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For my project "Discarted", I cut the botton of an old pair of jeans and transformed it into a decorative sleeve. I put a bright pink ribbon into the holes, to decorate it more.

The hardest thing about this weeks challenge was deciding which textures to choose! In the end, as I lean towards pretty things, I chose the handmade gift wrap and part of the ribbon used to decorate a gift. They had a lot more texture than I could see with my eye alone!!

HMM and thank you to all who take the time to fav and comment :))

After a morning decorating the front bedroom , I was allowed out for good behaviour, so I thought I'd try out my new camera. The mornings grey clouds had broken up to reveal ribbons of blue sly, and an incoming tide with good surf ensured reflections were back on the menu. The gift and the curse by the Sand Band, is fine in so many ways, and obviously the Sand Band is perfect .

Hubby & I decorated this one together, this is pretty much what happens when two hoarders unite lol. <3


New at Bloom:

*LODE* Decor - Forsythia Frame I RARE

*LODE* Decor - Forsythia Frame II RARE

*LODE* Head Accessory - Forsythia Crown

*LODE* Hand Accessory - Forsythia Bouquet

*LODE* Head Accessory - Forsythia Wreath

*LODE* Decor - Forsythia Vase

*LODE* Head Accessory - Flying Forsythia & Butterflies

floorplan. fresh eggs sign

hive // crate bar [dark]

hive // extra crates [dark]

hive // picnic sign [dark]

hive // oak tree

01 Fancy Decor: Pearl Embellished Egg RARE

08 Fancy Decor: Opulent Egg (white)

06 Fancy Decor: Opulent Egg (onyx)

Fancy Decor: Potted Crocus (Yellow/black) - Pot Only

:::ChicChica::: Mia M Noir RARE


New at Fameshed:

Fancy Decor: Salmacis Engraving


Other Items Used:

.:revival:. indian summer shed black

The Loft - Napa Entryway Box Set Clean Stripe

[ARIA] Ophelia potted Amaryllis

PILOT - Lemonade Tray

dust bunny . wanderlust . daisy teacup

...Mutresse... Muci Clutch [Right Hand]

* SORGO - Leather Wallet

NOMAD // Amore Loveletters

.06 [ kunst ] - Vintage trunk / dark - gold

AF Decorative Artichokes

Apple Fall Roses Box (White)

floorplan. helium balloon / gold string

floorplan. party balloon / yellow

{anc} happyendpark. color little chick 5Li

{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream stripe 2Li

{anc} darkroom / Derain- Varane's custom camera 5Li RARE

{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A] 1Li

[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Easter Egg

[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Chocolate Bunny

[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Basket Dark

{what next} Madeleine Hatbox (single)

Fancy Decor: Luxe Picture Frame

{vespertine} vintage wooden birdcage / mustard

{vespertine} victorian birdcage / mustard

*LODE* Head Accessory - Eden [white] RARE

19_8f8 - New Beginnings - Chicken 2

19_8f8 - New Beginnings - Baby Goose


Love to decorate the jars with bells, white ribbon and twine.


THANK YOU everyone for your visits, comments and favs!

I appreciate your invites and awards very much!


:copyright: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Use without permission is illegal.


This beautiful Valentine Wreath was completely handmade by our daughter who flew in for a long weekend recently.


The wreath is made from red Deco Mesh, wooden Valentine hearts, burlap and ribbons ~


Deco Mesh


Awesomeness sold by the roll!! Deco Mesh has taken the decorating and design worlds by storm! Designers and florists alike have used Deco Mesh as their Ace in the Hole for years to add life and color to their creations and events. Deco Mesh can be used to decorate anything from a fireplace mantel, doorway, table centerpiece, mailboxes, light poles, Christmas Trees or anything else that would benefit from a little sprucing up. Deco Mesh can also be used to blend together your inspiration and creativity into beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art in the form of wreaths, valentine harts, Christmas trees, crosses, deco-balls, mailbox toppers, and anything else that you can imagine. The only limit is your Creativity! Deco Mesh can be molded into beautiful garlands.

Posted for Slider Sunday. Processed in Topaz Glow. HSS!


I don't normally shoot Christmas type of images, but saw a beautifully decorated tree yesterday and just happened to have my macro lens on my camera with me, so couldn't resist a few shots.

