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Visited Nashville for an ONA Mobile dCamp. Took a day to explore downtown.

130718 DCAMP 딜라이트 김정현 대표 강연

Cuatro Payasos Muertos se presenta por primera vez en el Ciclo mas Pesado y

Volado de laa Ciudad; es una Fiesta, es el lugar

y la cita a la cual asistir todos los miercoles en busca de Adrenalina,


Alucinaciones y Sonidos saturados.









Sergio CH


Consumisición: $20.-


Si no tenés el disco, hasta que te lo puedas comprar lo podés bajar de:


Visiting Artist: Brett Bloom

This is a very nice photo of a very nice girl I talked to briefly at the beginning of dcamp. While she also ended up in the background of a lot of my other dcamp photos, this is the only one I deliberately took of her.


The was taken though the magic of my camera's swiveling lens, which allows me to point the camera at someone without them actually realizing there is a camera pointed at them, resulting in nice, natural poses of people just being people. There was no framing here, no setup, no focus, no timing. You see those little bits of blue there? That's my shirt.; the camera was pressed against my chest, just pointed in the general direction of something i thought would make a good portrait.


I think I was right.


(and ps: the full name in the tag here is the result of me leaving my photos open for tagging by any flickr user, but I'm not sure who wrote that one. Anyway, I fully support tagging names on photos, but if this person here would rather not have her full name placed next to some dude's random photo, then I'll get rid of it)

Eleven members of the Stayner Lions Club received their certificates as Honourary Guardians of Camp Huronda at the club's last meeting.


Back row from the left: Lions Doug Inkster, Robert Walker, Bob Charlton, Carrie Plater, Claire Weston, Bill Swanton, Jean Jones, John Gascho, Len Menecola, Shawn Davidson & Ed Culham. Seated is our only surviving Charter Member, Lion Fred Stever and his wife Evelyn.


Camp Huronda, located in Huntsville, Ontario is one of 12 camps operated by the Canadian Diabetes Association. For additional information, please see the link below:

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