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More pic in my blog, please visit it.. tysm!!

This is another old shot with my phone at the UBA Law College.

Light, shadow and repetition.


Stay safe!

The derecho that slammed into Iowa and Illinois on August 10, 2020, left this corn crib crippled as 140 mph leveled structures and left cornfields at a 45 degree angle.


What a week! Monday saw us on the getting end of a Derecho. This thing had winds near 100mph. Lost power until Tuesday morning. My poor SIL is still without but should be up today.


To add to the fun, I had a water heater installed Tuesday while trying to get a huge limb off my roof. All with my finger still in stitches from the hand surgery.


Good times! The wind was really whistling through Whistle Pig, Iowa

The storm was whipping rain in every direction. There was a sudden drop in temperature, turning the humid summer air into a cool fall night. The thunder roared through the cool air. I tried desperately to compose the scene in this chaotic storm environment, yet, once again, I missed the mark.

- - This was a highly unusual weather event called a derecho. Derechos are a long-lived wind storm that may travel across multiple states and cause widespread damage. They occur a few times a year in the Midwest or Eastern US. What was unusual about this derecho is that it began in Utah at 9AM. Normally the Rockies disrupt organized storm systems, but this one had no problem plowing 750 miles all the way to North Dakota. Hundreds of wind reports ranged from 60 to 110 mph. I intercepted the squall line near the Wyoming/South Dakota border. The severe thunderstorm warning mentioned a storm motion of 100 mph which was a bit difficult to comprehend. I tried to make it to a mountaintop, but then had to go with plan B, which turned into plan C which was pretty much the side of a road off of I-90. The shelf cloud was very ominous. The air was notably calm and quiet just before it struck. One mountain after another vanished into the rain and dust. Then seconds later the wind was roaring and I couldn't even stand up straight.

Calle Alcalá, ciudad de Oaxaca.

Waiting impatiently for the storm to reach downtown, I decided to head over to Burnham Harbor to take in a different view of the city. I spotted the front of the squall line and took a couple of quick shots, and then rushed back into my car just as the sky opened up and unleashed the fury that I saw just a few moments ago. I wish I could've captured the scene as well as I saw it in person.

cuando la gente considera que la luz es muy cara, va y se cuelga de la luz....

cuando la gente considera que el agua es cara, va y arregla los medidores..

cuando la gente considera que se comete injusticias contra ell@s, va y se organiza


cuando las mujeres no quieren tener hijos, en un país como este- falocentrista, antropocéntrico y machista- donde el aborto no es legal y donde la píldora del día después solo se compra con receta médica...las mujeres también resisten..


y se pasan la información al oido, generando esas redes solidarias tan molestas pa l@s poderosos....

porque con palillos, cucharas, tallos de apio y perejil, misotrol, medicos, decisión es de nosotras, y el derecho a la información es básica.


ahí una página donde sale toda la información técnica:

y para comprar..bueno don google entrega toda la información publicada sobre ventas.


he dicho

- - This shelf cloud first blew over me outside of Jordan. But it was dusty and not photogenic enough, so I went east to get ahead of it again.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning on 8-10-2020


A 360 Time-Lapse video is here:

- - Just outside of Brockway, I managed to get a few miles ahead of this ominous shelf cloud. The NWS would later classify this storm a derecho.

pareja de vasos de chupito / couple of shot glasses

A shot of the approaching Derecho Storm as sun set and the first wave of the storm approached the clouds took on an angry reddish glow.

Just after the derecho ripped through the Chicagoland area, metra 177 heads west as it pulls into Elmhurst.

las Naciones Unidas proclamaron extensas listas de derechos humanos; pero la inmensa mayoría de la humanidad no tiene más que el derecho de ver, oír y callar. ¿Qué tal si empezamos a ejercer el jamás proclamado derecho a soñar? ¿Qué tal si deliramos, por un ratito? Vamos a clavar los ojos más allá de la infamia, para adivinar otro mundo posible: el aire estará limpio de todo veneno que no venga de los miedos humanos y de las humanas pasiones; en las calles, los automóviles serán aplastados por los perros; la gente no será manejada por el automóvil, ni será programada por la computadora, ni será comprada por el supermercado, ni será mirada por el televisor; [...]

los desesperados serán esperados y los perdidos serán encontrados, porque ellos son los que se desesperaron de tanto esperar y los que se perdieron de tanto buscar; seremos compatriotas y contemporáneos de todos los que tengan voluntad de justicia y voluntad de belleza, hayan nacido donde hayan nacido y hayan vivido cuando hayan vivido, sin que importen ni un poquito las fronteras del mapa o del tiempo; la perfección seguirá siendo el aburrido privilegio de los dioses, pero en este mundo chambón y jodido, cada noche será vivida como si fuera la última y cada día como si fuera el primero.


Patas Para Arriba, Eduardo Galeano, 1999


explore! #1


Haven't really done a Mech with wings (jet boosters) so here's my attempt at it. This build is part of a bigger project that I will share eventually.

Image acquired June 29, 2012


On June 29, 2012, a windstorm started in northwestern Indiana, and traveled roughly 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. Embarking on a roughly 10-hour journey, the fast-moving storm toppled trees, downed power lines and left more than a million residents without power in the District of Columbia alone.


