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It’s sad to say but I have to... Bye flea market with all its entertainments... Bye amazing Delft. My time here is over. Just last look at flea market and beautiful city, I didn’t have a time to show you all its wonders... but I have to go away... The road calls me forward, to the “second capital” of Netherlands... to The Hague or Den Haag in Dutch...


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Holland. No photoshop, no HDR. Without edition, without retouching.


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Textures: 2 L'il Owls "pixie Paints 02" and "Black Screen -col 1"

Topaz Impressions Pastels 1


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Op station Delft was alles aan zijn of haar laatste keer bezig. Zo ook de Leeg Materieelritten. SGM-II 2112 komt met een flink vaart door het station heen zetten, op weg naar Rotterdam.


Delft, NS Reizigers 2112.

21 februari 2015, :copyright: 2015 Bas Meijer.

From the archives october 16, 2013


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Holland. No photoshop, no HDR. Without edition, without retouching.


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Early summer morning in 2014

Black and white - 55-200 + D5100

Sometimes the cars are parked so close to the water, the driver has to step out on the other side or has to be an acrobat.

Picture taken in october 2013.

Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands and the tin-glazed pottery made in the Netherlands from the 16th century.


Delftware in the latter sense is a type of pottery in which a white glaze is applied, usually decorated with metal oxides. Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments and tiles.


Marktplein van Delft na zonsondergang in het blauwe uur.


:copyright: 2015 Ilya Korzelius

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Reed de 1612 op de 21e mee in trein 61601 naar Kijfhoek, zo reed deze loc op 18 februari zelf richting Zwijndrecht. De loc komt hier mooi op tijd net het Delftse spoorwegviaduct af, als trein 61601 Beverwijk Hoogovens Centraal - Kijfhoek Noord. Nog geen week oud, nu al geschiedenis...


Delft, DB Schenker 1612.

18 februari 2015, :copyright: 2015 Bas Meijer.

Greetings from Delft.

The town hall of Delft, dating from 1620, built in Dutch renaissance style. One of the most photographed buildings in Delft by tourists, though this morning I seemed to be the only one.


Week 22 - A tourist in your own town/country

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Delft, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

City Center Delft, The netherlands


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temporary streetart called "Ponte Vecchio" in Delft

Photo-a-Day Challenge/121 May 1-'15


Dedicated to Lady Joan C. from Lune Valley !!!

(explore 31.05.2014)

Grachtje achter de Oude Kerk in Delft

Info: "A ceiling of curved white horizontal strips adorned with a historic city map in (Delft) blue arches above the public lobby and station hall (in collaboration with Geerdes Ontwerpen)."



De selfie stok, ongeveer de meest nutteloze gadget ooit bedacht (wat mij betreft dan).

The selfie stick, in my opinion the most useless gadget ever invented......?

Delft, 25-1-205

LE opname van vanmiddag bij de Oostpoort van Delft.


:copyright: 2015 Ilya Korzelius

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Het nieuwe station van Delft zorgt voor een mooie nieuwe plek voor foto's. SLT 2657 is hier als trein 5178 op weg naar Den Haag Centraal, als hier net wordt vertrokken vanuit Delft.


Delft, NS Reizigers 2657.

3 maart 2014, :copyright: 2015 Bas Meijer.

The Oostpoort in the lovely old city Delft was built in 1400 and inspired the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer to make "View on Delft" (1660).

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