light looked really interesting through the blinds

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