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The sun goes down on the d.construct 2006 web conference in Brighton

The stones on the beach (Brighton beach doesn't have stand.) This reminded me of the stones on Hidden Beach.

Ben at the Microformats Picnic.

Ben waits eagerly for his t-shirt to become true.

Jeff Veen gets all excited remeniscing about his old job at (ref D197-155).

The Yahoo Answers UK promotional bus showed up for d.Construct 2006 in Brighton.

Demonstrating just how easy microformats are.

I had twenty five minutes spare before the next talk break where I'd have to be manning the stand again, and I was feeling jetlagged spending the whole day in a darkened room. I ran for the beach, only stopping to pick up my camera. Should have remembered to bring the polorising filter too.

Thomas speaks on Tagging at d.Construct 2006 in Brighton.

Will Ethel be using microformats?

This was just before he turned a can of coke and a pizza into enough food to feed a hundred geeks.


Are you in this pic?

Microformats in the park

This photo doesn't really do it justice but there are piles of goodies (t-shirts, magazines, etc) ready to go into people's bags. Thanks to d.Construct's lovely sponsors.


[Wish I hadn't left my nice phone on the train - low res I can handle, but the camera on this T630 has a shit piece of tupperware for a lens]

Four people (these three and myself) were wearing a Microformats shirt at d.Construct. Our numbers are increasing, haw haw haw!

Delays suck.


Tomas was apparently pleased by the announcement on the departure displays.

Yoz from Ning models one of our free Zimki "Pre-shaved" yak t-shirts. The idea is that Zimki takes care of all the yak shaving for you.


Photo taken with my camera by Koby.

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