New at Collabor88:

dust bunny . spring potting table

Ariskea[Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Green]

Kalopsia - Blossom's Mister Vase

Kalopsia - Blossom's Lady Vase

tarte. lightbulb terrarium - plant

tarte. lightbulb terrarium - moss


Other Items Used:

floorplan. welcome home chalkboard

[ keke ] spring sprout 3

[ keke ] sink - dark

The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Wrapped Tulips

[ARIA] Kira Potted Orchid

*LODE* Head Accessory - Eden [white] RARE

*LODE* Decor - Crocus Wood Box [white] RARE

{what next} Hanging Heart Decor - Love Grows Here

tarte. rope wall shelf (worn)

{vespertine- gardener shrub soap/wrapped}

dust bunny . wanderlust . book planter

dust bunny . wanderlust . daisy teacup

dust bunny . recycled pots

dust bunny . blossoming flowers

dust bunny . storybook living . researcher's journal

.08 [ kunst ] - Watering can

Apple Fall Colander (Green)

{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream stripe 2Li

{anc} darkroom / Derain- Varane's custom camera 5Li RARE

junk. paris street sign. 1

[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Plant Markers 1


Inspired by one of my fave movies, Marie Antoinette - making Marcus watch it asap! :P


New at Bloom:

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / La Rosee Top / RARE

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Les Rosees Dress / RARE

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Oversize Cake / Roses

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Mini Cake / Rose

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Mini Cake / Peony

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Cake Pop Jar / Peonies

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Cake Pop Jar / Roses

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Petit Fours / Peonies

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Petit Fours / Roses

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Drizzle Cakes / Roses

DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Cake Pop Treat / Rose


New at The Chapter Four:

*LODE* Decor - Wild Sakura Marzipan Cake RARE


Other Items Worn:

*The Mystic* Victoria Rose Crown (all Colors)

=Zenith=Gothic Rose headpiece (Rose) -Gold (Modified - Roses Only)

=Zenith=Gothic Lace Wrist (Rose)Gold -Maitreya

erratic / diana - wrist cuff / pearl (maitreya) (r &l) - I'm obsessed with these!

=Zenith=sparkling handbag (Snow)

booN XFE275 hair blonde


Other Decor Items Used:

The Loft - Wedding Reception - Round Table Beige

The Loft - Wedding Reception - Ombre Cake (Modified)

The Loft - Bar Shelf Gold

AF Teacup Pearls RARE

tarte. vintage print

Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Sponge Cake

Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Chiffon Cake

Kalopsia - Old Mirror (no pictures)

Fancy Decor: Crystal SconceFancy Decor: Damask Wall Panel (medium)

+Half-Deer+ Crystal Romance Garland - Bow - White

+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Cake Stand - Ribbon x

Gumpaste butterflies and curly cues.

scrapbooking craft materials

I love to reuse some jars, just a colored ribbon, any things I have on hand .. some wild flowers ... ready! A new pot of flowers to decorate a little corner ; )


Thank you so much for all support and friendship of all of you !


If you want .. View On Black ... or if you prefer ... View On White ... Thanks !!!


This photo is also here .. ... thanks !



Winner on Second place on MARCH challenge - GLASS / 2013 on group ~✣ To Be Still ✣~ Thank you so much !

Merindah and the 'Summer Rose' Victorian lamp.

40cm miniature Victorian lamp, powered by 2 AA batteries. Silk, lace and ribbon embroidery all colored by hand. Decorated with vintage brass motifs. Both chair and lamp available on Etsy.

A pretty decorated fence with a garland of pink pinecones and tulle ribbons. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!

Bells, ribbons and glitter to wrap, decorate and wear.

Well you might think this a mandarin or an orange but .......... my daughter, a university student, very fond of baking, made this last Christmas. A little chocolate filled marzipan candy decorated with leaves from physalis (also called ground cherry / cape gooseberry) and beautifully wrapped in a transparent packing with a ribbon and a small note saying Merry Christmas Dad :)) I saved her beautiful present till January 7 this year because we had to head for our holiday home in Finland to celebrate our Christmas there. Just before enjoying this sweet candy with a strong Espresso I thought why not to take a picture of this......

Chalk White.

Charles and Desmond.

Superfrock. Londres


Thank you so much Lady L :


Collection Couture Gatherers/WAR and Peace.


