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Dendrobium infundibulum Lindl. epiphytic orchid orchid In the habitat.

Dendrobium speciosum pedunculatum is an Australian native orchid, a variety which occurs mainly in Northern Queensland. It is charachterised by being relatively small growth ( less than half the size ) in comparison to the type form Dendrobium speciosum var speciosum which was one of the first orchids to be identified in the area of Sydney. It also has very upright racemes, with other varieties of speciosum typically having arching to horizontal racemes.

Dendrobium orchid. Focus stacked using zerene



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Dendrobium capituliflorum


Plant display house, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, Darwin, Northern Territory, 2017

A very dainty little Dendrobium species orchid, which comes from mountainous regions in Laos, Vietnam and China. It is one of the earliest plants I can remember amongst Dad's collection, and I was lucky to get a small plant of it many years later. It has a very sprawling growth habit, growing as a series of small pseudobulb canes, one off another off another from which the flowers grow singularly.

A beautiful hybrid dendrobium orchid on show at the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo. The original Den. Mousmee hybrid was a cross between Den. furcatum x Den. thrysiflorum in 1941. This carries the name 'Ishigaki', an island in Okinawa.

Dendrobium hilda poxon hybride de D. speciosum X D. tetragonum

Genus: dendrobium Species: Dendrobium Serena-Alexianum?

Not sure of the ID, but it looks like the Serena-Alexianum.


Dendrobium hilda poxon hybride de D. speciosum X D. tetragonum

A favourite which Dad gave me a piece of a long time ago. It's flowers are amongst the most golden you will see and have a lovely waxy sheen. When not in flower it looks interesting for it 's shiny bulgy pseudobulbs.


1009 22/7/15

Dendrobium hilda poxon hybride de D. speciosum X D. tetragonum

The cross:

Dend alexandrae x Dend bigiddum


This fairly compact Dendrodium grows in my warm greenhouse with regular fertilizer and bright light. Definitely an easy grower that is very generous with its flower spikes that last months at a time, highly recommended.


Blooming in my greenhouse 2012.

Dendrobium Berry Oda = Dendrobium kingianum x Dendrobium 'Mini Pearl' (=Dendrobium canaliculatum x Dendrobium bigibbum)

A delightful cross producing many charming purple flowers on many inflorescences ...

2009 02 09

dendrobium chrysanthum or dendrobium fimbriatum


Image from Botanical Garden, Yercaud, Ooty.

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