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This is an image from Death Valley. I got very low to get the most out of the foreground textures and shapes. I used a Gold-N-Blue Polarizer to really accentuate the colors.


I just updated my blog today for more images from this trip. I also included a slideshow featuring some of the images I liked best.


Two exposures combined - one for the sky and another for the dunes.

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Canon 5D MK2 17-40L


To see the latest images and a slideshow of images from the trip go click here


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None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss135mm


On Black


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

From the archives. This one was taken in April earlier this year at sunset in Death Valley National Park. Thanks for looking.

found this poor little chipmunk in the yard one evening recently - so sad

Okay, little car, you are protesting roads. They are death traps for animals. They are environmentally unsound impervious surfaces that cause runoff. I understand this. But could we protest in the summer?

Carrie Jones


tones: Bärbel's PS/PSE actions

texture: flypaper


NEW: "i love your work 123"

Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley, California.


Taken from last weekend. Dust was blowing hard, too bad it was not showing much in the image.

I used many of the processing techniques covered in my Tonality Control Video. It's available here:


I just returned from an inspiring trip to Death Valley and surrounding areas, this is the first image I've worked on, and probably my favorite from the trip. It was taken just before sunset after a thunderstorm passed by. I added a post about this trip to the photocascadia blog.


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Smooth Death Valley Dunes between Ripples and Rocks.




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The Gate House, the main entrance to Auschwitz II (also called Auschwitz-Birkenau), the Nazi German concentration and extermination camp, the largest in the Third Reich. It was called the "Gate of Death”.


It is estimated that the Nazis deported at least 1.3 million people to the Auschwitz complex between 1940 and 1945. Of these, the camp authorities murdered approximately 1.1 million people.


Oświęcim, Poland


This is further down stream from the falls I have not so cleverly named the fountain of youth. This blue icey water must then be the years bringing us closer to death, which the fountain has taken from us...making us young again...yet tainting the river with the blue chill of death. ...the hot springs I soaked in, lie directly to the right of this a way to spend a Saturday.

Sunset, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park, December 2007, looking south.

Death Valley Dunes Sunrise (HDR)

Capital punishment, the death penalty, or execution is the killing of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The term capital originates from Latin capitalis, literally "regarding the head" (Latin caput). Hence, a capital crime was originally one punished by the severing of the head.


Capital punishment has in the past been practiced in virtually every society, although currently only 58 nations actively practice it, with 95 countries abolishing it (the remainder having not used it for 10 years or allowing it only in exceptional circumstances such as wartime). It is a matter of active controversy in various countries and states, and positions can vary within a single political ideology or cultural region .




are you trying to say you want to kill me?


I am a pimp. I am the undead!


by pimp .

Had such an incredible time in a remote part of Death Valley. These cracks were crazy deep, some 2" or more deep. Great way to spend my Birthday!


Still a couple spots left in my Death Valley tour next month

End of death valley series. Thank you all for your visits, comments and favs.


View On Black

Captured in early March 2014 at Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley National Park.

Arista Lith

AGFA, Multicontrast Premium MCP 310 RC

Death Valley, California


Picture taken on Death Valley National Park, California. EEUU.


The Sand Dunes of Death Valley. Late afternoon. One minute later the light was gone.

Death Valley. California. USA. Press L


Un lugar que invita al espejismo, donde se ponen los pelos de punta por el calor...


The last from 2009


Death Valley is a desert valley located in Eastern California. Situated within the Mojave Desert, it features the lowest, driest, and hottest locations in North America. Badwater, a basin located in Death Valley, is the specific location (36° 15' N 116° 49.5' W) of the lowest elevation in North America at 282 feet (86.0 m) below sea level. This point is only 84.6 miles (136.2 km) ESE of Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet (4,421 m). Death Valley holds the record for the highest reliably reported temperature in the Western hemisphere, 134 °F (56.7 °C) at Furnace Creek on July 10, 1913—just short of the world record, 136 °F (57.8 °C) in Al 'Aziziyah, Libya, on September 13, 1922. However, the record high still remains the hottest July temperature ever recorded.

Badwater Road in Death Valley National Park in the late afternoon.

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Death Valley National Park, California


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Death? Or life?

The reality of death; the grave of dreams!

A redolent corpse

Resting in poise and peace

Within the vacant space

Of airless deadness in life.

The truth of life; honey sweetness in eternity!

The ecstasy of the living soul

Scenting the spheres of sinking time,

Dancing along purity in the perfumed fields

Of gentle immortality.

The poet sits in between

Beading words in time’s rosary,

Seals forever, the art in moments unseen.

Death! Or life!

The cherub soul breathes to feel

Protected dreams

Like pearls in shells be,

Safe in the heart of eternity.


On the dune field at Death Valley.



TS-E 17mm

2 shots @f16



Golden Canyon, Death Valley, California


These eroded sediments in Golden Canyon caught my eye. To give a sense of a scale (is that cheating for an abstract?), people have walked on the two ridge lines flowing across the bottom of the frame.

Protesta anti EEUU convocada por el Partido Humanista

Fotografía: Sebastian Araya Pino


Death Valley, California


A view of northern Death Valley from its eastern rim.


The dune fields on Mesquite Flat are at the bottom of the valley, with Tucki Mountain (left) and the Cottonwood Mountains (right) forming a backdrop


To the right of the dunes, you can just make out the buildings of Stovepipe Wells, as well as a road running up the huge alluvial fan (bajada) towards Towne Pass and out of the valley.

beautiful sand dunes in Death Valley after a storm moved through

Lith Print, Arista Lith

AGFA, Multicontrast Premium MCP 310 RC, variable contrast


Death Valley, Trail Canyon, December 2012

Death Valley from Dante's view.

Took my youngest son and his 2 sons to Death Valley for a long weekend. I don't usually post family photos on Flickr but I liked this photo of the Devil's Gold Course in Death Valley National Park. The Panamint Mountains are in the background.

Nobody knows where the end is and this young woman has come to a sticky end

Death Canyon Trail in Grand Teton National Park, WY

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