Superdoll continued to create one of a kind dolls using French Resin. This was the material used for the dolls comprising the next large, publicly displayed OOAK collection, known as Couture Gatherers or WAR. The theme of the collection was a world devastated by a nuclear holocaust. A band of survivors travels the planet searching out precious scraps of couture. The dolls' heads were bare save for a few wisps of hair at the nape and their foreheads were decorated with silver leaf. The fabrics are all couture quality, mostly beaded and embroidered laces enhanced with other materials and had strongly colored linings. Each doll has a long piece of silk ribbon in a particular color as part of her costume. A triangular design motif ran throughout the collection particularly in the shapes of the garments. All of the dolls wore identical clear Perspex shoes with green linings.


By : LADY L. U.S.A.


Texture courtesy of pareeerica


... a happy birthday to my friend Jim (Boomer-23) who by now is probably standing staring at a lighthouse on the coast of Maine. Hope you bundled up, Jim =)

We took about 4.5 hour to travel down this Lijiang River or Li River from Guiling to Yangshuo (83km), consider one of the most popular and picturesque scenic spots in China.


Along the banks are landscape decorated with startling hills, steep cliffs, fantastic caves and farming villages, and is lined with bamboo groves. In a Chinese poem it is written: "The river is a green silk ribbon, and the hills are jade hairpins"


I really needed to upload this shot...

The weather today in fact is cold, windy, rainy and foggy a rare combination of events for our usually "Sunny Sicily". Weather forecasts actually show that in a couple of days should snow quite a bit....

Only two days ago instead was like in this capture! Go figure.....


Through my friend Iris (eyewrisz) words:


if this is feeling blue

i want to feel it too

color is astounding on petal ribbons all curled

a welcome sight in this complicated world


Iris, the day that you'll get bored and won't write these little gems for my shots anymore, I think I'll stop posting.....You are way too good with me!


I would love if you friends could pay a visit to my blogs:

Ribbon Of Highway

It was a sort of rainy, sunny, snowing day. The road was wet and the picture presented it's self.


Copyright Notice

(C) 2009 Lila & Joe Grossinger Photography

All Rights Reserved


Because I do not wish to show the world as it is and instead prefer

to show it as I wish it to be, I handcraft each and every picture in photoshop.


This picture is S.O.O.P!

Straight Out Of Photoshop CS3 - Because I care.

If you have to use this picture to decorate your hovel then don't forget

who created it. Drop me a line. Give me credit. Link to my photostream

Better yet, send me a check.


Read my profile.

I'm always very busy, but not too busy for my friends.


Another outtake from last year's 365- this is a little tree we have at work that we decorate for the changing holidays. Much nicer on black.


Twilight. Kytelers pub in Kilkenny, rural Ireland. There was time left on this midsummer evening for a pint. I rested my camera case on the bar stool, and thought silently: "which beer to try?"


A pint appeared on its own, like a sunrise. It was Bulmer's vintage cider, bought by a man next to me. Savoring the cider, I asked my host, who was tapping his left foot in time with the music, about the band. “Do you not know The Briars? Sufferin’ ducks!” he said, astonished, finishing his beer with one hand and loosening a button on his worn woolen jacket with the other. My fellow beer taster at the bar grinned from under his dark tweed cap, telling me the band was famous in Kilkenny for “craic.” That’s right, craic. After I bought him a bitter, he told me that craic was a patter of lighthearted jokes told in between songs.


When I wondered aloud if he meant crack, like crack a joke, he brightened and said “Yah . . .. Only in Kilkenny, we say craic.” He was right. The Briars’ jests put their audience in a good mood with their stage mischief.


On their break, this patter segued onto the street outside Kytelers. As three of the band members lit their smokes, they joked about their set, and asked me for my take on Kilkenny. Then they shared some tips about places to visit in Ireland, with a “must see” stop at Newgrange, north of Dublin.

Walking through Kilkenny, I’d seen Kytelers pub across the Noir River on the town’s main street. The pub’s placard read “hot food served all day,” and showed the familiar of a witch, a blue cat. Next to it, a small notice claimed that Dame Alice le Kyteler was the first owner of the property. Dame Kyteler was accused of witchcraft in 1324, after her first 3 husbands died. She then had the honor of becoming the first and only witch burned at the stake in Ireland. Reading about witch burning gave me a wicked thirst, and The Briars were back on. Time for more music.


