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[[RH]] Design House & [MB]


[[RH]] SHIGARAKI Tanuki set (BOX)



[[RH]] -IZAYOI (gacha)

6, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- SOFA (S) 1



14, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- ZABUTON (Red)


16, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- WALL DECO (Yellow)

17, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- WALL DECO (Red)

18, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- GETABAKO (shoe rack)



21, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- CHABUDAI (table) Modern





25, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- RUG


[[RH]] Party Boat Gacha

3.[[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Kappa (Xavier) KAWAJIROU- [RARE]


[[RH]]Biwa (japanese Lute) (BOX)

[[RH]] Biwa -Japanese Lute - display Fix


[[RH]] Japanese green tea (Gara)


[MB] Japanese Flower Arrengement Maple -Red-


16 [[RH]] ZABUTON A (sit)


7. [[RH]] Kingyo -Tana- (Gold fish in wooden container)


6 [[RH]] Cat (red) CHIGURA


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Zen Creations

Japanese Ofuro Tub Room (Adult Menu)

Japanese Ofuro Tub

Japanese Ofuro Tap

Japanese Ofuro Pond

Japanese Ofuro Stone Tub Base

Japanese Ofuro Stone Sculpture

Japanese Ofuro Stool

Japanese Ofuro Rocks & Plant

Japanese Ofuro Dragon Lamp

Japanese Ofuro Wall 1

Japanese Ofuro Wall 3

Japanese Ofuro Wall 4


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design architecture sketch building Yerevan



DaD "Mandarin SpA




DaD "Mandarin SpA

DaD "Mandarin Spa small table A" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa small table B" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa Magnolia arrangement" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa Massage table" PG v.1.0 c/m 1

DaD "Mandarin Spa Towel Basket" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa Jellyfish ceiling lamp" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa Jellyfish floor lamp" c/m

DaD "Mandarin Spa Sensory rug" gift c/m


The Mandarin Spa set is everything you need to unplug for some pampering and self-indulgence. Treat yourself with with a his/her massages or couple cuddle animations in the pg and adult version. Adult couple animations in the adult version only. The set also comes with jellyfish ceiling and floor lamp, tables, towel basket and magnolia flower arrangement.


Grab your luxury pampering treatment today!


Each piece is sold separately or can be purchased together as a fatpack.


ONLY with Fatpack


- Bonus wall/floor mesh c/m


- Concrete clean plates texture c/m


- GIFT Sensory rug l.i. 5 c/m


Massage Table Available in PG & ADULT Version


l.i. 9


c/m (scripts & animat are not mod)







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Raindale - Pineapple hall set

Raindale - pineapple sconce (gold)


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L'uomo, lo scimmione obeso della cui specie facciamo parte, ritiene di aver inventato il "design". Se tuttavia la sua capacità di guardarsi intorno e di osservare andasse appena appena oltre il suo naso, si sarebbe accorto che il "design" l'ha inventato la Natura. E che quando l'ha inventato, nella notte dei tempi, non si chiamava "design", ma garzetta, airone, zebra, giraffa, giglio, ecc. ecc. ..... ..

Marvelous design of the back side of a very large palm frond...

Gold Spangled Hamburgh hen.

I took this macro one month ago.....and here we are at the start of August already. We're just finishing another hot long weekend over here and by the looks of all that is circled on my calendar this month, I see my flickr time being sporadic yet again.

Well, I guess that's what summer is for.....go out and enjoy it! :)

Detail of table of the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. He makes furniture from scrap wood (Dutch Design Week)


design center

san francisco, california

Water Garden in Kiftsgate Court Gardens, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England.

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If you haven't visited Rise Design to see Reya Darkstone's work then you should. She was recently featured in Attention Magazine. Read the story here:


Rise Design LM included:


Inspired by science fiction movies, Ikea PS 2014 pendant lamp is a winner of the international design competition Red Dot Award.

A little frosty design on our kitchen window this's about 3/4" wide.

SOOC, captured in square format, and using the in-camera black and white filter.


(posting 2 pix today)...scratch that...three! ;)

A very different sort of shot again taken at the new Design Museum in Kensington. Taken with a long lens at 120mm from the opposite walkway. The building is 3 times the size of the former home of the Design Museum near Tower Bridge and opened to the Public on 24th November. The slats in the background change at intervals to form the letters Designer then Maker and then User.


The picture was taken handheld steadying on the railing with a Sony A700 with a Tamron 28-200 long zoom at 120mm. One Raw image processed initially in RAW. Then Nik define to remove a little noise and Topaz Clarity for more punch and detail. The colours were essentially as seen. I did Some selective brightness adjustments with layer masks including to bring up detail on the dark coats of the ladies.


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I seem to go through some phases character wise. Right now it's different Robin designs. Wanted to do a design with more yellow involved. Also kind of see these as possible costumes for random people to get into with the whole we are Robin thing.

Designed my Myron Goldsmith of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill in 1971, located in Columbus Indiana

Detail of Yngve Ekstrom's Lounge Chair design (1950s, oak laminate), here the structure supporting the armrest. Mitakon Speedmaster at F 0.95, close-up. Edited in Fuji's raw converter and in Luminar.

When you look at this light, do you immediately assume it came to be there through a long sequence of random accidents? Of course not. It is obvious that someone put it there and that it had a designer who intended it to work exactly as it does.


Any single celled organism is thousands of times more complex and finely tuned than this light. For example, Cyanothece is a unicellular bacterium that can capture energy from light. During the day, Cyanothece increases expression of genes governing photosynthesis and sugar production. At night, however, Cyanothece ramps up the expression of genes governing a surprising number of vital processes, including energy metabolism, nitrogen fixation, respiration, the translation of messenger RNA (mRNA) to proteins and the folding of these proteins into proper configurations. (


When I consider even just a "simple" single celled organism like that, let alone all the wonders of this universe, I cannot believe it came about by chance - no matter how long you wait! The complexity of life screams Design!


Genesis 1:16-18

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

Entdeckt in einer Homburger Arztpraxis

Designer chairs discovered in a doctor's office in Homburg Germany

Chaises de designer, découvertes dns un cabinet médical de Homburg en Allemagne

[lf design] Bibi

3 versions in 3 colors each or in fatpack in 3 laced version and 3 color each.

from 09/09/2019 you can find at ON9 event


in worls store:

and and from the end of the month in the store [lf design]

ON9 event:

Staircase design and model at the Gemeenlandshuis at Maassluis, The Netherlands. The actual staircase is there too.

An attractive design of the vinyl flooring of a multi-purpose building in Subic, Zambales, Philippines.

Citroen Deesse, the left blinker.


Citroen DS 21, der linke Blinker.


One of the few cars where design is art and art becomes desing..


Eines der wenigen Autos, bei denen Desingn zur Kunst und Kust zu Design wird.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

5913c 2018 10 06 001 file

A view I never tire of...

Entrance Gate Design Feature

Hwy 62 - Oklahoma

Bugatti Veyron by Oakley Design

Architecture and Design

Mudec Museum of Arts - Milan - Design and Architecture

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New Release :: Stana Jewerly Sandals V/II . Customizable colors on the texture change hud.

- This set Iincluded.

- Fitted Mesh for Maitreya Lara.

- Fitted Mesh for Slink ,Phisyque-Hourglass.

- Fitted Mesh for Belleza, Isis-Freya-Venus.

- Hud Driven for - [26 Texture].


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The Peacock feather must be one of the most beautiful of God's creations - full of colour and grace.

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