The storm was what meteorologists call a derecho. Deriving its name from the Spanish term for “straight ahead,” derecho storms generally blow in one direction. They do not swirl like tornadoes, but they can cause tornado-style damage. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that the wind gusts in the June 29 derecho rivaled those of an EF-1 tornado.


This photo, also available from the NOAA storm summary, was taken in LaPorte, Indiana, on the afternoon of June 29. It shows a shelf cloud on the leading edge of the derecho. These long, flat clouds are often associated with thunderstorms, and the massive windstorm that swept over the eastern United States was also associated with thunderstorms—a long line of them stretching for hundreds of miles.


The June 29 derecho occurred along the boundary of two air masses. In the north, the air was stable and dry. In the south, the air was unstable and moist. And hot. The Capital Weather Gang reported that, before the derecho began, areas affected by the southern air mass were facing record-high temperatures—109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in Nashville, Tennessee, and Columbia, South Carolina; and 104 degrees (40 degrees Celsius) in Washington, DC. This hot, humid air provided fuel for the windstorm, which pulled the air skyward, then returned it in violent downdrafts.


Derechos have occurred before, and were actually given their name in the late nineteenth century. They occur most often in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of the United States, between May and July. To qualify as a derecho, a storm must cause damage over 240 miles (400 kilometers) and pack wind gusts of at least 58 miles (93 kilometers) per hour. The June 29 derecho damage extended over a much greater length, and the storm brought wind gusts of more than 90 miles (145 kilometers) per hour. The June 29 storm did not just qualify as a derecho. It was, according to the Capital Weather Gang, “one of the most destructive complexes of thunderstorms in memory.”


Photo courtesy Kevin Gould / NOAA. Caption by Michon Scott.


Credit: NASA Earth Observatory


NASA image use policy.


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA’s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Solar System Exploration, and Astrophysics. Goddard plays a leading role in NASA’s accomplishments by contributing compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s mission.


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There was a bit of calmness after the first derecho passed through Chicago.

Severe storm Derecho 60-80mph winds with this

sí, pero donde???


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Saca de Yeguas Huelva 2019

A gnarly bolt of lightning drops from the sky, but fails to connect with why skyline.


Set Description: Lighting strikes the same place all the time.


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Posadas - Misiones - Argentina

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Ésta que es mia

ésta que tenemos


ésta que funciona

ésta que se descompone


Ésta que está arriba

ésta que me rompe


ésta que se rompe

la cabeza ésta

ella misma


Ésta que es mia

ésta que tenemos


ésta que funciona

ésta que se descompone


Ésta que está arriba

ésta que me rompe


ésta que se rompe

la cabeza ésta

ella misma


Queríamos algo perfecto, queríamos que todo fuese derecho y simétrico, pero siempre fuimos imperfectos, siempre fuimos jugándonos chueco.

Este es un ejemplo de las contradicciones en las que está cayendo Europa. Esta inscripción en varios idiomas, está en todos los ventanales del MUCEM (Museo de las civilizaciones de Europa y el Mediterráneo) que se encuentra en el puerto viejo de Marsella, la ciudad que da nombre al himno de Francia, ese que canta a la libertad, a la igualdad y a la fraternidad, mirando al mar Mediterráneo, ese mar que divide norte y sur, ese mar en el que se juegan la vida los que no encuentran futuro en su país, pero, sobre todo, quienes huyen del terrorismo y la guerra en Siria. Si supieran que en un lugar de ese mismo mar en el que ponen sus esperanzas, se nos recuerda que tienen derecho a asilo... Pero nuestros gobernantes europeos sí conocen el artículo 14 de la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos y, sin embargo, han decidido incumplirlo.

No puedo dejar de mostrar esta imágen, de hacerlo me autoincriminaría, aunque la fotografía sea un documento y pueda utilizarse como prueba en diversos foros tengo el derecho a defender mi honorabilidad y decir que esto que parece a todas luces una huida cobarde no es más que un intento postrero de evitar que se me quemen las patas dando unos trancos que me llevaran fuera de la zona de conflicto, se que habrá comentarios malintencionados, pero espero las palabras objetivas los compañeros de numerosos viajes...

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Life is about capturing the moment in its beauty, and telling a story to every beautiful moment. - Blanca Acosta

Here is the weather report from the Weather Channel: Severe thunderstorms are producing widespread damaging winds across a part of the Midwest today as a derecho races eastward.


A derecho is a widespread wind damage event caused by severe thunderstorms, and this one got its start in eastern Nebraska Monday morning.


The complex of storms has knocked out power and caused tree damage from around Omaha, Nebraska, to central Iowa. Winds gusted up to 112 mph in Midway, Iowa, and up to 85 mph near Moline, Illinois, as these storms moved through.


la facultad de derecho en recoleta


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We brought our trash back into the garage! We didn't want the chicken bones and shrimp shells in the road to have to pick up! Many people were not so lucky. I picked up a bag of dirty diapers, I am pretty sure! And somebody's insulation from their house. What a mess!

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