As the band started their second set, the place filled up, and the words to unforgotten rhymes floated through the smoky air. Firelight thrown by an open stone hearth glimmered off of unplayable tubas, fiddles and trumpets nailed to the oak beams. These beams were held by walls made from liscannor stone, cleft from the Moher Cliffs in western Ireland. Our bartender moved gracefully like a clog dancer as he roamed the ship-sized bar serving cider, ale and lager. Perhaps the Irish poet, John Boland, had Kytelers in mind when he penned that “the old, dimly lit bars in which, over a pint, one ruminated on the meaning of a life, are still a dominant feature of rural Ireland.” The scents of hot food and beer were cozy . . . it seemed I was in the living room of an dear old friend.


With a rich visual history decorating the walls around me, I thought of that old expression: The traveller is to the tourist what a photograph is to a snapshot. Leaving tourist habits behind, I’d become a traveller, on country time. First I’d seen the pub, next it was off to the countryside.


The next morning, cathedral bells rang. I had tasted the tunes in an Irish pub. Now, time for music of a different style. Having seen Saint Canice’s Cathedral from my lodging, I joined its packed 9 a.m. Sunday service to experience an ancient pipe organ, and a men's choir.


After the peaceful church service, the door to Saint Canice’s round tower was open to visitors. In the doorway of this eighth-century, 108-foot tower, its keeper told me that the tower builders made the ascending stone steps in a clockwise spiral, so that from inside, a right-handed villager defending the riches stored there could easily strike downwards. A Viking invader, climbing up clockwise, would be forced to use his weaker left hand. Atop the round tower, gusts from a strong breeze buffeted the stones. Below, an impossibly green lawn skirted the cathedral. A man mowing this lawn threaded his way between the high crosses of the church cemetery. His labors wafted the fragrance of fresh-cut grass skyward. I climbed down the tower stairs. The cemetery was quiet, although the graves seemed to speak and burial markers whispered to me.With angled sunlight softening the edges of the lichen-covered grave markers, the orange growth seemed to glow against the grey stones, and I photographed the Kilkenny cemetery into the gloaming.


“No visitor to Kilkenny would skip seeing a hurling match!” my bar mate had insisted. A traditional Gaelic game, hurling is played with sticks and a hard ball. Like field hockey, the 3-foot long stick is curved. This axe-shaped oak, a “hurley”, is used to bat the ball either into the goal for 3 points, or between the crossbars for one point. Baseball-sized and just as hard, the white ball is called a “sliotar.”In hurling, a team of 15 players competes on the field without helmets or gloves. Players injured their fingers catching the sliotar because they often got hit by an opponent’s stick. Since a skilled player can whack the sliotar at 90 mph, when a stick hits a bare body part, blood can be shed. I saw four hand injuries in one 30-minute half.


Hurling is war.


Fortunately, my mid-field seat at the town’s hurling arena let me rub elbows with fans and have a Guinness or two. As the Kilkenny fans cheered their team to a win, I made portraits of the Irish faces sitting nearby. The town folk again made me feel at home with their friendliness. When I thought I may have asked too many questions during the game, my fellow fan said “Too many questions? Nonsense! Let me tell you about the point scoring...”.The next day at the bus station, on the route to Newgrange, I met a school hurling team. Hefting their hurleys, they seemed pleased to pose for a group portrait before their match in Dublin. It was almost time to leave Kilkenny.


It was late. By now my camera needed a resting place on a bar stool somewhere, as its memory card was full of portraits from rural Ireland. A dusky thirst came on. There was time for one last toast to friends in a dim, cozy pub, in the heart of old Ireland.

All rights reserved ©


It's the season


At Menards with spy camera!

They have many fake trees and decorations to choose from.

I love the ribbons they sell to put around the Christmas tree.


Thanks to this gorgeous set, Marcus & I will have to get married again for like the 10th time...Make sure you check it out! <3


New for The Arcade:

Dead Dollz - THoB - Atelier - RARE (Modified wall texture)

Dead Dollz - TBoH - 3 Faced Mirror

Dead Dollz THoB - Fitting Stall

Dead Dollz - THoB - Princess Style

Dead Dollz - THoB - A Style

Dead Dollz - THoB - Mermaid Style

Dead Dollz - THoB - Short Shelf

Dead Dollz - THoB - Fitting Room

Dead Dollz - THoB - Stool & Rug


Other Items Used:

Onsu ~ "Sweetie" Awning

The Loft - Wedding Reception - Round Table White

The Loft - Wedding Reception - Ombre Cake

ARIA - Bridal Parlour - Sofa (Pillows Only)

[ARIA] Blair pouf

{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [sugar white] 4Li

{anc} ChainLamp"SODA"

{anc} feather chips {purewhite} / GROUND (S) 1Li

{anc} miniature/H. mary {light} 10Li RARE

{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream RARE 2Li

Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Sponge Cake

Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Chiffon Cake

Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Eclair

Ariskea[Patisserie] Gift Boxes White

Fancy Decor: Cyrstal Candlestick (silver)

Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier

[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Dress form Jewelry Display - RARE

[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Rug

[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit - Roll Pillow

[ zerkalo ] Mademoiselle - Gloves

[ zerkalo ] Beauty in the ordinary - Jewelry box - Exclusive

[ zerkalo ] Aurora's Hideout - Canopy

[Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Flower Vases

[Tia] Joon's Rose and Hydrangea Cup

=Zenith=Vintage Rose Hat (All colors) - RARE

=Zenith=Vintage Heart Clutch (Milk) -Gold

N-core KATE Lace "White" for Maitreya High Feet

ISON - lace feather heels -maitreya- (white)

ISON - scout boho bag -left arm- (white)

...Mutresse... Muci Clutch [Left Hand]

*LpD* - *Garbo* Clutch All White (On UnderArm 2)

Baiastice_Yara clutch-ghost (resizable)

LaGyo_Maylea clutch bag Pale (no pose)

LaGyo_Maylea clutch bag White (no pose)

GizzA - Gathered Tote Bag [BW] Without Pose


decorate the tree.


All rights reserved ©


11/27/07 #103

So this is my new photography wall.. yeah its pretty snazzy, I decorated it with my pictures i put in the fair! Ribbons and all :)


I'm pretty impressed with it


I used my new flash for this picture


580 EX II :D OH jeez its amazing


I miss flickr


ANd my flickr friends :)


Facebook =3


Formspring :)


Tumblr! o:


Buy Prints now!!! :D

Red box


Inside this little red box is a small and very precious porcelain fairy...a wonderful little keepsake. SEE THE FAIRY IN THE FIRST COMMENT BOX.


This little fairy (3" tall) was made by my very dear friend Glad who is sadly no longer with us. This special fairy always has pride of place on our Christmas tree.


Glad used to teach the art of producing and decorating porcelain dolls, she used to call her pupils her 'dolly ladies'. It must have been a fantastic class to attend because Glad was so full of fun, such a jolly lady and a lover of art...all 4ft 11 inches of her!


The Colour Red - theme for macro mondays


26. Keepsake. theme for 116 pictures in 2016

Punalu‘u, O‘ahu.


On one of my drives along the windward-side of the island, I spotted this colorful sight right along side the road and near the beach.


Someone had neatly trimmed and decorated an ironwood tree (Casuarina equisetifolia) with colored ribbons and small toys. At the base of the tree was a small basket of yellow plastic flowers.


I'm not sure if this is simply someone's Christmas decorations or possibly a roadside memorial.


I've notice there are several memorials in this stretch of highway. Here is another down the road near Hau‘ula. Each one is unique and makes me wonder about an untold story.


Le Bambole Mk. I - Bamboo Pinhole Camera. Kodak 160 Portra NC. Exposure: f/256 and 3 seconds.

Commissioned deer parts for minifee: antlers, ears, and tail, decorated with pearls, flowers, bells and ribbons.


Love that tail <3

DRD Mainstore has released this amazing new gacha Garden Party set. So many fun possibilities with this set! I strongly recommend you go check it out in their mainstore now.


2 - DRD - Garden Party - Big Tree Decorated - RARE

3 - DRD - Garden Party - Light Tent *modified ribbons only*

4 - DRD - Garden Party - Ground Table and Ground Pillows

6 - DRD - Garden Party - Juice Bar

8 - DRD - Garden Party - Drink Barrow

11 - DRD - Garden Party - Which Way Sign

12 - DRD - Garden Party - Little Tree

13 - DRD - Garden Party - Wallflowers - D

14 - DRD - Garden Party - Wallflowers - C

15 - DRD - Garden Party - Wallflowers - A

18 - DRD - Garden Party - Bonfire Treats & Bonfire

20 - DRD - Garden Party - Desert Table

21 - DRD - Garden Party - Memory Ladder


Outfit Credits:

New at Kustom 9:

=Zenith=Summer Rattan Hat with Flower (Milk) - New fave hat ever!!!

New at Collabor88:

ISON - asturias shirt -maitreya- (white)


Other Items Worn:

DOUX - Isabel Hairstyle [L]

.:villena:. - Pencil Skirt (M) - Cream


══════════════⊰ :ribbon: ⊱══════════════

Dear Sponsors, Followers & Friends -

I want to apologize for my recent delay in blogging, I have been dealing with some RL health issues off and on for the past year, which I wanted to keep private.

For the most part things are finally getting better but I recently had to have a procedure and the recovery time was longer than I expected so I was unable to login or blog.


At this time I've decided to focus more on quality of my blog posts rather than quantity. When I first started blogging I only did 1-3 posts a week so that I could focus on putting my best efforts and work out there.

Over the last 3 years I've gained so many amazing sponsors and I'm always scared to let someone down so I was literally doing nothing but blogging. I enjoyed this but sometimes I felt I wasn't doing my very best, so at this time I will go back to doing 1-3 posts a week and making sure they are my very best.

I always do better when I blog out of inspiration rather than obligation, that's what seems to make my creativity thrive the most.

I will of course completely understand if some of my sponsors decide to drop me, and I will also still continue to blog their items when I can.

I have never been a blogger for free items, I'm happy to buy them but more because I love it - this will never change! This will also give me time to focus on other projects that I've greatly missed...


I am planning to bring my wedding sim back sometime in the next couple of months, when time permits. Weddings were always my favorite thing to decorate and work on in SL, but it was honestly too much work for one person - while doing all the other various things that I do. I will be working alongside my husband and we're really excited for this upcoming new project. I will post more details about it once we get further along in the process.


Also, Marcus & I have decided to share a Flickr. We always do all of our projects and photos together and rather than showing everyone repeats - this made sense to us. We will both be contributing to this flickr as of now.


Sorry for the novel and I hope everyone is having a lovely week!!! <3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The nametag for a tree in the Waite Arboretum, that has been decorated with a silky red ribbon by a visitor.

ⓒMonica Roberts ... All Rights Reserved

Please do not copy or reproduce, in any

manner, without prior permission.

The women of Arles enjoy perpetuating the legend by carrying off their traditional dress


Daudet, Mistral, Léo Lelée, and other admirers gave life to the figure of this proud, gracious and elegant woman, of whom the Queen of Arles is a renewed incarnation.


The Arlesian traditional dress appeared at about the mid-18th century, born from a desire amongst the women of Arles to dress differently to other women. Arlesian traditional dress developed under the influence of Parisian fashion and the times: the droulet, Louis Philippe, Napoleon III costumes, not forgetting the mark made by Léo Lelée.


It took its final and purified, or modern form, at the end of the 19th century. Today, the costume is worn for festive occasions. The hairstyle using the famous ribbon appeared around 1835.

the Arlesienne women often wore elaborately tied ribbons in their hair, winding the wide, embroidered or patterned material around their hair to protect and decorate it.


Headwear was always worn and the hair pinned up. Not only did it keep the hair clean and tidy (there was no washing it every day), but it also was part of the woman’s modesty. The clothes and jewellery are part of a collection of Arlesienne costumes . They show the incredibly detailed and beautifully sewn and embroidered clothes once worn by the women who lived in the Arles region of the Midi.


2nd #Twist for Macro Mondays

15/100 x b/w: The 2015 Edition


Happy 10 Years to MM, Happy 83rd birthday to my Father and Happy First Day of Spring. It's a day for a celebrations!

Commissioned deer parts for minifee: antlers, ears, and tail, decorated with pearls, flowers, bells and ribbons.


Love that tail <3

Commissioned deer parts for minifee: antlers, ears, and tail, decorated with pearls, flowers, bells and ribbons.


Love that tail <3

The tree is up and looking great!

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